30 + Awesome Things You Should Be Doing At Home To Keep Your Sanity Intact

30 + Awesome Things You Should Be Doing At Home To Keep Your Sanity Intact
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30 + Awesome Things You Can Do at Home while Working from Home

Here is a list of some really Awesome and Amazing Things You Can do at Home, that’ll perfectly compliment your Work from Home schedule ! Scroll down, and get inspired !

And if you found this to be of any help to you, please do share it with others, and help them maintain their sanity as well !

30+ Awesome Things To At Home Rather than Netflexing



Starting a Travel blog 

By Anwesha Guha | Going Places With Anwesha 

If you are like me, in isolation during these trying times, having canceled/postponed all your current travel plans and finding solace in gazing through the photos from your previous trips. You are not alone. Almost everybody on this planet has this travel itch that they cannot scratch now due to the pandemic.

Instead, you can utilize this time to Start a Travel Blogwriting about your journeys and misadventures, all the moments that have made you who you are now. And foremost, making use of those hundred of photos you have taken of a destination that has touched your heart. Creating short posts telling about your backpacking tales through Europe or your hitch-hiking stories in India. All you have to do is, pick up your laptop, start writing your first piece and pour out your heart in it. You can utilize this time to write a couple of posts ahead of time and publish them slowly once you have got your blog all set up.

If you understand the importance of brand identity, then you’ll know that, starting a blog, is the first step taken towards building your brand identity.

Writing blogs help me keep sane when I cannot travel. It lets me express myself and showcase my photography skills, such as this Bhutan Travel Photo Blog and Sighisoara Travel Photo Blog.




By Wendy Werneth | The Nomadic Vegan

Meditating may sound intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor or chant mantras in Sanskrit. In fact, it’s best if you sit comfortably, either on your couch or in a chair. Science shows that after just a few days of meditating each morning, you will feel more focused, have a more positive outlook, and generally feel happier.

Following a guided meditation is a good idea when you’re just starting out. My favorite meditation app is Headspace, and right now they are offering a free pack called “Weathering the Storm” to help people get through this pandemic. The creator and narrator, Andy Puddicombe, really takes the mystic out of meditation and makes it feel practical and enjoyable. If you’re finding it hard to focus and concentrate on anything right now, this will help.



Teaching English Online

By Nicola Rae | Seenic Wanderer

Teaching English online has kept my spirits up while I’ve been home during the quarantine period. As an online English teacher, I virtually meet with students every day and help them practice their English speaking skills. Having a routine gives me some much-needed structure to my day. I feel more connected to others because I get to talk to students from all over the world. And on top of that, I’m able to make decent money from home. 

There are dozens of online language platforms where you can start teaching. They have a wide variety of teacher requirements, so regardless of your experience level, there’s a good chance you can teach English online with a company that suits your credentials. 

Most online ESL companies allow teachers to make their own schedule with no minimum or maximum working hours, making this one of the most flexible online jobs around. You can also choose a company that provides lesson plans so you don’t have to do any outside preparations. Considering that most companies pay anywhere from $10-$25 USD per hour, you could use this quarantine time to start a profitable online teaching side hustle.



Learning a New Language

By Megan Starr


One of the best things to do while you’re stuck at home is to attempt to learn a new language.  I first started doing this right after my move to Norway many years ago as I was stuck inside a lot waiting on my visa.  This helped me learn a new language and my new homeland. 

I am currently spending another indoor period learning a language, but this time I am learning Armenian, the language of my newly adopted home. I have been using books as well as apps to learn the language, and this downtime has truly allowed me to harness the power of online language study. It has motivated me to acquire new skills and knowledge. I highly recommend that everyone stuck at home learn something new, and learning languages is the perfect starting point!



Embracing Minimalism

By Marjolein | Radical FIRE

Personally I cannot keep my sanity in a room packed with stuff. With many people quarantined in their homes at the moment, it is very important that you only have the stuff in your room that you love. We don’t need extra clutter during the day to take care of!

One great way of simplifying your life is embracing minimalism. There will be fewer things to clean up at the end of the day, fewer worries, and you will be surprised how many things may even make you money. Win-win!

Now is the time to declutter your home, see what truly gives you joy and get rid of the rest! I assure you, you’ll feel great afterward!




