The Aruba Travel Guide + A Recommended 7 Day Itinerary

The Aruba Travel Guide + A Recommended 7 Day Itinerary
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The Best of Aruba in 7 Days + A suggested 7 Day Travel Itinerary


Bon Bini ! Welcome ! While One Happy Island makes for a great getaway for a long weekend, Aruba is best enjoyed over a magical week. This island country is a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, along with Curaçao, Saint Maarten, and the Netherlands. The country is just miles from the Venezuelan coast.

Aruba’s location in the southern Caribbean means that it has idyllic weather year-round. It is far enough south that it avoids the hurricanes that threaten the rest of the islands in the Caribbean. But this also means that it receives little rain, creating what is mostly a desert island. This is great news for sun-seekers. 

At less than 70 square miles (180 km²), Aruba is the ideal destination for a one week trip. Visitors can easily travel from the northern end of the island to the south in just over 30 minutes — barring any traffic. Most people going to Aruba are looking for a beach escape. But you’ll also want to explore the island.

You might also want to visit the nearby island of Curacao, and if you are wondering Which Caribbean Island is better between the two, you’ll be amazed to see the differences and appreciate the uniqueness of each island.



Best Things to do in Aruba –  The Aruba Travel Bucket List


Flamingo Beach

One of the most popular places to visit in Aruba is Flamingo Beach, where you can sun yourself with a flamboyance of flamingos. Located on a private island, Renaissance Island, this adults-only beach is reserved primarily for guests of the Renaissance Hotels. There are plenty of other activities on the island, including kayaking and a spa. But by far the most popular, and Instagrammable, is posing with the flamingos on the beach.



Natural Pool

Aruba’s rocky eastern shore has an area in the Arikok National Park in which the rocks have formed an area that collects water from the adjacent Caribbean Sea. The natural pool, Conchi, is a can’t-miss spot in Aruba. Visitors can swim and snorkel in the Natural Pool. The more adventurous will jump in. The busiest times are from mid-morning through mid-afternoon, when tour groups arrive at a steady pace. 



Eagle Beach

Consistently ranked one of the world’s best beaches every year, Eagle Beach is worth a visit. Better yet, book a resort on Eagle Beach to enjoy its beauty each day of your stay. With its white sand beaches and azure waters, Eagle Beach, is one of Aruba’s best beaches, and is a beach lover’s dream come true. 



California Lighthouse

Located at the northwest end of the island, visitors will find the California Lighthouse – one of the best places to see in Aruba, named after a steamship that wrecked nearby in 1891. Because it is far away from built-up areas, it provides a beautiful view of the island and Palm Beach. 

Aruba California Lighthouse | Flickr | Serge Melki



Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

The Aruban government has created hiking paths along these rock formations and they each have observation towers near the top. Not only can you cool off, but you can see Venezuela from the top. These are also spots to see ancient (petroglyph rock art) drawings of island inhabitants from thousands of years ago. 



Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins

In the 19th century, the island served as a gold mine, with more than 3 million pounds of the precious metal excavated from the land. Today, all that remains are the ruins of the gold-smelting facility.

Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins | Flickr | Rick Seidel



Arikok National Park

Located on the eastern side of the island and covering almost a fifth of the area, the Arikok National Park is truly a treasure, and is one of the best places to visit in Aruba. The $11 admission fee is a true bargain considering everything it covers — great hiking trails, Quadiriki Caves with ancient drawings, and the Natural Pool. 



Best Experiences in Aruba


Go windsurfing, kitesurfing, or kiteboarding

If, like me, you don’t know the difference between these three different activities, Aruba is the perfect place to learn. Aruba’s constant trade winds make it the ideal place to learn or perfect your skills in these. 


Try wreck diving

Well-known for scuba diving, divers can explore the Antilla, the Caribbean’s largest wreck, among others. (Or stay dry and ride the Atlantis Submarine if you want to see underwater life and wrecks.)


