The ETLR (Eat, Travel, Live & REPEAT) Bangkok Food Trail

The ETLR (Eat, Travel, Live & REPEAT) Bangkok Food Trail
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Every city which becomes a popular tourist spot has a unique character to it. And the city of Bangkok in the kingdom of Thailand, which has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia is popular for its Street Food Culture. That is one of the primary reason why any trip to Bangkok is incomplete without The Bangkok Food Trail.

After months of planning, when we finally decided to head out to Bangkok in the month of October 2016 and also celebrate my parents 25th Anniversary, my excitement knew no bounds. And thus started the period of excessive research about things to do but more importantly things to eat, and reading different Bangkok Travel Guides. Even before departing, I had already decided, that come what may, I am going to do The Bangkok Food Trail .

Soon the D day arrived, and we boarded our Thai Aiways flight from Mumbai to Bangkok. In a matter of another 6 hours, we landed, got our Visas and soon checked into Mac Boutique and Suites, in the Sukhumvit area.

We soon headed out to Chatuchak weekend market, and thus began my epic Bangkok Food Trail.


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Roti Banana Pancake - ETLR Bangkok Food Trail


Had seen this particular dish in many Bangkok street food videos and was very fascinated with the making of it. And I knew it that I wanted to add it to my Bangkok Food Trail.

So when I stumbled across this stall during a late night stroll in the streets of Sukhumvit, I ordered one and stood glued there watching the vendor make it. It was a delight to watch and a delight to eat as well.

PS : Its a sweet sin and becomes heavy for 1 person. Its better to share it to enjoy the taste and the dish.



tom yum soup ETLR Bangkok Food Trail


The famous Tom Yum soup, is a spicy broth with a concoction of see food and spices . And It is definitely a must have during your Bangkok Food Trail. Though you will find various iterations to this soup, throughout Bangkok, the one I liked the most was in a restaurant near Wat Pho.


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thai green curry with rice bangkok food trail


The MBK mall in Bangkok is no doubt a shoppers paradise,but it is also a foodies delight and definitely one of the best places to try out all different kind of food items for the Bangkok Food Trail.

The best thing I liked was that the rates of the dishes were at par with the street rates.

It was indeed a wonderful experience to see such a variety of Bangkok specialties under 1 roof. This time I Tried the Thai green which was just yummy and the quantity was more than generous. Definitely worth the 50 baht spent.


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Though we were just done with lunch, we stumbled across this stall in a matter of 5 minutes. The guy was selling hot potato chips but what got my attention was the process of cooking. I stood there intrigued and amazed for some moments and ordered them right away. Trust me when I say that they were the yummiest and crispiest potato chips which were freshly prepared. Way better than lays or kurkure. #bkkfoodtrail #bkkfoodtrailETLR #EatTravelLiveRepeat #bkk #bangkokfoodies #whyitravel #foodie #icecream #thaicoconuticecream #thailanddiaries2016 #traveldiaries2016 #instatravel #streetfood #thai #explore #globalcitizen #thailand #pattaya #instabangkok #instalike #instafollow #foodporn #foodpost

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Pad Thai bangkok food trail


Any food trail in Bangkok is incomplete without trying out the famous Pad Thai noodles.Though I had tried Pad Thai noodles from a couple of places but I liked the one I had on the street near Indira Square in Bangkok.


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