By Maria Elsa Jose | Travelling Quote

Scrapbooking is a great activity that will pull the creativity deep within you that you did not know you had. 

You only want to take an old picture and glued to your scrapbook or any bigger, thicker board.  Then grab a colored paper or any paper you had. No need to buy one. Put your scissors into action.  Make cut-outs or fold it or play with anything you fancy. 

Why not crawl your fingers on your sewing boxes and pick some buttons, or yet you have some stickers or those you want to throw out – little scrap things.  Then, stick here, glue there. Hours will pass, relaxing all your senses. And out of the scraps came a masterpiece. Isn’t that great?

The scrap experience brings out something creative from you, not only maintaining your sanity but discovering that creativity in you.




By Khushboo | Munni of All Trades

Reading can help you travel back in history or transport you to an exotic location. It can teach you something new, compel you to challenge yourself, invoke nostalgia or simply make you smile.

I love reading when I am facing a creative block for some inspiration. I read when I am bored for some entertainment. I also read when I am sad because nothing can cheer you up like curling up in your bed with a good book. Reading is for everybody and it means something special for all of us. I discover something new every day through books and it is something that brings me immense joy. 

So, read when you are stuck at home at during this quarantine because nothing can spark your imagination and pique your curiosity like a good book. 



Creating a Travel Bucket List

By Disha Smith | Disha Discovers

There’s no doubt that these times are difficult right now and being quarantined for the past seventeen days isn’t helping me at all either. Some days, I feel like my creative juices aren’t flowing and I feel like I’m going insane at times. When I feel like this, I start creating a travel bucket list.

I start with each continent and write down every country on that continent. Then, I research what fun and beautiful things there are to do in that country and write that down under the country. I even attach photos of the things I want to do in that country so I can see it visually as well. As an avid traveler, this also helps me keep the magic of traveling alive during these tough times. 


Looking for some Travel Inspiration?

Check out The 7 Day Myanmar Road Trip Itinerary  for an exhaustive Myanmar experience.



Starting a Home Workout Regime

By Lauren | The Expat Chronicle

Sample Home Workout Schedule

While the entire world seems frozen in time, stuck inside the walls of our homes, people everywhere are searching for ways to keep their sanity and stay calm. 

For our family of five living in a fifth floor apartment in Barcelona, each day brings about new challenges. Our children are 8, 6 and 3 so they aren’t totally independent yet. Which means I’m constantly being beckoned for help. It’s mentally and physically draining! 

And while all I really feel like doing by the end of the day is laying down for a big nap, I know that won’t pay off in the long-run. It took me two weeks in quarantine to realize my low energy levels and poor eating habits were due to the lack of exercise I was getting. And that needed to change! 

I’ve never considered myself a “gym rat” and don’t love working out at home. But being confined to my apartment these last two weeks made me realize I had two choices. To either continue eating junk, gaining half a pound a day and feeling crummy each morning. Or start working out at home. And one of the best things to get hold off , to make the most of the fitness regime at home, is a portable treadmill.

I started basic with using everyday items around the house. A chair became my new squat partner. My stairwell turned into a great cardio workout. And turns out, carrying my three year old around while lunging really works those glutes! 

I try to get in around 20 minutes each morning before anyone else wakes up. It’s not always foolproof but the effort is there and I feel good no matter what! Incorporating a daily exercise routine at home not only helps give me more energy but also increases my mood and motivation! 



Yoga at Home

By Norbert | France Bucket List 

Yoga is one of my favourite things to do during this quarantine period because it is perfect to stretch your body, relax and keep your sanity intact. You don’t need much space to practice yoga at home, just the place for your yoga mat in an (ideally) decluttered room.

Yoga frequent practitioners don’t need much more to start with daily yoga sessions at home because it is always the same exercises (perhaps with some variations) so they know them by heart. If you have not done much yoga beforehand, the help of a YouTube Tutorial video is vital.

Even if I know the asanas (that’s the yoga exercises) by heart, I practice yoga with the help of a CD because it puts me on the mood. If you are trying yoga for the first time, I recommend learning the asanas (how to do them) before your very first yoga lesson online.



