The Travel Partner App This World Deserves

The Travel Partner App This World Deserves
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10 Reasons Why Xoxo Tours – The Travel Partner App is what the World Deserves Now

In recent times, traveling and exploring places is becoming more like a lifestyle for many people. Earlier, people used to travel mostly for work or as a luxury but the scenario is totally different now. And why not? Traveling comes with plenty of benefits. It is a great way to get away from the monotonous life, enjoy freedom (if you travel solo), experience a new culture, learn a new language, and discover yourself. And there are many more similar benefits.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)the travel industry is the second-fastest-growing sector in the world. It is because travel to any part of the world has become a lot easier now in the last few years. Technology advancement has played a major factor in the change by making travel smoother, easier, faster, and cheaper.

Now, we can’t imagine ourselves flipping through reference books to decide our travel destination, walking down to the travel agent to book our tickets for trains or flights or packing actual maps to arrive at a destination. Advancement in technology has changed how people travel these days. And if you have access to the internet, reportedly there were 3.2 billion users of internet in 2015. These figures for obvious reasons have drastically increased in last 3/4 years, making the world a smaller place to travel.

Xoxo Tours, a social travel app is one such advancement that can ease your experience on your solo trip/s. This travel buddy app is a traveller’s best friend and it is definitely going to be a buzz in the travel industry soon. Here are 10 reasons why:


Connect with Travelers & Locals Across the World to Plan your trip

Do you wish to gather information about your dream destination before you pack to visit the place? Use Xoxo Tours travel app to connect with a local who actually lives there. This site allows you to connect with travellers and locals from any part of the world to not only seek information about the place, but you can even make plans to tour the place together.  You can find a travel friend on Xoxo Tours who is interesting & a like-minded traveler as you to join you on your trip or get in touch with a local to guide you throughout your stay at the destination. Your journey can certainly be much easier with Xoxo Tours.


Follow Your Passion

Is the thought of exploring the remote Cape York Peninsula in Australia haunting you? Or you dream to go for rock climbing at the Gibraltar Rock in Santa Barbara, California before you die? Perhaps, you may need a local or travel buddy to fulfil your travel dreams which you can find one at Xoxo Tours who shares the same passion as you regarding travel. The app is like a fulfilled fantasy for people who are into solo travel as it lets travelers with the same passion and interests to come together to explore regions, even the remotest ones and fulfill dreams. All you have to do is sign up on the app and start connecting with people worldwide with similar interests to get your travel companion.As the famous saying goes, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.” When you have a travel companion with you who shares the same passion, zeal and craze as you, you can go out and conquer the unconquerable.

Stay Up-to-Date About the Trendiest Travel Destinations

If you use Xoxo Tours, you can keep yourself updated about all the trendiest destinations to visit in this World. It is a social network where travelers around the globe can stay connected with each other and discuss their upcoming trips with each other. It is a great place to gain information about the places other travelers have already visited and learn about their experience.If you are a serious traveler, you will want to add new places in your must-travel list every now and then. You can get such information from travelers & locals available on this site and also travel together to create fun and memorable trips.The site has a feature to add basic details about your upcoming trips which you would like to take. You can kick start a conversation with an interested travel buddy by asking information about a certain place which he or she is visiting or has visited. You can ask the person to share his/her experience with you so that you find it easier to create your travel itinerary & your next travel plan.

Add Ease, Convenience, and Safety to Your Travel

One of the solid reasons why people use a social travel app is because it makes solo travel much easier, convenient, and safe. For instance, if you are visiting a new country alone, you will be definitely be relieved knowing that a local from the place you know is there to tell you about all the ins and outs of the place. You don’t have to worry even if you don’t know the language of the locals. Your local friend with whom you have connected over Xoxo Tours with will help you with the same. Your travel friend can also help you to book the cheapest hotels, take you to the coolest tourists’ spots, and assist you in discovering the insights of a place to make you explore better, and possibly try his/her best to make you feel at home. Another great advantage of touring a new location with a local is that you feel safer. You have fewer chances of getting overcharged by local shopkeepers as your local friend can pitch with you. Even some hotel owners or cab drivers are notorious for scamming tourists. You can avoid all sorts of scams when you are with someone who knows the place well. Now you don’t need to plan a trip alone to an unknown destination. Chat with locals at Xoxo Tours to have an easy, convenient, and safe trip.

