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7  Day Netherlands Travel Itinerary and Guide

The Netherlands is a beautiful country filled with towns, cities, and villages that are all very unique and diverse, and also one of the best destinations to travel to for Solo Travellers. It is a small country and therefore, spending one week in the Netherlands is just enough time to get a taste of some of the top places within the country. Of course, more time is always better, but this 7 Day Netherlands Travel Itinerary will give you the best Holland experience in the limited time that you have.


What’s great about travelling around the Netherlands is that, as previously mentioned, it is a very small country and that means getting around and travelling around seeing a lot of cities is very easy. Journeys between destinations are scenic and quick and offer tons to see along the way. With only seven days in the Netherlands you have to be picky on the places you choose to go to. In an ideal world you would go everywhere but, in this case, you have to pick the best of the best.


This Netherlands travel itinerary covers cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Gouda, that will give you the best Holland experience. Feel free to moderate this one week Netherlands itinerary to fit your needs if you prefer to travel slowly and spend a little more time in cities you could cut one or two of the places out of this itinerary in order to make it fit your travel style.


The 7 Days Netherlands Travel Itinerary | theETLRblog
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Day 1 – 2 | Amsterdam 

The first stop on your Trip to Netherlands is the very famous capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. This is by far the most popular city in the Netherlands that attracts millions of tourists a year all eager to explore the stunning canals, quirky houses, and famous landmarks. But to do and see everything you should in Amsterdam, it is suggested you spend at least two days here. The best two days during the week to spend in Amsterdam are the weekend, as Amsterdam during the weekend is when you will find most events and special surprises.



During the two days in Amsterdam be sure to go to The Anne Frank House, visit the Jordaan, eat Dutch cheese, and admire the architecture. There’s so much to see and do and you will surely be lost in the streets and wishing you had a few more days. 



Day 3 | Utrecht & Gouda 

After visiting Amsterdam, take a short 20-minute train ride to Utrecht. Here you will find mediaeval buildings, old canals, lively streets and a ton to see. Spending the day here will show you another beautiful city in the Netherlands that is much less busy and touristy than Amsterdam. Utrecht is also very close to Gouda which is another city in the Netherlands famous for its Gouda cheese. Therefore, after spending one day in Utrecht it is suggested to leave early the next morning and make a quick top in Gouda before visiting the next city.




Day 4 | Rotterdam

A quick morning stop in Gouda is perfect before visiting Rotterdam. Gouda is an authentic Dutch town whereas Rotterdam could not be any more different. Rotterdam is a city that was completely destroyed during World War II and therefore it looks very different from the other cities in the Netherlands because it was rebuilt in a more modern style than the classic style. It is such an interesting place to explore and see a more modern futuristic side to the Netherlands.



Day 5 | Den Haag  

The Hague | Flickr | R Boed


The Hague is an interesting city that is known as the political capital of the Netherlands. Find various embassies, political buildings, and palaces in the Hague which are stunning and great to photograph. The most interesting and enticing aspect of the Hague is the beach called Scheveningen beach. This is a large sandy stretch of beach that becomes filled with people in the summer!



Day 6 – 7 | Haarlem 

Spend the last two days of this One Week Netherlands Travel Itinerary, in Haarlem. Haarlem is also regarded as a mini Amsterdam because it looks quite similar but with much fewer tourists. This is a great place to explore by foot or by boat, plus it is close to the famous Zaanse Schans which is an area full of authentic Dutch windmills!


Haarlem - Mini Amsterdam - One Week Netherlands Travel Itinerary


Spend two days in Harlem and you will be able to explore the city plus venture outside and go to Zaanse Schans. What’s also great is that Harlem is very close to Amsterdam (only 20 minutes by train) so if you are flying out from Amsterdam you are close and don’t need to travel far to get to the airport.


Zaanse Schans, Netherlands - 7 Day Netherlands Travel Itinerary
Zaanse Schans, Netherlands | Unsplash | Tommy Ferraz


The 7 Day Netherlands Itinerary – Summarised

Day 1 – 2 | Amsterdam 

Day 3 | Utrecht & Gouda

Day 4 | Rotterdam 

Day 5 | Den Haag  

Day 6 – 7 | Haarlem 


Tips and Recommendations for your Trip to Netherlands

How to get around The Netherlands

The Netherlands is very easy to travel around. The easiest way is by train and luckily the train transportation system in the Netherlands is one of the best in Europe. The trains are running constantly throughout the day and are a very fast way to get from city to city all around the country. However, if you are taking the train very often you might see the price catch up with you. The trains in the Netherlands are on the more expensive side and if you find yourself on a train every day it can get quite pricey.


If you are looking to save some money on transportation you can also rent a car. Driving in the Netherlands is quite easy as there are not many major highways. Plus if you have your own car you can stop along the way and check out any additional places that are along the route.


Weather in The Netherlands

The one thing that is not so great about the Netherlands is the weather. The Netherlands is notorious for raining very often and seemingly out of nowhere. You’ll most likely get used to these types of weather conditions and you just have to make the best of exploring in a little bit of rain. However, what’s great about the weather is that the Netherlands is a pretty mild country meaning in the winter it is cold but not very often in the negatives and during the other seasons you can expect mild and not extreme temperatures.



I hope you found this 7 Day Netherlands Travel Itinerary, to be of help to you, as a reliable Travel Resource for planning your Trip to Netherlands. Don’t forget to Pin these images, and save this Best of Netherlands in 7 Days – A Travel Itinerary and Guide, for future travel planning.



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