Reconnecting with Old Friends over Phone

By Amrita | Tale of 2 Backpackers

Quarantines can be psychologically quite taxing. We are so used to be busy in every single day of our life that when we get so much of free time we are baffled. So I plan to utilise this free time by reconnecting with my old friends. Not through social media, but by calling them over phone and listening to their voice. We often give the excuse of not getting enough time to make a phone call.

So when I am getting all this time, I am simply going to call all my friends old and new, from school, college and old colleagues. This can be one of the most refreshing exercises. There is an inexplicable joy of calling a school friend and talking about the old days. I am sure this would keep me relaxed and also give me new ideas of what to do next!



Playing Strategy Online Games

By Adriana Plotzerová | Czech The World

Playing computer games might not seem that appealing or beneficial at first sight, but it can help us to cope with the quarantine quite well. 

While there is nothing positive in the News, all events are canceled, gyms are closed, you need something to bring your good psychological well-being back. You need to think about something different than global pandemic and have something to look for. Playing strategy games offers exactly that.

As a player you must plan how to allocate resources, think about what you should buy or build first, consider risks, pluses, and minuses, etc. Suddenly there is something else that grabs your attention. It might be a healthy level of addiction, e.g. to watch your empire growing – the evolution in the game brings something to look forward to every day. 

There are also studies showing the benefits of playing strategic games like:

  •          Improvement of problem-solving skills
  •          Improvement of the brain’s cognitive flexibility
  •          Stress reduction
  •          Building better judgment skills

         And more



Playing Travel Themed Board Games

By Ashley Smith | My Wanderlusty Life


As much as we love traveling, sometimes we just can’t. And it’s during those times we still need to flex our travel-problem-solving muscles. For that, we have travel-themed board games.

Travel-themed board games not only give us something to do to pass the time, but they also help to take us out of our homes and back out into the world (if only figuratively).

Like reading a great book, travel-themed board games encourage thinking about faraway places and trying to solve some of the same problems we encounter on the road.

Games like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Puerto Rico require strategizing and logistics. Monopoly: Here & Now, Tokyo Metro, and Airlines: Europe call on your top travel finance knowledge. And games like Sagrada, Azul, and Tokaido remind us of the beauty of traveling the world.



Taking Virtual Disney Rides

By Janine Mergler | Families Magazine

If you have kids at home and the hours are dragging, then this online trip is for you. Take a virtual Disney rides tour where you can experience the thrill rides without the hefty park ticket fee or the queue. You can even do some princess spotting at the 3pm parade!! Settle in with your partner or your kids, we’ve got 14 rides for you to experience as well as a walk through experience of google street view. 



Travelling Virtually through Live Cams around the World

By Alexander Waltner | Gourmand Trotter

While we can’t travel physically, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep your wanderlust entertained by traveling virtually and watch live cams from around the world. It’s a great way to make the time go faster while you’re under lockdown.

There are thousands of live cams from some of the most famous places in the world, and now you can even see them without the crowds in real-time. Or why not go on a virtual safari and watch some of the wildlife cams that record waterholes in Africa in real-time or various birds nests from around the world.

The main website to find live cams in cities is https://www.earthcam.com/ and for wildlife cams I suggest https://explore.org/livecams/ and from there you can browse various categories and stay entertained for countless of hours!



Organising Photo Albums and Create Photo Books

By Roshni Patel | The Wanderlust Within

The best way I’ve found to satisfy my wanderlust whilst still being productive during the quarantine period is by using this extra time at home to organise old photos on my laptop and hard drive, and then creating photo books online to be printed and posted to my home. 

I plan to create a set of small books from the last five years worth of travel, that will sit on my coffee table, available for anyone to flick through when they come to visit me in the future. I’m also making doubles of photo books for friends and family as gifts, so they can also share the memories and get their travel fix.



Adopting Healthy Eating Practices

By Nick Winder | Illness To Ultra

Is there a better time to invest in your own health than now? If you want an easy – and fast – way to improve your health, just look at the foods you are putting in your body. Are they healthy, clean, whole foods?

Here are some general healthy food guidelines to get you started. 

  • Cut down on sugar
  • Eat more green vegetables (or any color)
  • Increase your fibrous food intake
  • Eliminate processed foods
  • Buy organic when possible

But I now encourage you to take this even further and really learn about the foods you’re putting in your body. Discover different ways to cook vegetables and understand the nutritional benefits of any new foods you find. 

