Books to Read and Then Go Do | Travel Inspiration

Books to Read and Then Go Do | Travel Inspiration
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Getting immersed in a book, be it fiction or otherwise, can incite in you an urge to replicate an activity that you read about in your own life. This can also be true of visual mediums like film, but the way that books work within your imagination can lead to a much more personal and compelling version of this.

So, with this experience in mind, you can turn your attention to other books and look to add some novelty to them – turning you towards new horizons and activities that can broaden your perspective and scope.

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Globe-Trotting Adventures

When you think of genres such as this, you might think of the 007 film series, and while those are based on a series of books that you can absolutely explore here, they’re far from your only option. Whatever you choose, though, you might find that reading them makes you want to get a new perspective on the world – new countries, new people, new cultures – any and all of these can help you to expand your horizons.

It’s not just about different countries, though; it can be about different places in general. The glitz and glamour of casinos can be a repeating topic in adventures like these (especially in the 007 series), and that can give you inspiration for a new activity. Physical venues might fall under the realm of travel, but outlets like can distil the activity into a much more convenient form – letting you access an encrypted platform with multiple ways to pay that not only has games like video poker but also utilizes modern audio and visual design to deliver cutting edge slots and even RPG experiences that can have you experiencing what a modern casino actually is.


Getting Outdoors

Get Motivated to climb YOUR Everest | Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

A similar logic can be applied to areas that are much closer to home. Reading about people climbing a mountain – the trials and tribulations of those who attempt to conquer Everest as an example – might have you thinking about how your own experience would be. That doesn’t mean that you have to immediately get up and head to the Himalayas, but if you’re not someone who goes outside recreationally, this can get you interested in hiking – replicating the experience on a smaller scale by just hiking around nearby hills. Over time, you might want to take this further to mountains, but it’s important that you’re ready when you do.


Make a Change

It can be easy to despair when it feels as though so much of the news that you see is negative. However, there are optimists out there, and reading books written by them might have you experiencing a slightly brighter perspective on the world around you. It’s not that you are likely to immediately feel as though everything is okay, but it can have you looking at the positives – and have you thinking about what you can do to make a positive change. This might be the encouragement to take your career in a direction that has your values in mind, or it might be about changing your lifestyle to be more sustainable – even a small difference can be a positive one.


Wildlife Immersion

Go for a Wildlife Safari | Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

Not all books are about grand adventures and colossal undertakings; some look to be simply educational. One way that this might be the case could be through information about the natural world. The myriad of David Attenborough documentaries like Planet Earth could be something that encourages people to learn more about the environment. Similarly, identifying an element of nature that you’re passionate about can give you a strong foothold in this area – providing room for you to go out and explore local natural spots with a newfound curiosity that takes this knowledge even further.

What’s especially nice about this option is that during the warmer months, it can be relaxing to sit out in nature reading these books while simultaneously enjoying the surrounding sights and sounds – merging the two components of your interest in nature.


Historic Outings

Ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru | Photo by Amanda Kerr on Unsplash

Another direction that you can take this educational, information-driven approach to reading is through history. While it’s harder to actively engage with history in the same way that you might with nature due to the fact that it’s not currently happening, the way you take this interest into the real world is better represented through museums. Arming yourself with a baseline level of knowledge from the books that you read can make museums less overwhelming, allowing some of the information to be more relevant to you and giving you a better idea of the weight of it all. Museums aren’t the only way that you could put this into action either, and you can visit historical ruins or sites that can take you all over your local area and better understand the context of where you live.