Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

Best Destinations for Solo Travellers
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Best Destinations in the World for Solo Travellers


These times are testing for everyone ! No one knows when they will be able to go back to living their lives like they used to, to travel carefree like they used too ! But that doesn’t mean that you can not make the most out of this Quarantine period, to check out on new destinations, that you would love to travel to, once the World heals from COVID – 19. Which is why, I have compiled this list of Best Destinations for Solo Travellers, where, if planned properly, your next solo vacation can very well turn out to be, one of the best single traveller holidays, for you, till date.

Until then, Stay at Home, Stay Safe, and Read On !





Vietnam was one of the first countries I visited as a Solo Traveller, and till date remains one of the best destinations for me from a solo budget traveller point of view. The country is beautiful, people are friendly, the food is cheap and sumptuous, the vibes are lively and the beer is dirt cheap. What more could any solo traveller as for!

All the main cities like Hanoi, Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Phong Na have plenty of backpackers hostels, which provide a great platform for solo travellers to interact with other travellers. Also, there’s a ton of activities, be it kayaking in Ha-Long Bay; trekking in Sapa; Caving in Phong Nha; Cycling in Ninh Binh; going on a DIY Food Walk in Hanoi or Saigon; relaxing by the beach in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc; amongst others, that these cities have to offer, which cater to all kinds of travellers.

Its location, being in close proximity with other South-East Asian nations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia, makes Vietnam a hot favourite for long term budget travellers, gap year travellers, most of whom are solo travellers.

By Arnav Mathur from theETLRblog





When it comes to the mention of “Thailand” – the “land of smiles” brings smiles to every type of traveller. Be it a luxury travel for a family or a shoestring budget travel for a solo backpacker, Thailand never has disappointed anyone. Infact, if I have to blink an eye and need to head out somewhere alone, it will always be Thailand without a doubt. For it has so much on offer. 

I am a kind of a traveller who doesn’t want to stick to only the beach as a vacation but like to explore the mountainous regions or perhaps the chaos of a cosmopolitan city. And Thailand offers it all. From pristine beaches and laid-back islands in the south to mountainous hilly terrains in the north, Thailand defines a perfect holiday destination for solo travelers. Definitely the main USP is its economical budget friendly places which allows backpackers and seasoned travelers to make a suitable itinerary based on the requirements. 

The locals are very warm and helpful, hence in spite of language barrier (if that may be the case) . One can be assured of a way out. Bangkok, the swanky capital of Thailand and infamously known for its vibrant nightlife is absolutely safe when it comes to hosting a solo traveler. However, I would always recommend prudence at all times when it comes to safety anywhere. 

Let’s talk about its world famous Thai culinary delights. The moment you land in Thailand, you are in for a royal treat, right from the streets. With an exquisite variety of super cheap street food on offer, both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians , Thailand is a foodie paradise . 

Thailand is also rich in its culture and tradition. If one keeps a keen interest in history, then there are a plethora of significant historical monasteries and temples. 

Best part is that Thailand has a robust transport system and ensures that it is economical and budget friendly even for a solo traveler. Infact, it is very convenient for a solo traveler who is keen on exploring the off beat places like Lopburi, Ayutthaya or Pai , Koh Lipe , to be able to do so without any hassle. 

Also, the number of budget friendly hostels and big or small hotels on offer, even the accommodation suits every pocket. 

By Debjani from The Vagabong


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From sunrise at Angkor Wat to learning about Khmer Rouge history in Phnom Penh and lazing about on the river’s edge in Kampot, Cambodia is brimming with bucket-list worthy travel experiences. Southeast Asia has long been a stomping ground for solo and budget-conscious travellers, and Cambodia stands out as one of the best destinations for lone voyagers.

Cambodia is extremely budget friendly, easy to get around using buses and vans, and largely safe (pickpockets in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and road safety are really the only things you need to be mindful of). Cambodia has a thriving hostel and guesthouse scene, which makes it easy to meet and link up with other travellers. Mad Monkey, one of the most popular accommodation chains, offers low-cost day tours and experiences with no single supplement.

The true joy of Cambodia can be found once you get off the beaten track and into the rural areas. Smaller cities and towns such as Kampong Cham, Kratie, Takeo and Banteay Chhmar (a great alternative to Angkor) all offer extremely rewarding travel experiences.

By Emily from Wander-Lush


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Taipei | Taiwan


Personally, I love coming to Taipei because of its culture, language, food and friendly locals…all within a developed city with a cosy town-feel. 