Establishing healthy eating habits can be further developed when you take an interest in your food and spend more time cooking your own meals. 

Extra points if you start growing your own food!



Learning Hand Embroidery

By Stephania | Swoodson Says

Teaching yourself how to hand embroider is a great way to pass the time during quarantine! You can use hand embroidery to make decor, jazz up clothes, or mend holes. If you’re on a budget, embroidery supplies are cheap, store easily, and it’s simple to get started. 

While we can’t travel far, as long as you’re still social distancing, hand embroidery projects are easy to travel with even if it is just out to your porch. There are lots of tutorials online and the easiest way to get started is to buy a hand embroidery kit and get everything you need to get started in the mail!




By Arrianne Guzman | Travel Habeat

In uncertain times like today, we all need a ray of hope and a bucket of strength to keep things going. Better yet, we can somehow release our worries and fears by creating something beautiful like a painting. According to science, painting provides stress relief and promotes an optimistic attitude. Personally, I yearn to paint the stunning places I’ve been to. 

But now more than ever, the craft became something beyond producing a lovely composition in a canvass. It transformed more into an outlet for anxiety and despair. The brush turned into a tool of encouragement. With a few strokes here and there, you know one day everything will be okay. Until the world needs to heal, paint. Because as Neil Gaiman puts it, “The world seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”



Reading Outdoor Adventure Books

By Hannah Kacary | That Adventurer Blog

Reading outdoor adventure and travel books is a great thing to do at home, they’ll inspire you for your next adventure when this is all over and the best ones can make you feel like you’re out there on the trails or in some faraway country. 

Some of the best outdoor adventure books include the travel classic “The Great Railway Bazaar” by Paul Theroux. Theroux takes you along with him on his journey from London to Japan and back again all by train. He has humorous conversations with the various train passengers he meets and you’ll feel like you’re making the journey from the comfort of your sofa too. Another great option is “The Sun is a Compass” where you can head into the Alaskan wilderness with Caroline Van Hemert as she skis, pack-rafts and hikes 4,000km taking on bears and near-starvation. It’s a fascinating read and while you may not be planning something quite on that scale, it’s undoubtedly inspiring!



Creating Travel Themed Stay-at-Home Dates

By Michelle | That Texas Couple

Staying at home doesn’t mean that you can’t still create fun travel experiences.  One of our favorite things to do is to create travel themed stay-at-home dates.  To do this, you just need a little imagination!

One of my favorite travel-themed dates is “A Night in (Country).” For example “A Night in Italy”.  Start by creating a menu that includes food and drinks popular in that country. For our night in Italy, I created an aperitivo with meat, cheese, and bread and paired it with the famous Aperol Spritz to start, and then spaghetti carbonara paired it with a nice Italian wine for our main dish  

After you have decided on your menu, then find some fun activities that you can do that relate to the region as well.  Research virtual tours, creative activities, or just listen to regional music while dancing the night away.  For our Night in Italy, I played Italian music and we used watercolors to paint one of our favorite photos from Venice.  

These stay at home date ideas are only limited by your imagination!




By Laura Otreo | Laura No Esta

During this quarantine I have been relying on journaling to keep myself happy and creative. Journaling, or just keeping a diary with stickers and doodles, is a great way to ward off the anxiety and the stress that this situation suppose.

Also, journaling is a great way to connect with your inner child, with your creativity. The moment when you sit with your journal to start a new doodle, or to do some lettering, or to write about your day, is a personal moment that can keep you away from the hustle of being confined in your house.

One of the perks of journaling is that there’s no rules! You can do it any way you like it. Also, you don’t need to have a lot of things to start, just a few blank pages and a pen and you’re ready to go.



Playing Board Games 

By Michael Rozenblit | Games Like This One

One of the best things to do during the quarantine period at home is to play some of our favourite board games !

Board games are a great way to take a break from technology and take your mind off what’s going on in the news today. There are so many different types of games to choose from for all levels of interest whether it be classic board games like Scrabble or Monopoly, social deduction games like Coup or any number of card games. 

These games, specially these printable games and puzzles can help keep your mind active in these challenging times and ensure you can still have some fun while in quarantine!



