Top 10 Dishes To Eat in Chiang Mai – Thailand | The Chiang Mai Food Guide

Top 10 Dishes To Eat in Chiang Mai – Thailand | The Chiang Mai Food Guide
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Thailand in South East Asia, is a street food lovers paradise, with a plethora of yummy dishes on offer. And the best part – None of them make a hole in your pocket, as they are dirt cheap. One of the most recommended things to do on your Thailand trip is to do a self guided Food Walk in the streets of Bangkok ! However, if you happen to head north from Bangkok, you’ll reach Chiang Mai, which has become a Digital Nomad hotspot these days, and is a beautiful city to visit, which is why you should keep reading to find out What To Eat in Chiang Mai – Thailand and keep this Chiang Mai Food Guide handy with you on your trip to Chiang Mai – Gateway to Northern Thailand.

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Khao Soi

Khao soi is a noodle soup native to Chiang Mai, and is one of the Best Thai Street Food you can try! Khao soi has its own special egg noodles and a unique curry-like broth made with coconut milk. Typically khao soi is served with a chicken drumstick, but vegetarian and other meat options are also available.

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Kuay Tiew

Kuay tiew is the staple Thai noodle soup. Both restaurants and street vendors sell this meal, which can be consumed at any time of the day from breakfast to midnight. The love for this soup comes in its variety. There are many broth options, from clear, to tom yum, to a blood-based broth. For noodles you can get white rice noodles, ramen, thin egg noodles and more. And then for fill you up you can add red pork, fish balls, pork balls, tofu, dumplings, blood cakes and more. This stuff is the best!




Mala is a recent Chiang Mai sensation. The locals have adopted Szechuan spices to make their own unique version of grilled meats and vegetables. Broccoli, okra, mushrooms, tofu, baby corn, hotdogs, bacon, pork, chicken, squid, and internal organs. This BBQ delicacy can be very spicy, so be careful 😊



Phad See Ew

While Phad Thai is the most popular Thai noodle dish, it’s not the most popular. Phad see ew is a local favorite. This dish is known for its broad, flat noodles made from sticky rice flour. That flour gives these noodles a stretchy, chewy consistency that feels so good. Cooked with a local soy sauce and your choice of protein, phad see ew typically is served with Chinese kale, but it may have more vegetables included depending on who is making it.



Phad Mama 

Okay, phad mama is known locally as a dish that kids love to it, but don’t worry about that – it tastes so good. This dish is basically stir fried instant-ramen noodles tossed up with a variety of ingredients. The seasoning and ingredients can differ depending on the chef, but typically nothing exotic is put in. This dish is particularly good if you’re drunk.



Stir Fried Basil

Known locally phad gaprao, this is arguably the most popular rice dish in Thailand. Your choice of protein served with rice and hopefully a crispy fried egg. 


Stir Fried Basil - Chiang Mai - Thailand Food Guide


Fried Bananas

The most delicious dessert in Thailand! Fried bananas are a popular street food offered both in the day and night in Thailand. Local vendors set up a massive wok alongside the road to fry these delectable treats. Best eaten fresh, you can get them just as the vendor is pulling them out of the oil. As tasty as they are, try not to eat too many less the oil may give you a stomach ache.



Grilled Bananas

Grilled bananas are much healthier Thai delicacy than the fried alternative. This local variety of banana, grilled when still green, offers a sweet yet starchy taste. Filling like a baked potato, but with sweet traces of the banana. The outer crust becomes firm from the grill, while the inside’s texture contrasts beautifully. Grilled bananas are delicious, cheap, and filling, so our warning is to know when to stop before you get too full.



Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is likely the most popular dessert amongst tourists. What you get, obviously, is a succulent, fresh, tasty mango paired with sticky rice. Sticky rice, if you’ve never had it, is a much more firm, chewy, and yes, sticky cousin of the typical white rice. The sticky rice offers a great textural contrast to the mango. And to top it all off, sweetened, condensed coconut milk is drizzled all over the dish.


Mango Sticky Rice - Food Guide Chiang Mai - Thailand



Roti is a delicacy of the local Muslim population. This doughy, fried bread can be ordered as a sweet and/or savory dish. The most popular filling combinations are egg and banana & egg and cheese, although you can get cheese or banana by itself. There are many sauces that can be served with roti, but the most traditional rotis are topped with sweetened, condensed milk and eaten with toothpicks.



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