5 Unique Attractions in Dubai

5 Unique Attractions in Dubai
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Dubai – The Megacity in the Middle East that never stops growing, is the most cosmopolitan city in the Middle East that attracts travellers from around the World. Home to the iconic Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower in the World, and many other Iconic attractions such as the 7 Star Burj-Al-Arab and the famous Dubai Mall, Dubai has got something in its kitty for all kinds of travellers, and is one of the best family vacation destinations in the World. 


While there are plenty of travel blogs and articles on the Internet, highlighting the different Things To Do in Dubai, in this article however, I have listed down 5 Unique Attractions in Dubai that should definitely find a spot on your Dubai Travel Itinerary.


5 Unique Attractions in Dubai You Need to Visit | theETLRblog
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Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is home to Dubai Miracle Garden, which is also the World’s largest natural flower garden. The 72,000sqm park, opens from mid November to mid May every year and has an impressive line-up of famous buildings and structures completely transformed into colourful flower displays.


Some of the popular Instagrammable exhibits at Dubai Miracle Garden, which you should definitely check out are : The Emirates Airbus A380 | The Hearts Passage | The Burj Khalifa | The Floral Houses and Bungalows.



The Dubai Fountain

Another one of the famous and unique attractions in Dubai is The Dubai Fountain. Submerged within the 30-acre Burj Lake, at the foot of The Dubai Mall, powerful water jets are laid out strategically over an area equal to the size of two football pitches, jetting up to 22,000 gallons of water as high as 140m in the air at any one time.


Each colourful, illuminated jet sways in time to music, producing what has become the most popular show in Dubai. As the fountains fire, a range of beautiful, classical and contemporary music plays in sync with the show, which takes place every 30 minutes from 6pm daily. Please note, that there are some afternoon shows as well, details of which can be checked out on the official website.

The Dubai Fountain offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in a captivating water, music and light experience, and the fact that it is strategically located near Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, makes a visit to the Dubai Fountains definitely on the cards.



Dubai Garden Glow

Located in Zabeel Park, Dubai Garden Glow, is not only Dubai’s most unique attraction, but also the most unique and largest of its kind theme park, not only in Dubai, but in the Middle East.


The Tagline – ‘What A Wonderful World’ will seem completely justified, when you enter this well crafted gigantic garden, featuring a different and unique theme in every season.

Similar to the Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Garden Glow also opens from mid October/November until mid May every Year, and has indeed turned out to be one of the most Instagrammable locations in Dubai, which you should definitely plan to visit during your trip to Dubai.



The Dubai Frame

Also located in Dubai’s Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame – A Bridge between the Past & Future is an iconic attraction in Dubai that frames impressive views of Old Dubai and New Dubai. 


The incredible Dubai Frame is a rectangular structure  constructed using two monumental towers standing 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. These two towers are linked by a 100-square-meter bridge, which forms the top portion of the frame. To the north are great views of Old Dubai with Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai and Deira, Karama, and Umm Hurair areas.  To the south, there’s New Dubai with all its incredible landmarks. 



Global Village

Regarded as one of the most awaited family entertainment events in Dubai – The Global Village is a grand cultural spectacle to raise its curtains to travellers from around the World.

One can find pavilions set up by multiple nations, offering an exhaustive experience, of their food, culture, shopping and much more.


The Global Village takes place every year from October until April, and has been found to be one of the most convincing factors attracting visitors, to plan a trip to Dubai.


5 Unique Attractions of Dubai You have to Visit | theETLRblog



Now that you have a fairly good idea about the different unique attractions  in Dubai, that are open especially in the winter months of Dubai from October to April / May, make sure to check out these Noon Coupon Codes as well to save a chunk of money.


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