Templation by MAADS – Property Review

Templation by MAADS – Property Review
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Templation by MAADS is literally a sprawling Oasis barely 4 KM away from the mighty Angkor Wat,, in the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia, and I consider myself lucky to have experienced the aura of this place in person. Templation by MAADS makes for the perfect accommodation to compliment your 3 Day Angkor Wat Itinerary.


Templation By MAADS - An Oasis at the Doorstep of Angkor Wat



Templation by MAADS – Location

The location of Templation is one of the biggest USP, as it is conveniently located 3 KM from the Angkor Ticketing Complex in one direction and the mighty Angkor Wat, just 4 KM, in the other direction, which can be reached in as less as 5 minutes.

The fact that Angkor Wat can be reached in a matter of 5 minutes, is like a blessing in disguise specially when you intend to witness a sunrise at Angkor Wat. In case you you want to do some offbeat travelling and venture beyond Angkor Wat, you might want to check this out.

As a matter of fact, within a span of 5 minutes you can also each the National Museum or the City Centre. The transit time to Siem Reap International Airport, is not more than 20-25 minutes.

Main Pool Templation
The picturesque Main Pool



Templation by MAADS – The Stay

With 33 suites and villas spread out throughout the property, one can choose to stay in either of the three : The Junior Suite, The Pool Suite and The Pool Villas.


The Junior Suite

Spread over an area of 40 sq. m, the large bedroom opens to a terrace surrounded by trees and flowers, and the sprawling and picturesque  main swimming pool in the background. The bathroom, open to the sky, is  equipped with a shower and a super-sized bath tub, making it your own little private spa. A night stay for 2 will cost you somewhere around 148 USD.


The Pool Suite

Pool Suite at Templation
Our Spacious Pool Suite


This sprawling 70 sq. m compound, transports you to a different world all together. The moment you step in, two spacious, separate structures (bedroom and living), with picture windows leading to the spacious terrace, an open pavilion and the large (4x7m) private pool, welcome you with open arms. The pool is slate-tiled and equipped with jet streams. The bathroom is open to the sky, with a rain shower and tub. Both the living room and the bedroom have attached bathrooms.


A night in this private oasis will cost you somewhere around 258 USD.

pool suite templation
Our Quaint little Oasis


The Pool Villa

The luminous yet secluded structure spread over an area of 104 sq. m, offers two separate king sized bedrooms, a large living room and a spectacular open-to-the-sky bathroom. Surrounded by bushes and trees, the large (4x7m) and slate-tiled private pool, equipped with jet streams, makes this compound perfect for families.

A night in this sprawling Villa will cost you somewhere around 358 USD.

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Templation by MAADS – The Food

Open to the garden and the main pool, the restaurant dishes out some really tasty meals throughout the day. The breakfast is one of the most important meals, and the experienced cooks at The Templation, will make sure that the breakfast will be one of the tastiest meals during the day. One can choose from four sets, Local, Asian, Continental and American, with several side dishes to spoil you for choices. 

Restaurant Templation Siem Reap
Dining with a View


Templation by MAADS – The Spa

Amidst fountains and ponds, the Templation spa is a source of relaxation and regeneration after a day of temple exploration and wandering in the heat. Massages and treatments have been specially designed for Templation by Bodia, a line of spa products using exclusively natural and local resources with an outstanding repute in Cambodia . The well qualified and experienced therapists at the Spa, will ensure that you have a relaxing time, while getting pampered with delicate strokes of their hands with soft or medium pressure.

Bodia Spa Scrubs
Bodia Scrubs


Couple Room Templation Spa
The Couple Room at Templation Spa


Did I forget to mention, that you can have some glasses of premium craft beer as well while at Templations! The Siem Reap Brew Pub, which is located just 10 minutes away, manufactures 6 variations of Craft Beer, with alcohol content ranging from 4% to as much as 6%. A visit to this microbrewery (The only one in Siem Reap) is definitely a must do, and the concierge staff will gladly help you with a private guided tour of the micro brewery.


Siem Reap Brew Pub Microbrewery
The Siem Reap Brew Pub – The Only Microbrewry in Siem Reap


Beer Tasting Session Siem Reap Brew Pub Microbrewery
Beer Tasting Sessions at Siem Reap Brew Pub


With the owner of Siem Reap Brew Pub - Vanna Srenge
With the owner of Siem Reap Brew Pub – Vanna Srenge


In short, a stay at the Templation in Siem Reap, will compliment not only your Angkor Wat Temple Exploration, but their concierge services will also suggest you the best things you can do in Siem Reap in the time span you have.


To get the best rates, don’t forget to check out www.templation.asia


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Templation by MAADS - An Oasis at the doorstep of Angkor Wat
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Disclaimer : No compensation was received for this review, however Templation by MAADS offered my stay complimentary. As always, the opinions on theETLRblog.com are (and always will be) my own!







16 thoughts on “Templation by MAADS – Property Review”

  • What a great oasis. How fantastic that it is so close to Ankor Wat. That would definitely make it easy to see sunrises and sunsets at the site. The Pool Villa looks like the perfect spot for me to stay.

  • The pool suite looks amazing and so does that salmon! I love how they also use natural Cambodian products in their spa; that alone and the pics make me want to visit! Great stuff. 🙂

  • Everybody is saying it’s an oasis. Yes, it is!
    And the beers seem to be a good idea to enjoy that paradise. How do you ask for a beer in the local language?
    Birra? Cerveza? Bierre? Cerveja?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Arnav,

    The location looks fabulous and the food looks divine.

    With those down, I am good to go.

    It also seems cool how such luxe surroundings can be so close to this mighty temple complex. I recall staying in town when we visited Angkor Wat in 2012. Lots to do, but more hustle and bustle in that little complex of hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars.

    This place feels like a slice of paradise out in the middle of nowhere, but really, conveniently located to the wonder of the world not a few kilometers away.


  • I love the greeneries around the property as it gives a refreshing atmosphere around the modern facility. I’ve been to Siem Reap just a month ago and trying out the spa was one thing I hadn’t done which I wanted to do while there. I’ll keep this property in mind if ever I go back to Siem Reap.

  • I thought I was sold by the pool suite and the large main pool, but I was REALLY sold when you started talking about the brewpub on site! I am a huge beer lover and this place looks like heaven for me. The danger in staying here is I would want to stay on site all day and not go out and explore the rest of the city!

  • It is so nice that this place is just minutes away from Angkor wat. So perfect if we want to see the sunrise. Would love to stay in the Pool villa. Would love a massage especially after a day of walking in the sun.

  • Templations by MAADs is really a ancient styled luxurious stay. Love to stay in private bungalows called Oasis with attached swimming pool. Spa is my favorite as after a long travel walks, massage and other therapies would be great to do.

  • Who would have thought that such a luxurious looking place was so close to Angkor Wat? It’s the perfect base for travellers wanting to get up super early; I’ve heard the crowds get hectic later in the day! This looks ideal for bringing the family; my kids would love that huge pool in your pool suite! I haven’t tried Cambodian food but it looks great, how did you find it?

  • Now this looks like my kind of place! The suites look spacious and reasonably priced too. I’m a huge spa fan, so I’d sign up for the couples massage, and choose one of those body scrubs. Yum, those beers look refreshing, I wouldn’t say no!

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