The 4 Most Stunning Dolphin Tours on the Planet

The 4 Most Stunning Dolphin Tours on the Planet
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The Beauty of the Sea – Go Dolphin Spotting


When you think of dolphins, picturesque ocean panoramas and crystal blue waters may come to mind. Perhaps you think of Flipper, or maybe have big dreams of experiencing, an out of the world stunning dolphin tour. It really is a marvellous idea to plan your vacation revolving around a dolphin tour. Whether you’re looking for the azure blue waters of the ocean or a tree lined river tour in South America, there are some dolphin tour suggestions that should help you out.


1. Myrtle Beach 

Spot Dolphins
Spot Dolphins in their natural habitat


If you are from the United States, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to leave the states to experience a world class dolphin tour. You can get dolphin tours tickets for the entire family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Adults and children alike will absolutely love a dolphin sightseeing cruise on the eastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean. With guaranteed dolphin sightings aboard a large boat that has an outdoor canopy and an enclosed, air conditioned deck, it’s hard not to be comfortable and entertained. You’ll spend a fair amount of time on the water and you’ll have the chance to learn a lot about the marine life and the history of the area.


2. Hawaii

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Dolphins are highly intelligent and social animals. And if you want a truly up close and personal experience with them, go to Oahu and check out the dolphin tours there. It includes a little more than just the dolphins. You’ll get to see the beautiful flora and fauna of Hawaii and learn about Hawaiian culture. You’ll even get to participate in a traditional E’Ho Mai Ceremony. There’s also the option of starting around sunrise or a little later in the morning. After you swim with the dolphins, you’ll get to go snorkelling with the tropical fishes in the Pacific Ocean. You can even experiment with a sea-kayak or stand-up paddle (SUP) board if you’re game.


3. Ocho Rios

Close up with a Dolphin
Get up close with a Dolphin


If you want to experience the dolphins up close in a more controlled environment, Ocho Rios, Jamaica offers you the chance to do just that. You can also swim with stingrays that have had their barbs removed. There are mini-boat rides, a shark show and a 40 foot water slide. This tour definitely has a little something for everyone.



4. The Bahamas

The crystal blue Caribbean Sea hosts a large dolphin population, so there are some great opportunities here. In, Blue Lagoon in Nassau , you can interact with trained and friendly dolphins in a controlled area. You can dolphin surf, get pushed along with the dolphin’s nose on your feet. There are several options for experiencing the dolphins here, and even  young kids will have a memorable and fun experience.

Play time with dolphins
Play with a Dolphin


Whether you’re a little apprehensive about interacting with these wonderful creatures or not, there is a dolphin tour that is right for you and your family, and you must definitely opt for it at-least once, to get a chance to spot dolphins, in their natural habitat.