For solo travellers, here are some reasons why you should visit:

Low Crime Rate – As a solo traveller, I feel 100% safe walking home in the streets of Taipei even after 11pm

Healthy Country – Just look at how they’re handling the Coronavirus…much better than most developed countries

Mountain & Beach – You can hike Yangmingshan National Park for great views AND go to the North Coast Exploratorium (Beihaian) to enjoy the waves within the same day

Delicious Taiwanese Food – Hit up the famous Shilin Night Market and indulge in some Bubble Tea, Oyster Omelette, Beef Noodle, Pineapple Cake & more local food

Convenient Transit – You don’t need a car if you’re traveling within or between the cities, just use their awesome, frequent and reliable bus and metro system

Tip: Most people come in on a 90-day visa-exemption, then you have to exit the country. However, if you’re Canadian or British, you can extend your visa exemption for another 90 days without leaving at all.

By Bea Chan from BEA Wander





The Land of the Rising Sun should be on every traveller’s bucket list whether solo or not. Japan is a country brim full of surprises and twists, at the same time familiar and alien which makes it a fascinating land and culture to explore. 

In the period after World War II traditional Japanese culture was rapidly becoming westernized through the influence of the many Americans now living/stationed there. The then Government embarked on an ambitious plan to protect and develop the traditions of Japan with great success, so that today you can visit a country of high technology sitting side by side with ancient temples and cultural traditions.

Japan has long been relatively tricky to travel in due to all communication being in Japanese and few people speak other languages. Recently this has all changed with transport all dual signed with English and many locals, particularly in tourist areas, speaking English. 

As a highly developed country with an extremely efficient transport network you can plan your trip in reliable detail, confidently share your plan with your loved ones, so then you can relax and enjoy all the Culture, history, beauty, and amazing food that Japan has to offer!

By Clotilde from A Princess Travelling With Twins


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United Arab Emirates (UAE)


One of the best countries to travel solo are the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai in particular.

Though Dubai isn’t the capital (Abu Dhabi is) it is the most famous city (and Emirate) in the country and you might be surprised to hear that it is one of the best countries to travel solo.

Whether you are a female or male solo traveler – with the activities offered you surely will not get bored.

There is so much to do by yourself – visiting Burj Khalifa, chilling at the beach (without worrying too much that your stuff gets stolen if you are in the water), strolling along La Mer or discovering Dubai Marina are just a few activities to be named.

If you want to meet other people go on a desert safari or do guided tours, e.g. to Abu Dhabi, where you often meet open-minded people from all around the world.

Dubai is one of the safest cities (and the UAE one of the safest countries) in terms of robbery and theft and so travellers, specially female solo travellers do not have to worry too much about security which makes going out alone fun and safe.

Also, while Dubai is quite modern you should always respect the culture and religion and not “overdo” it.  With this in mind, you can experience the UAE at its best and enjoy a fun solo trip.

By Arzo Nayel from Arzo Travels


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Tbilisi | Georgia


One of the best places to visit as a solo traveler is Tbilisi, Georgia.  Whether you visit Tbilisi in winter or during the summer, you will be welcomed to a stunning country with some of the world’s most hospitable people.  Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the city has many facets to it… from its picturesque old town to the fortress to its world-famous cuisine, there is something for everyone.  And the best thing about the city is that it is relatively safe and it is extremely easy to make friends with locals or other travelers in the Georgian capital.  

Tbilisi is also a digital nomad’s paradise with fast-wifi and a creative and inspiring vibe to the city.  Many location independent workers have chosen to make Tbilisi their base and it allows you to mingle with others and engage in many of the day trips from Tbilisi that are available.  You can take a weekend trip or day trip to Kazbegi or the Kakheti region and enjoy two of the country’s best offerings- hiking and wine.  

Tbilisi is definitely one of the best places in the world to visit as a solo traveler and you will almost be guaranteed to make new friends when visiting!

By Megan Starr





Switzerland is an incredible destination for solo travelers. The lower crime rate, good transport system and endless natural beauty made Switzerland one of the best places to travel alone. The local Swiss people are amicable and always ready to extend their helping hands towards foreign travelers. Most of the cities in Switzerland are not that big and there are some car-free places which are for which Switzerland is ideal for solo travelers who can explore this beautiful country on foot.

Switzerland may be a small country but from gorgeous snow-capped mountains to lush green valleys, lively waterfalls, pristine lakes and cute little Swiss villages – there is no shortage of tourist attractions in Switzerland.