Go snorkeling

Bring your snorkel gear with you. You’ll appreciate it for the Natural Pool. There is some good snorkeling available at Mangel Halto, Arashi, Palm, and multiple other beaches as well.


Ride an ATV or UTV

The island is covered in inaccessible spots and getting to them is half the fun. One of the best ways to do that is to drive or ride in an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or UTV (Utility Task Vehicle). What’s the difference? A UTV allows driver and passenger to ride side-by-side, where you sit on a bench. An ATV carries a single driver, who straddles it like a bike. Either way, this is a fun way to explore Aruba’s natural beauty!  




Where to stay in Aruba ?


Hotels  / Apartments | Aparthotels in Aruba 

Swiss Paradise Aruba Villas and Suites | Blue Residences | Bananas Apartments | Aruba Comfort Palm Beach Condo


Luxury Resorts in Aruba 

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino | Holiday Inn Resort Aruba – Beach Resort & Casino | Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino | Courtyard by Marriott Aruba Resort


PS – Useful Travel Resources to use while planning your 7 Day Trip to Aruba – 


A Recommended 7 Day Aruba Travel Itinerary


Because Aruba is such a small island, and because you’re on vacation, this 7 Day Aruba itinerary should be less structured than what you’re used to finding. Instead, when you plan on going to Aruba, find some recommendations on how you may want to arrange your days, taking into account how much sightseeing you may want to do compared to lounging in the sun, your budget, and interests.

The Magical Sunsets in Aruba



Day 1 and 2 –  Flamingo Beach 

If you plan on going to Flamingo Beach, reserve a night at one of the Renaissance Hotels – one of the best all inclusive resorts in Aruba, either the first or last night of your stay. Since admission with the Renaissance Island Day Pass, costs $125 per person, the cost of a room at Renaissance Hotel Aruba is often equivalent to the price of the Renaissance Island Day Pass, for a couple. You’ll be guaranteed admission to the beach and have access to the beach both the day you check-in and the day you check out. If you choose to stay at one of the Renaissance Hotels, use this time in Oranjestad to also:

  • Ride the trolley
  • Explore Oranjestad
  • Go shopping
  • Visit the casino (if that’s your thing)


Day 3 – Relax and Chill

Relax in your new hotel. Enjoy the amenities. Try snorkeling.


Day 4 – Book an ATV, UTV or 4WD tour

Adventure awaits! Bring a refillable water bottle, something to cover your face to protect from the dirt (many tour companies provide this), sunscreen, towel, snorkel gear, and sunglasses. Wear a swimsuit and clothes that you don’t mind if you don’t ever get the dirt out of them! 

Include a visit to these places on Day 4 of this 7 Day Aruba Travel Itinerary

    • Natural Pool
    • Arikok National Park
    • Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins
    • Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations


Day 5 – Try something new or Explore the island in a rented car

Try something new – windsurfing or kitesurfing perhaps. Or rent a car and explore the rest of the island if you need to escape the sun.


Day 6 – Chill by the beach

Last full day to enjoy the sun. Enjoy the beach at your hotel or explore new beaches.


Day 7 – Souvenir shopping and Departure

Last minute sunning and souvenir shopping. Depart for home.


Aruba’s tourist-friendly environment welcomes visitors. While Dutch and Papamiento are the official languages in Aruba, just about everyone speaks at least some English. The official currency is the Aruba florin. But US currency is widely accepted (though you may receive change in florins). Tipping is not obligatory, though some restaurants and bars add a service charge of 10-15%.  


If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, Aruba fits the bill. Aruba’s perfect climate and white sand beaches provide the perfect setting for great travel memories. It isn’t surprising that so many couples and families choose Aruba. You should visit Aruba too and make your own memories!


We hope you found this 7 Day Aruba Travel Itinerary, to be of help to you, as a reliable Travel Resource for planning your Trip to Aruba. Don’t forget to Pin these images, and save this One Week Aruba Travel Itinerary, for future travel planning.


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