Travel Tips 101

Travel Tips 101
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Having interviewed quite a few travellers, we decided to compile a list of the Top Travel Tips.

So here we give you, Travel Tips 101

Some of these Top Travel Tips might be quite helpful to you #TravelTips #Travel #Inspiration


Top Travel Tip by Alex from Career Gappers

Travelling doesn’t always work out the way you expect. Things go wrong, and your plans can be disrupted.Be prepared for this, and don’t be downhearted when you have to take a different path or deal with a crisis.

If something big does go wrong, think about how you can turn it into a positive. We’ve experienced robberies, rip-offs and many other mishaps on our travels. The feeling is terrible in the moment, but we always look back on these incidents as periods of growth and learning. If you can look at it this way while it’s happening, it will make the difficult times a lot easier.


Top Travel Tip by Amanda from The Boutique Adventurer

When visiting a restaurant ask the waiter what the restaurant’s signature dishes are or have them order for you. This is a great way to discovernew and exciting foods!


Top Travel Tip by Ben from Horizon Unknown

There’s a lot I could say for this one, but I think keeping a travel journal is the best thing I’ve ever done. It can be such a chore to write for an hour when you’re exhausted, but a year or ten later, you’ll always be able to to look back and relive those memories. It’s well worth the effort.


Top Travel Tip by Cath from Passport and Adventures

My biggest tip to fellow family travellers is not to put off travelling with your kids until they are older. You’ll regret it and will always look back wondering why you didn’t just do it. You won’t know how your kids will take to travelling until you go. The whole reason I write my blog is to show families with young children like ours that is can be fun and enjoyable.

Yes, there will be moments when things don’t go according to plan, like cancelled flights, but the good times far outweigh the bad times. So, find somewhere you want to go and just book it! And don’t be afraid to forgo the package holidays in favour of a DIY trip.


Top Travel Tips by Daisy from Beyond My Border

Body wallets come in handy when traveling alone, and specially when travelling abroad.I keep needed change in a purse but store larger bills in a wallet that goes under my shirt. I can easily access the money if needed, and won’t have to worry about losing them when wandering around a new city. I also have a few hidden compartments on the inside of my belongings.

Whether it be a small pouch in my bag or a tiny pocket in my purse, I would have them prepared before traveling. When accessing the body wallet isn’t the most convenient thing to do, these concealed pockets are the best spots to store valuables without raising much attention.


Top Travel Tips by Debjani from The Vagabong

I am still in my learning process to grasp so many aspect of travelling. But definitely would say that, be unique and listen to your heart always. Don’t push yourself or imitate just because others are doing so. I know Social Media makes travel looks so rosy and ideal. But you should be able to gauge the up and the downsides of travel too and be ready only when you want to do it. Ofcourse, each has its own preference so its completely ok if you miss a few places or skip other things. Point is to enjoy the experience of travel wherever or however you do.

Top Travel Tip by Delphine from Lester Lost

Research, plan, ask questions, but don’t overdo it.Travel is about discovering for yourself and leaving a little bit of space for the unexpected. If you want to go, go. There are plenty of people who will try and talk you out of travelling and you really don’t need to listen to them. By the same token, you don’t have to follow everyone else, you are free to design your own way of travelling.


Top Travel Tip by Erin from Curiously Erin

Long-term travel can be affordable even if you are not a digital nomad. There are so many ways to fund your travels once overseas without having to return home. To stay in one place with locals is a much more enriching experience than just ticking off the main sites.

Top Travel Tips by France from Places of Aum

#1 Go enjoy responsibly. I think everybody should stay away from the “I-paid-for-this-so-I-can-do-what-I-want” mentality. If you’ve been given an opportunity to see and experience a different culture, be considerate enough to everything and everyone around it. Research about local practices and what you cannot do as a foreigner, to save yourself from offending someone. Respect the Law of the Land. 

#2 I encourage people to travel with deeper purpose.The most beautiful thing about wandering is witnessing and experiencing a side of life that’s different from the one you have back home, giving you a wider perspective about it. Take your time to see places not just with your eyes but with your soul.


Top Travel Tip by Federica from A Stroll Around the World

To enjoy at most a trip, I tend to plan ahead, check for site closures so to avoid last minute disappointment and I study the culture and tradition of another country. Arriving prepared always helped me to adapt quickly to another reality. 


Top Travel Tip by Iuliana from Authentic Travels

Travel at your own pace. I think it’s the most important thing. When you will look back, you will remember those moments when you haven’t rushed to see ten places in one week. You will remember those moments when you have offered yourself plenty of time to stay as much as you want in a place you like.

Top Travel Tips 101 by Eat Travel Live Repeat #travel #Inspiration

Top Travel Tip by James from Portugalist

Don’t be afraid to go back to the same place twice. We all want to see as many new cities and countries as possible, but you can only get to know a place so well if you’re there for a few days.


Top Travel Tips by James from Mantripping

#1 Stay cool and don’t lose your shit when stuff goes wrong. Travel can be stressful but stuff usually works out.That being said, you should always be educated and plan ahead – including options if you miss a train, flight gets delayed etc.

When you are calm, polite, and helpful it helps make those on the other side of the desk WANT to help you. Remember, even though stuff goes wrong – it’s usually not their fault.

#2 Second tip would be to try the unexpected and unexplored. This is especially the case with food. If you see something interesting … order it. Try it and if you don’t like it then don’t take a second bite or second sip. Or maybe you do … one of my favorite rums is like that. Koloa Dark Rum from Kauai, Hawaii is ridiculously potent with vanilla flavour. My reaction was, “this is TERRIBLE!” and then I took a second and now that my palate was recalibrated I was able to enjoy it fully.