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Never Back Out from Another Planned Trip

All of us have that one friend who plans a trip with you with full enthusiasm and backs out when the fun is just about to begin. And there is nothing as frustrating as a failed or unaccomplished plan. Of course, sometimes, health, family affairs or work schedules may cause your friend to play a spoilsport. But with some people, this is always an issue. With a travel friend, you never have to face those frustrations. You can search for a travel partner at Xoxo Tours who will be there with you to explore a new city, climb the rocky trails, jump out of a plane, go wine tasting or visit the coolest food joints as pre-planned. It is always better and safer to tour a new city with a local but if you have a bold and adventurous spirit, you can always find a like-minded travel mate to try out new things in a city which may be new & desire for both of you. You just have to be courageous and street smart to do that.


Keep Making New Friends and Add Happiness to Your Life

Are you currently without a friend as all your old friends are either married or are busy with work or re-located? Or are you alone as you recently moved to a new city? It happens to a lot of people. At one point of time or the other, you can become friendless due to circumstances. Xoxo Tours is a great platform to meet new people and form friendship just by taking a trip together. The friendships you form while traveling may make you feel connected in a way that provides you with a deep sense of identity, comfort, and belonging. Moreover, studies show that spending time with friends is a powerful repellant for loneliness. Also, friendships can have a positive effect on your health too. Don’t feel like you are alone in this world. Connect with friends and travel together with him/her to form a unique bond & add happiness to your life.

Get Away From Work during the Weekend

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Is your hectic work schedule stressing you out? Traveling can be a great way to de-stress yourself and bring yourself back to normalcy. Start planning a getaway this weekend to a new nearby place or to your favourite beach, and if you need a trip mate for same, visit Xoxo Tours now. You will find plenty of travelers like you on the site who wants to plan a weekend getaway and are looking for a suitable partner for same. You can join the site and chat with verified users to partner up with them. Whether you choose to travel with them or just gather some insightful local information about your next destination is entirely up to you. More and more people are using apps like Xoxo Tours to plan each getaway as it makes traveling exciting, convenient, affordable, and safe.

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Make Work Your Vacation

If you are among those people who travel a lot for work, there must have been days when your work gets over early and you don’t know what to do to kill your time. For days like that, there are travel friends whom you can connect at Xoxo Tours and plan sightseeing. Meet local singles belonging to the location you have visited or are visiting for your work and spend a productive & exciting time touring the museums, temples, churches or head off to the beach. If your work usually needs you to be creative, you can be motivated by all the adventures, new places you visit, and the people you meet. A short time spent sightseeing can also refresh your mind and you will be more productive when you get back to work. It will help you relax and as you may already know, a relaxed mind makes better decisions, is more creative, and helps you to do more work in less time. And when you shut out all the factors that make you stress out, you will have time to review & reflect your progress and make adjustments as necessary.


Travel on a Budget

A trip can turn out to be more inexpensive than you anticipated when you have a travel partner. It is because you split bills with your companion for everything including food, lodging, going on safaris, cab fares, and all other expenses.And if your friend is a local, he/she will know where to find cheap but tasty food, inexpensive clubs or anything else cheap but fun which will not pinch your pockets. You don’t have to spend extra money on hiring a guide because your friend will know all about the place. Chat with travel friends at Xoxo Tours to find a local who can also serve as a guide. Moreover, you can plan your own trip and customize as per your budget.

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Plan a Seamless Trip

You can make a seamless trip in your first attempt even if you are new to traveling with the help of a travel girl, local or a travel friend. You don’t have to worry about how to survive at a new location or how to deal with locals of different cultures as you will have a local companion with you who can assist you in all these situations. Meet your travel buddy at Xoxo Tours and take a fun-filled, exciting, and memorable trip.

If traveling is your hobby or you plan to make it a lifestyle, you should make Xoxo Tours your home. Traveling has never been easier. Here, you will meet travel companions and locals who are as enthusiastic as you to explore new places, travelers who are open-minded, smart, independent, outgoing, friendly, helpful, and people who seek fun and thrill out of life.

You can also use the app to plan a weekend getaway to a new destination, hiking trip, camping, rock climbing trip or any other adventure trip which you have been dying to take. And if you travel a lot for work, Xoxo Tours is the best app to find a companion to tour the city if you get some free time. This trendy app is used by thousands of travel enthusiasts across the world and it is certainly going to be a thing of the future.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and chat with a travel buddy at Xoxo Tours to plan an unforgettable trip.