Insider Tips :

Rent a free bicycle by depositing 10 Frank as a security deposit and explore the city which is the cheapest option to visit Zurich Old Town and its surrounding areas. Before submitting your bicycle don’t forget to explore Zurich lake and its promenade.

While you are on a solo trip to Switzerland you cannot miss Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. It is a walkable city and you can visit Lake Lucerne, Chapel Bridge, the historic Old Town and The Lion Monument in one day.

Switzerland has some of the most scenic hiking trails that a solo traveler shouldn’t miss. Ride on a cable car or follow the picturesque trail towards Murren and Grindelwald. Take some stunning photos of these mesmerizing Swiss villages.

By Trijit Mallick from Budget Travel Buff


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Prague | Czech Republic


Prague is a great destination for solo travellers. The infrastructure is good, so you can get anywhere you need by public transport. It features many hostels where you can meet like minded travellers. 

There are many expat group meetups from typical networking to regular hiking events. Anyone’s welcome to join, even short-term visitors. Cafés and restaurants in Prague are generally quite laid back and a sole person will not raise any questions. 

Prague is very safe, there’s basically just petty crime (pickpockets). Like in any city around the world, you need to keep an eye on your valuables, especially at transit points like train stations. Other than that, solo travellers just need to exercise basic caution. For ladies, I don’t recommend drinking alone and wandering the streets alone at night.

While Czechs are quite reserved, they’re generally helpful if you need help and reach out, be it to ask for directions or to snap a photo of you. 

Essentially the whole Czech Republic is easy to get around and pretty safe. 

By Veronika Primm from Travel Geekery


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Located in the heart of Europe, beautiful Austria is an absolute paradise for solo travellers. The country has so much to offer – from culture, history, architecture to amazing nature and mountains for hiking and skiing. As someone who has lived in the capital Vienna for the past 5 years, I can say I am absolutely impressed by the amount of activities the government organises for its people. Every season you can find different events to attend, many of which for free, like the open-air music festival Donauinselfest, the free Vienna Philharmonics concert at the Schönbrunn palace, the Christmas markets etc.

One of the best news for solo travellers is that Austria was ranked as the 5th safest country in 2019 by Global Finance Magazine.  

Austria is also special because of the fact that it is very diverse. Especially in Vienna, you will find people from all over the world, many of which have decided to spend some time living here because of the good quality of life. The nightlife scene is buzzing, the bigger cities are full of young people, and the smaller destinations offer peace and tranquility like no other place. Apart from visiting the major cities like Vienna, Salzburg and Graz, make sure you don’t miss out on places like Hallstatt, Kitzbühel (for skiing) and in general the beautiful region of Tyrol.

By Lyubomira from Bulgarian On The Go



Budapest | Hungary


The capital of Hungary is one of the most popular cities in East Europe and it is the economic, commercial, and cultural center of this country.

When planning this adventure, whether in a company or on your own, one way to make it is easier for you, but also to save money is a Budapest Card that you can buy for as low as 22 euro. By buying this card you have provided yourself free transportation to the city, free entry to a large number of museums, discounts on shopping at more than 100 places, and free admission to Szt. Lukács spa.

There are many places to visit in Budapest, we will mention several that you must visit in this beautiful city on the banks of the Danube.

The Buda Castle is a royal palace on the UNESCO list. It is located at the top of a hill and is reached via a funicular. The view from the hill is truly impressive, and attendance to the castle is free of charge.

Budapest is known for its thermal pools, and one of the most famous is Széchenyi.

Danube cruising is possible both day and night. It is a special experience to see all these lights in this beautiful city, especially Parliament, it looks amazing at night.

Hero Square which is right in the heart of the city is something you must see. In addition to being large and impressive, it is rich in historical monuments and sculptures.

By Mark Anderson from Vogatech


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Copenhagen | Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the best destinations for solo travelers. The Danish capital is easy to navigate on foot, bike or public transportation. In fact, Copenhagen has one of the most efficient, clean and sustainable public transit systems in the world. You can walk from one end of the city center to the other in about 25 minutes and it’s extremely safe and well-lit. 

There are plenty of things to do in Copenhagen for single travelers. Copenhagen has excellent museums like the Danish Design Museum where you can learn about Scandinavian design. The Danish National Museum is also excellent and is a walk through history from medieval Denmark through the Viking Age and into modern Denmark.

