20 Photos That Will Put Sighisoara on your Travel Bucket List | Experience Romania 

20 Photos That Will Put Sighisoara on your Travel Bucket List | Experience Romania 
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Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, Sighișoara is a captivating medieval town that embodies the essence of European history and charm. This enchanting destination, located in the Mureș County of central Romania, is not merely a place on the map but a living testament to centuries of rich history and cultural heritage.

Sighișoara’s history is as captivating as the town itself. Founded by German craftsmen and merchants in the 12th century, it boasts a remarkably well-preserved medieval citadel, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town’s colourful houses, cobblestone streets, and iconic Clock Tower create a mesmerizing atmosphere that transports visitors back in time. It’s here that the legendary Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, was born in 1431, adding a layer of mystique to the town’s history.

If you are wondering, Why should you be visiting Sighisoara? And why should you be having Sighisoara on your Euro Trip Itinerary? Its because – 

Sighișoara offers a truly unique travel experience. It’s a place where the past and present seamlessly coexist, where you can wander through medieval alleys, explore historic churches, and enjoy vibrant festivals celebrating Transylvanian culture. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of architecture, or simply seeking a picturesque European escape, Sighișoara promises to enchant you with its timeless beauty and fascinating tales of bygone eras.

Through this Sighisoara Photo Blog, join me on a journey through Sighisoara, where every cobblestone has a story to tell and where history and charm converge in perfect harmony. I am sure, that by the time you are done getting enchanted with the beauty of Sighisoara, virtually through this photo diary, you’ll be convinced to add a Day Trip to Sighisoara from Brasov, on your trip to Romania, during your epic Europe Trip Itinerary.

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20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel to Sighisoara, Romania 


Located in the historic region of Transylvania in Romania, Sighișoara is popular for its well preserved walled old town, which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and is considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval citadels in all of Europe. In 1999, the Historical Centre was officially inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognised as a relic of Transylvanian Saxon culture.


Travel Virtually to Sighisoara in Romania | theETLRblog
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The first thing you will see as you start your walking tour of Sighișoara Old Town, is the pastel coloured buildings, and flowers in full bloom everywhere – by the windows and even at the entrance of the different houses.


Sighisoara old town colourful streets
The first picture I clicked in Sighisoara




The next thing you’ll notice is that the houses have eyes. See for yourself.




While it might be an easy task getting lost in the colourful streets of Sighișoara, did you know that the Birthplace of Vlad Tepes, a.k.a Count Dracula is in the Old town of Sighișoara! And guess what, you can eat a hearty meal in the restaurant which has now opened up in the bright yellow painted house. You can also pay an extra fee to be shown into young Vlad’s bedroom, which he slept in until the age of four.


Picture Credits – Jinson Abraham


What really grabbed my attention, as I was strolling along the cobbled stone lanes were the pastel coloured houses and buildings each having a unique character of its own. Some of the old houses have been renovated into AirBnB’s, quaint restaurants and cafes, such as Crama La Teo Sighișoara, which is a Homestay but also houses a cellar, and a distillery. 


Picturesque streets of Sighisoara
One of my best captures of the vibrant streets of Sighisoara. Do you agree?





The pastel coloured houses in Sighisoara



When I was exploring Sighișoara, back in July 2019, with a bunch of amazing content creators from around the World, as a part of the Experience Romania initiative, I happened to wander inside La Teo, as the entry looked so inviting. 



As I entered, the first thing that I noticed were the flowers, which were everywhere.




While I was clicking these photos, the owner Teodor, came and introduced himself, and as one thing led to the other, he invited us for a free Palinka sampling session, in the cellar.


Tasting Table at La Teo Sighisoara


Cellar at La Teo Sighisoara



It was definitely one of the best palinka that I’ve had till now, and the spontaneous experience that we had at La Teo, turned out to be one of the highlights of my epic Trip to Romania.


While I only spent a few hours in Sighisoara, I realised that, only some places leave a long lasting impression on a traveller and this medieval town of Sighișoara în România, did exactly that. 



Artists at work in Sighisoara | theETLRblog




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I hope you enjoyed travelling virtually all the way to the medieval town of Sighisoara in Romania, through my eyes, from the comfort of your homes.


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  • Of the many countries that we have visited in Europe in the last for years, Romania is still in our to visit list. These beautiful pictures makes me want to go. Love the houses with eyes and the vibrant streets. So refreshing a trip.

  • I bet this community is so relaxing and look at those colorful walls, perfect for our Instagram game! It is amazing how gorgeous their houses as if it was curated. Saving this place for our future trips!

  • I was in Romania a few years ago, but I focused mainly on the mountains. I hope to be back again someday. And then I will visit the town Sighisoara you presented. It has incredible charm and atmosphere—great photos and tips. I will definitely add it to my bucket list, especially the Palinka sampling session in Teodor.

    • This time i just got a glimpse of the mountains in Romania when i visited Brasov, but so need to explore more. You should definitely head to Sighisoara on your next trip, and the palinka tasting session is a 100% must.

  • what beautiful captures…This town looks straight out of fairy tale..The interesting part is houses has eye, so cool. The flowers and pastel walls are just giving colorful vibes. Sighisora is travel goals, such fairy tale town of Transylvania.

  • This place is stunning, I went for the day went I was in Romania and it is definitely worth visiting. It is such a pretty little town and I took so many photos, walked down every street and sat and ate too many ice creams. Your photos certainly show what a beautiful little town it is.

  • We have not visited anywhere in Romania yet. So Sighisoara can be the start of our list! When I hear about the Translyvania region, I certainly think about medieval fortresses. But the colourful houses are not the dark brooding images I expected. And they are so well represented in the paintings for sale. A fun stop in Romania for sure.

  • Yes, these photographs are making me want to visit Sighisoara. The colourful walls, the flowers are making the place look so beautiful and dreamy. I would love to take a trip to Romania sometime soon.

  • These photos give me serious wanderlust! I visited Romania two years ago, but I didn’t ever hear of Sighisoara. Now, I wish I had! This post makes me want to re-visit and check this area out as well as more of the country.

  • What lovely pictures! Honestly, I had barely heard of Sighisoara before going through your blog. Now, these pictures have given me serious wanderlust. Such a quaint European town. Lovely!

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