Planning Future Trip Logistic and Equipment Upgrade

By Jennny Kotlyar | Campsite Vibes

Being stuck at home is a great time to plan out all your dream trips! Sometimes planning trips can seem like a full time job in itself. Between looking up flights, places to see, figuring out hotels, and the logistics of everything. Now that you’re at home, this is a great time to read through blog posts and review Pinterest to see what sparks your interest and plan out those dream vacations. So when this is over, you’re ready to book that trip.

As an avid hiker and backpacker, one thing I’m also focusing on during this time is cleaning out my gear closet, reviewing my packing list and upgrading any needed gear. I’m reviewing my winter snowshoeing and snowboarding gear, my day hiking gear, my camping gear, and my backpacking gear. What do I actually need with me? What gear is worn out and needs replacing? Then spending time doing research to figure out what exactly I want to upgrade to. Is it a new sleeping bag and sleeping pad? A new tent? Or maybe you’re getting all new gear for the first time. This is a great time to review everything.



Watching Travel Themed Movies

By Verushka Ramasami | Spice Goddess

Been indoors now is the perfect time to catch up on all those movies you always wished you had seen but never got around to watching. Travel movies allow you to travel to new places and plan on visiting them in the future or bring back amazing memories of adventures in certain places.

I for one have  personally been bookmarking blog posts of these travel movies, such as these 60 Best Travel Movies that inspire Wanderlust and these are definitely fuelling my wanderlust and adding to my bucket list for future adventures. Hollywood and Bollywood surprisingly enough have large selection of movies set around the globe. So while you are indoors why not see how many places you can travel too through the movies.


If you are planning a Trip To Canada, once all this passes, then you ought to check out these 10 Instagram Worthy Locations in Canada , and make it a point to fit them in your Travel Itinerary.



Listening to Audio Books

By Paul Hudson | Playasy Plazas

Since the quarantine started I have been consuming a ton of audiobooks. While I prefer non-fiction to try and broaden my horizons I am a sucker for anything by Ken Follet or John Grissom. The production quality of those audiobooks is better than most television series. 

I feel like a much more worldly person having listened to the classics. I have interesting conversations with other readers and audiobook listeners. My Spanish has gotten much better listening in my second language.

I highly recommend buying some good headphones. With those headphones in, I am in another world. It is easy to listen when you are alone but hard to follow along when someone is constantly interrupting. It takes a little more concentration than watching TV where you can zone in and out. I find it easier to consume long books in the audible format than it is to read the print format. 

I can’t wash the dishes without my headphones and an audiobook. You should give it a try.

Creating New Cocktails for Date Nights at Home

By Katherine Mazzola | The Gift Bulb

Date nights are a time-honored tradition, and not being able to venture outside to restaurants and the movies shouldn’t mean you can’t still get dressed up and indulge in a date night at home. Taking time for yourselves allows for a nice break from everything, even if it’s just a mental escape, and helps to destress your mind. 

There are a lot of fun things to do inside, such as concocting a signature cocktail that best represents you as a couple. It’ll be interesting to see what your partner says signifies you best. So, grab a pen, paper, your favorite mixers, and liquors, and have fun experimenting! 



Taking part in Blogging Challenges

By Sinjana Ghosh | Backpack & Explore

These are tough times for a travel blogger. Organic views are going south as who would search for travel guides and itineraries now? But if you want to start a blog (of any genre) or motivate yourself during this time, then joining a blogging challenge is a great idea. As a new blogger I found these very useful when I started off my journey.

With free time at your disposal, no travel plans over weekends and holidays this is a great time to hone your writing skills. So, I have embarked upon a global A2Z blogging challenge where I should write 26 posts in the next month. To make this challenge a little more interesting, each day will be dedicated to a place or topic starting with one English alphabet. Normally I write only a couple of long, detailed guides a month. So, for me, this is a challenge I can dare to take only because of the lock-down. I am thoroughly enjoying this.


Also, check out this 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary to Bhutan – The Last Shangri La with some personal Tips and Recommendations as well.



Cooking Food From Around the World

By Ayngelina Brogan | Bacon Is Magic

I travel to eat and when I come home I love to cook recipes from around the world. I see this as a gift of time to explore new recipes I’ve never tried and also to share flavour with my family from distant places I have visited. It gives us an opportunity to bond and share stories over dishes like Peruvian chicken, Caribbean rice and beans or Italian pasta.