Copenhagen has a number of great hostels that are perfect for solo travelers. Most have bars and discos where even locals meet up to socialize. In Copenhagen, almost 90% of locals speak English, which makes it even easier to travel alone. Solo travelers will also find that Danes are friendly and helpful, especially after a beer. The nightlife in Copenhagen is excellent for solo travelers.

Copenhagen is perfect for a solo trip with plenty to do and prime for making new international friends.

By Derek and Mike from Everything Copenhagen





Norway is one of the safest countries in the world. It’s not a surprise that this Scandinavian country is perfect for solo travelers. Even if you are a female, you will be perfectly fine traveling alone in Norway. During your visit you might also meet many other solo travelers that you can make friends with.

Norwegians are known for being honest and obliging to the law. Many locals, especially in the small towns, do not even lock their apartments when they leave. In the summer by the roads in Norway you can notice fruit stalls with local produce and a box of money – left without any supervision. The Norwegian lifestyle is based on social trust. 

Even though visiting Scandinavia is considered expensive, traveling alone can be done cheaply. There are many ways you can organize a trip to Norway on a budget, especially if you like outdoors. The breathtaking Norwegian nature is what attracts people here from all over the world. The famous dramatic fjords, jagged mountain peaks, lush forests, numerous lakes and rivers, and sparse population make it a perfect destination for any traveler.

By Aga from Worldering Around



Lisbon | Portugal

Sunset in Lisbon | Flickr | Michaela Loheit


What can be said of Lisbon that hasn’t already been covered?! This gorgeous Portuguese city has been on the up and up in recent years, thanks to various high profile and global travel awards its won and for good reason too!

Not only is Portugal regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, but Lisbon is simply exquisite!

From the beautiful architecture and buildings adorned with traditional Portuguese tiles (Azulejos) to the stunning and almost year-round sunny weather, to the warm and hospitable people and not to mention the delicious cuisine. What’s not to like?

But, probably one of its biggest selling points is that Lisbon is truly a city for everyone, including solo travellers. Thanks to a thriving digital nomad scene, there are tons of Meetups and events taking place throughout Lisbon, allowing solo travellers to meet other like-minded travellers too. Of course, there’s also a range of events and festivals taking place, even more so during the warmer summer months, such as the OutJazz music festivals hosted in parks around the city. 

Lastly, you don’t need to be confined to the city itself. With so many magical places to explore within easy reach, for example travelling from Lisbon to gorgeous Sintra, you can plan day trips and other adventures to supplement your stay.

Either way, I am confident you will fall in love with glorious and sunny Lisboa in no time at all!

By Marco Santos from Travel-Boo





Spain is a fantastic destination for a solo traveller because of its warm culture, beautiful scenery and reliable fast transport. Spain is a massive country which offers all types of experiences, for city break lovers, nature enthusiasts, mountain hikers, or beach goers. 

There is something for everyone! 

Spain is a budget friendly country, which allows solo travellers to enjoy the country’s best attractions for little money. Hiring a car in Spain costs less than 10 euros a day! A bus ticket from Madrid to Malaga costs around 20 euros. A meal for one in a tapas bar will not cost more than 15 euros. 

Spain is divided into several regions, each having a different culture. For example, Andalucia is a great place to go if you want to discover the remains of the Moorish culture in Spain. Catalunya has lively beach resorts and attracts young crows in Barcelona. Castilla la Mancha is a fantastic foodie destination and the birthplace of Manchego cheese. The Basque Country has picturesque scenery and restaurants renowned all over the world. Extremadura offers remote mountains, lakes and forests. And then, there are the islands, each with a different vibe.

By Joanna from The World in My Pocket





Home of museums, canal houses, and tall, friendly people, the Netherlands is one of the best places in the world to travel to as a solo traveler. Spend a long weekend in Amsterdam and you’ll be treated to beautiful canal houses, delicious Dutch eats, and much more. The hustle and bustle of the city is contrasted by its quaint buildings alongside romantic canals, you’ll want to make sure you take a canal tour to discover the city by water. 

Amsterdam is also well-known for its museums, especially Rijksmuseum. The museum is known for its paintings from the Dutch Golden Age including those of Dutch painters Rembrandt van Rijn. It’s a perfect place for museum lovers to visit while traveling solo. 

The Netherlands, but especially the Dutch people, are known to be friendly and English-speaking. You’ll see signs everywhere in both Dutch and English, plus if you need help, most people will speak English so you can ask anyone a question at anytime. 

Definitely consider The Netherlands for your next international solo trip! 

By Constance from The Adventures of Panda Bear





Ireland is a great place for solo travellers because of the country’s warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere. 

