Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Canada

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Canada
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Top 10 Instagrammable locations in Canada


With over 2 million lakes, Canada is one location, with a lot of Instagram Worthy Natural Wonders, that are sure to make your photos posted on your Instagram feed, on your Trip To Canada , go viral, for all the right reasons.

Also, did you know, that Canada is the second largest country in the World, after Russia, but is sparsely populated unlike other countries, making Canada a hot favourite with landscape and travel photographers.

Scroll down to see the Top 10 Instagram Worthy Locations in Canada, that we recommend you to visit on your Trip To Canada.

The best way to tick off these Instagrammable Locations in Canada off your bucket list and create Instagram Worthy Travel Content, is by having an Instagram Story Maker, accessible on the go, while exploring Canada at your own pace, by undertaking multiple Road Trips in Canada in a rented Camper Van.

Canada Travel Guide | 10 Picturesque Locations


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The Purcell Mountains | British Columbia, Canada

Situated in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, the Purcell mountains form the rugged heart of a dramatic landscape bounded on two sides by the Columbia River, and visiting The Purcell Mountains is undoubtedly one of the Best Things To Do in British Columbia.

Photo by Kirsten Mills on Unsplash


Moraine Lake | Banff National Park, Canada

Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park, 14 kilometres outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the Top Places to Visit in Canada according to this Banff Itinerary, and is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 1,884 metres. The lake has a surface area of 50 hectares, and does not begin to melt until June. 

Moraine Lake | Flickr | James Wheeler

One of the main reasons why we recommend you to visit Moraine Lake on your Trip to Canada, is to appreciate the stunning views of the turquoise blue and emerald waters, that reflect the surrounding alpine landscapes around it on its smooth, mirror-like surface. And guess what, visiting Moraine Lake, is also one of the Top Bucket List Experiences in Canada, for you to tick off when you travel to Canada.

Please note that the Water levels, and its vibrant colour, are at their peak in late June.

We highly recommend that you stay for a couple of nights in Banff, to experience the true beauty of the area. And when you do, don’t forget to have some of your meals at these Best Restaurants in Banff.


Lake Louise | Banff National Park, Canada

Lake Louise’s calm, turquoise waters are beautifully framed by magnificent snow-capped and forested peaks. It is an irresistibly Instaworthy shot from the lakeside, but as you go higher on a series of hiking trails, the views keep getting grander. Lake Louise freezes over in winter to become a dreamy ice rink, complete with floodlit ice carvings on the shore, making it one of the best things to do in Banff in the Winters.

Lake Louise is Moraine Lake’s sister lake, just 11 km away, in the Banff National Park, Canada.

Lake Louise | Wikimedia Commons | Thomas Fuhrmann


Emerald Lake Lodge | British Columbia, Canada

Located in Yoho National Park, you can’t leave British Columbia during your Trip to Canada without visiting one of the many lakes. 

Fun Fact – Canada has the most lakes in the world with over 2 million! 

The Emerald Lake Lodge, managed by the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, makes for an excellent location to get that perfect Instaworthy shot, as its located ideally on the shore of the famous Emerald Lake, and surrounded by some of the most impressive peaks in the Canadian Rockies.

Looks straight out of a fairytale, doesn’t it ?

Photo by Matthew Sichkaruk on Unsplash

Side Trip: Don’t miss visiting Golden BC and experiencing some incredible outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, skiing, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking.



Keyhole Hot Springs | British Columbia, Canada

Keyhole Hot Springs (aka Pebble Creek Hot Springs), another one of Canada’s Instagrammable Natural Wonders, is located 100 kilometres from Whistler (Village Gate Blvd). 

The hot springs at Keyhole flow out of the ground adjacent to the swirling, crashing and wonderfully glacier coloured water of the Lillooet River. The colour varies with the season, but for the most part it is a wonderful, deep, milky turquoise. 

Please note that Keyhole Hot Springs and the Keyhole Falls Trail, are closed from 1st April to 15 November, every year, in order to support the recovery of the local Grizzly Bear population.


Capilano Suspension Bridge | British Columbia, Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most popular and most beautiful places to visit in Vancouver, British Columbia, which you should definitely have in your Canada Travel Itinerary, when you plan your Trip To Canada.


The bridge itself is 450 feet and the park is 27 acres. However, there are 7 other suspension bridges within the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park to get that perfect Instaworthy shot, and tons of other awesome stuff to do as well, including the Cliffwalk.


Book your tickets for Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and read more about the Awesome Things To Do.


Golden Ears Peak | British Columbia, Canada

Located 6 kms outside of Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, the Golden Ears trail is 25 km and would require a night of camping to complete, and get that glorious sunrise shot. The first half of the hike is an easy-going, relatively flat hike through the forest to Alder Flats. The second half of the hike, on the other hand, is a steep, arduous journey into the alpine, culminating with a scramble to the summit.

However, if you prefer to do a hike in one day and need an easier climb try to reach the southern summit as opposed to the more popular northern summit.

Being one of the highest peaks around, the Golden Ears Peak provides unbeatable views in all directions from the summit.

Photo by Lukas Mann on Unsplash


Whistler Mountain | British Columbia, Canada

No matter if it is summer or winter, Whistler is always a good idea.

PS – As Whistler is not that far from Seattle, it makes for an excellent Seattle Weekend Getaway.

Panoramic Trail from a trail on Whistler Mountain | Wikimedia Commons | Murray Foubister



Maligne Canyon | Jasper National Park, Canada

Maligne Canyon is the deepest canyon in Jasper National Park, with a depth of more than 50 metres at certain points.

Maligne Canyon is the starting point—or finishing point—for an incredible day exploring a majestic valley, and experiencing Maligne Canyon in the winters, is an experience unlike no other.


Abraham Lake | Alberta, Canada

The frozen bubbles suspended in water surrounded by snowy mountains, makes Abraham Lake one of Canada’s most beautiful places to Visit, attracting photographers from around the world. While Abraham Lake is a manmade one created in 1972 with the construction of the Bighorn Dam, the beauty of Abraham Lake in winters, is next to none.

Preacher’s Point at the southern end offers views, straight out of a fairy tale of the deep blue reservoir with the jagged Rockies in the background. 

Photo by David Wirzba on Unsplash

Pro Tip – Head out to Abraham Lake, on your Trip to Canada, when it hasn’t snowed recently to make sure the lake is pristine and mirror-like.

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