Traveling to a new place is like that a lot, so allow experiences to challenge your perceptions and do more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t!


Also check out this Long Term Travel Packing Check List, you can thank us in the comments below ?


Top Travel Tips by Jeanne from Learning To Breathe Abroad

#1 Ask for help whenever you need it– the generosity and kindness of strangers have overwhelmed me and people are always happy to help. 

#2 Don’t plan to far ahead – talk to people everywhere you go. Other travellers are a wealth of information, so make sure you have time to follow up on suggested experiences.

#3 Travel light– you really don’t need much and the lighter you travel the easier the travel.

Top Travel Tip by Krasen from Journey Beyond Horizon

If you are really into travel- when you go to a destination, first pay attention on what it really unique of this destination.Don’t stress on the hotel, don’t stress on the bars and restaurants, don’t stress on the things that actually you can do in your home. But stress on the things that only that destination can offer and you can’t do and see anywhere else… if you want to make a really worth, valuable and meaningful travel!


Top Travel Tips by Kristin from Sippin Gypsy

No matter how small you think your following is, keep posting!Photos, suggestions, tips and keep telling everyone about the wonderful times, and the horrible times…don’t stop! 

We are opening the world to so many people, and ahead of us is a generation that is so attached to technology that your documented experiences will find their way to right young mind, and you will help shape passion, responsibility and ability for the next generation to connect to our planet and all of her citizens.


Top Travel Tips by Linn from Brainy Backpackers

Go with the flow, if you have the opportunity. Try not to plan too much, but rather see where the next moment takes you. Also, always be responsible in your actions. Treat people, animals and nature with respect so that your footprints will be as small and positive as possible. Be curious and have a lot of fun!


Top Travel Tip by Madhurima from Orange Wayfarer

Always trust your instincts. Be safe. You only can save yourself. Do not share your real-time location in social media. Smile a lot.

More often than not, a smile gaps the distance that a language barrier creates.


Top Travel Tip by Nikita from Vagabond Stories

Planning planning, planning! You can save SO Much just by booking your tickets earlier.Trust me.


Top Travel Tip by Pamela from Every Corner of World

Don’t quit your job in the name of travel. If you save something or have an alternative option to earn money, then only think about it. Everything looks good from the other side, so think before you take such an action.

Top Travel Tip by Pratibha Singh

Respect locals and their culture.

Be ready for the unexpected and enjoy the moment.

And do a little research before heading upto your next destinations, it always helps ?

Top Travel Tip by Rachita Saxena from Nomllers

Don’t give up on your dreams.  If you like traveling then that doesn’t mean you have to choose between your life, job or traveling. You can actually do it all together, you just need to plan properly. 


Top Travel Tips by Rahma Khan from The Sane Adventurer

A little bit of caution and common sense is all that makes a difference between a travel mishap and a great travel memory. Also, I would like to encourage young travellers like me to travel with meaning and/or a purpose and stop worrying about those Instagram likes.This small tip will change your life, trust me. 


Top Travel Tips by Riya from Budget Family Trips

#1 Spend more money to explore new places, rather than booking an expensive stayduring holiday.

#2 Eat some local street food.It has two benefits- first it is available at a lesser price and second eating local food adds more flavour in the holiday.


Top Travel Tip by Richa from Light Travel Action

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.”


Top Travel Tip by Ruben from Gamin Traveler

I always recommend smile everywhere, be nice with people and people will be nice with you.Try to be a responsible traveller, enjoy and learn new things everyday which is the best of traveling.

Top Travel Tip by Saurabh Sabikhi 

Don’t only travel for a reason or for the destination, rather enjoy every second of the journey. Also, adventure is great. 
And don’t fall in the trap of a travel agency, that claims to organise something super adventurous. It looks fancy, but if people and travel agency are not well equipped, it may lead to disastrous consequences. A lot of people I know have suffered because of this. 

Top Travel Tips by Surbhi from Born To Hop

To all the people who are travelling and exploring, I have huge respect for them and all those you are just dreaming and scrolling instagram, I would like to tell you that you wont know till you go and see. A little bit of courage and you will be on a road to heaven. Just don’t travel for the sake of insta feed or check ins . Obviously they look fascinating.

Travel to see the world with a new perspective. Respect nature and contribute to protecting environment.

Don’t be just a traveler, be a responsible one too.

Top Travel Tip by Thea from Zen Travellers

Just do it! Don’t overthink it and get out there.

Travel is one of the most character-building and enlightening experiences that you can have, it can be accomplished on any budget, and you don’t even have to go far to reap its rewards. Some of my greatest adventures have happened very close to home!


Top Travel Tip by Winnie from Million Dollar Winnie

Some of the best experiences are the ones you don’t plan for and seem mundane on the surface.


Top Travel Tips by Yogesh and Rajni from Couple on Bike

One and the foremost tip would be, to travel safely and responsibly. 
Safely for the fact that you’ve got one life, don’t do anything that can hinder you to follow your travel passion. 
By Responsibly we mean, not to do anything of the sort that can cause harm to the locals or environment.

Top Travel Tips by Zenja from Bearly Here

I’d like to say that you are the only one who can decide the way you travel.The amount of information you can get online today is extensive, and the best thing to do is to choose what you like and what you enjoy as a traveler and as a person, as long as it is respectful and responsible. Don’t go doing the popular thing, choose your own adventure.


Have any more travel tips, you’d like to share with everyone, based on your travel experiences? Feel free to drop in a comment here.