The Irish have a reputation for being a friendly bunch, so solo travellers in Ireland will find it easy to start up conversations with the locals. Whether it be at a pub or small bed and breakfast, solo travellers will be welcomed with a hearty meal, refreshing drink, and good conversation. This easygoing and neighbourly nature makes it easy to feel confident travelling there solo. 

In addition to all the opportunities there are for solo travellers to socialize, Ireland has some wonderful places to visit. For history buffs there are ancient forts, ruined castles, old churches, and some excellent museums. Outdoorsy types will find countless beautiful locations for long walks, bike rides, and scenic boat trips.

Whether you’re travelling to meet people or to spend some quality time with yourself, Ireland offers opportunities to do both while engaging with the destination.

By Rhonda Krause from  Travel Yes Please





If you are looking for a safe country to travel that’s full of natural beauty, then look no further then Iceland. The Global Peace Index named Iceland the safest country in the world for the last 11 years. Solo female travelers often take their first trip here, and many have even hitchhiked their way around the country safely. 

If you aren’t on a strict budget, the best way to get around Iceland is by renting a car and taking a solo road trip around the country. You won’t find yourself ever getting bored here, even alone. At every turn, there’s another beautiful landscape. I don’t know many other countries where you can drive through volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, and glaciers, all in a matter of hours. It’s also one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. With such incredible landscapes and high safety standards, Iceland is a perfect destination for solo travel.

By Lora Pope from  Explore With Lora





When it comes to solo travel, especially for those seeking adventure, Canada is a great place to add to your bucket list.

As the second-largest country in the world, it’s huge and diverse. It’s also safe, clean, and so multicultural that you’ll find any type of food you’re looking for. 

It has world-class cities, many of which are ranked in the top 10 to live worldwide, and more nature and wilderness than any other country in the world. This makes it great for those seeking more of a nature-induced adventure and those looking to do an epic road trip or lots of camping. 

Even budget solo travellers will see that it’s one of the best countries for finding Couchsurfing opportunities because most people living in Canada have enough space to host someone. Canadians are also avid world-travellers, which makes them more open-minded to hosting others from around the world. 

So, whether you search for icebergs in Newfoundland, indulge in the multi-cultural life of Toronto, road trip through the mountains from Calgary to Banff, or go surfing in British Columbia, Canada is the perfect place for solo travelers. 

By Matthew Bailey from Must Do Canada


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New York City

New York City – Brooklyn Bridge | Flickr | Katie Haugland Bowen

There is no doubt that New York City is an incredible destination for solo travelers. This city is full of singles roaming about, and a great place to meet others – whether they are locals or other travelers. New York abound with things to do and you won’t ever have time to get bored. 

Even if you have just 4 days in New York, there are some places that you absolutely must not skip. Make sure to head all the way to the Financial District to hop on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. This is one of the most iconic places in the world. If your budget is low, you can opt to ride the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, and from where you can take fabulous photos of the statue. 

The World Trade Center and the nearby Oculus are two places you should check out, as well as Chinatown and Little Italy – though keep in mind the food you will find in Little Italy is Italian American and not actually Italian. 

If you fancy museums, you will have a hard time making up your mind on what to visit. The Metropolitan, MOMA and Guggenheim are all interesting for different reasons, but if you have time just for one, you should probably opt for the Metropolitan. 

For stunning views of Manhattan, cross the Brooklyn Bridge and head to Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s a lovely neighborhood! 

By Claudia Tavani from My Adventures Across The World


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Rio De Janeiro | Brazil


Crystal clear beaches, refreshing drinks, and mesmerizing landscapes, Rio de Janeiro is by far one of the most fabulous places to travel solo.

From north to south, there are tons of exciting things to do in Rio de Janeiro for all kinds of travelers, especially those traveling solo.

While Ipanema is my favorite area in town, Santa Teresa and Lapa offer live samba performances and lots of street art. Besides, the funky bars offering the national cocktail – caipirinha – are just the beginning of the fun.

Here, the city landscape mixes so perfectly with the surrounding nature that it is difficult not to be impressed. When you look down from either the Sugarloaf Mountain or the Corcovado (Christ The Redeemer Statue), you marvel humbly at the city below. 

It’s absurdly beautiful!

Last, but definitely not least, Brazilians are known for being friendly people. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to meet people along the way!

So next time, when you start planning your solo trip abroad, consider Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and embrace the local diversity. This city has everything to make any trip remarkable!

By Bruna Venturinelli from I Heart Brazil


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