It’s also a great and easy way to get the family excited about something in the day. Some people are struggling with boredom and so sometimes the highlight is “what county are we eating in tonight?”


Perhaps the idea of cooking for hours for dinner was a chore before. But it’s something I look forward to, it gives me focus and is a great way to show people I care about them.


Taking Free Guitar Lessons Online

By Aram | Absolute Armenia

These days, it’s really easy to find guitar lessons online and try to learn by yourself without having to spend too much money. During this period of self-isolation, even Fender is offering free lessons online.

I have always been interested in learning to play the guitar and I started learning at home several years ago. I never had much time to continue pursuing it until this recent quarantine session and I am trying to make the most of it, including taking advantage of the free online lessons offered by Fender at the moment.

I am eager to go back out and experience live music at the many Yerevan bars once this is over, but until then, I am going to try to learn some of my favorite songs on my own.



DIY Home Improvements

By Urah | KBH Writing

You can actually turn the uneasiness of being in quarantine to actually enjoying the process by learning new things and occupying your mind with enjoyable activities.

You can also include a special routine or activity you look forward to doing everyday which can help loosen uneasiness and tension.

One of my most enjoyable newfound interests is “home improvement and organisation.”

YouTube and Pinterest are the best places I find practical and innovative videos that give me the necessary step-by-step guide to help repair and retouch places I never thought I could handle on my own.

Recently, I learnt how to fix wallpapers in my house, paint, and draw patterns that are eye-catching and aesthetically decent.

Here is a before and after photo of my bedroom improvement.

I mean, I literally get pretty occupied twitching things here and there in my house and it’s so much fun!

Striving to live your best life amidst whatever chaos, is the best way to conquer depression and be on the winning team. Staying as healthy as you can manage and embracing a positive outlook of life can shine your day and give hope to others around you. And that is the best way to not just survive quarantine but overcome a pandemic.



Starting a Kitchen Garden

By Noel Morata | This Hawaii Life

One of the best things to do during quarantine especially during spring time is getting a kitchen garden started. There’s nothing more rewarding then growing and tending a garden and seeing how plants develop into fruits, veggies and other plants that can be used from your own efforts.

Starting a garden can be as big or tight and in your control depending on how big you want to do this. You can start with just a window box or collection of pots on the patio to a nice spot that you can bring in some healthy soil, mulch and nutrients to starting a garden. Whether you start from seeds or smaller plants to get a head start, there’s a lot of prep work involved to making this a successful venture that will reward you throughout the growing season. 

A kitchen garden is fantastic for the family or even friends to help create and you get to enjoy all the fruits of your labor with them afterwards. Check out my post on planting a garden for more inspiration, tips and videos on how to ramp up quickly and all the ideas on doing this well.




By Inma Gregorio | A World To Travel


I am sure you have already heard numerous times, all the benefits that meditation supposedly has. Those who try it long enough to judge it, rave about it and include it in their routines. That’s its power.

Well, I am about to tell you that meditation does not need to be the same for everyone. Some, may, sit in silence for minutes or hours and others do other things in which they are absorbed as much or more than the former.

For me, one of the best ways to meditate is sketching. And it has been since childhood. Back then I could spend whole afternoon drawing. In my own little world, I was happy as a clam without even thinking about it.

Here’s one of the sketches I did a few years ago while on a pilgrimage through Italy.I dare you to try it, you will not regret it.



Starting A Live Stream

By James Hills | Men Who Blog


I’ve been “talking about doing” a live stream for many months but always had something more important to do, or something that interfered with my idea. Now, with the global crisis and lots of free time on my hand, I find that starting a live stream is the perfect way to focus on building my brand but also distract myself as well as others from the world around us.


By bringing guys together in a virtual happy hour to chat about brands we love and businesses we want to do support while raising a glass of our favorite wine, beer, spirits it helps not just myself but the community at large focus on what’s really important – health, humor, family, and community.




If you reached all the way here, YOU ARE AWESOME ! And Bored As Hell ?

So without wasting anymore time, try out these ideas, get productive, and make the most out of this #QuarantineLife!

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