7 Indian Street Foods That Will Bring Out The Foodie in You

7 Indian Street Foods That Will Bring Out The Foodie in You
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7 Flabbergasting Indian Street Foods That Await You Amidst the Streets of India

Few street cuisines receive the international recognition bestowed on Indian street vendors and their wares. Indian street food is known for its mouth-watering taste, rich flavour, cultural diversity, exotic spices, and varied ingredients.

On your next trip to India, order pizza online or step out on the streets, hit the market stalls and uncover a gastronomic haven lurking just around the corner of the street. Here are the 7 must-try Indian Street foods on any foodie’s bucket list.

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Poha is a great entryway into India’s lively street food scene. Poha is a flattened rice dish steeped in cumin and coriander. Onion, tomatoes, and lime round out the fresh, crisp flavours. Get your hands on it in the morning while it’s being sold like hot cakes on the streets or enjoy it as a light afternoon snack.





Originating in the Kutch region of Gujarat province, Dabeli offers a mix of spice, crunch, and sweet to give a delicious local favorite. A spicy potato mixture is mixed with a special masala sauce and chutney. The sweet crunch comes from the addition of pomegranate seeds, bringing the dish to life and making it a three-dimensional delight.

Kachhi Dabeli - Indian Street Food
Dabeli – Popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra


If you find yourself heading out to Himachal Pradesh in the lap of Himalayas, you should definitely have McLeodganj – Mini Tibet on your list, to do a self guided Food Tour in McLeodganj.


Jhal Muri

This Bengali snack has taken over the streets of Mumbai and Calcutta, with vendors lining the tightly packed streets. The snack consists of puffed rice kernels, cooked with vegetables, tamarind oil and mustard oil. The end product is a slightly sweet, slightly salted, slightly spicy crunchy snack.


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Aloo Tikki Chaat

To a non-Indian, tikkis will most closely resemble a burger patty assembled from potatoes (aloo), chickpeas and blended spices. The tikki is served with green onions, red onions, tomato pieces, fresh green spicy mint chutney, sweet tamarind sauce and some cold yoghurt. Indians like to eat their aloo tikki chaat, which also happens to be one of the best Indian food, on the go, making it a perfect addition to city life in India’s bustling metropolises.


Aaloo Tikki Chaat - Indian Street Foods
Aloo Tikki Chaat in Delhi


Kathi Rolls

Kolkata is home to the much-adored Kathi rolls. These flaky and crunchy flat breads are stuffed full of vegetables, chicken, egg and sometimes some chowmein (Chinese stir fried noodles) making it perfectly suited for a lunch or light dinner bite. If you get a Double Filling Kathi Roll with Egg, its as good as a hearty meal.



If you reach Kolkata, North East India is not far! Which is why, you should definitely visit Shillong – The Scotland of  the East and go on a self guided Cafe Trail in Shillong.



Our next contender is one of the sweeter additions to the list. Jalebi, native to Varanasi, are small pockets of wheat flour deep fried and coated in a sugar syrup solution. The end result is a crunchy and chewy sweet treat. The most exquisite Jalebis have been dipped in rose water before the sugar syrup solution, giving an almost floral tint to the chewy dessert.


Jalebi India Street Food
Garma Garam Jaleebi’s with Rabdi – Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi




Last, but certainly not least, we have the Indian staple. The instantly recognisable samosa has garnered international fame but nowhere does it quite like its native Indian home. These fried pastries come with a range of filling. Each offers something different. For a traditional offering, go for the vegetable (often potato and peas) filling, with a homemade mint dipping sauce for the optimal blend of spicy and cool.


Samosa - Street Foods India
Samosa – Available throughout India in different sizes and variations


No trip to India would be complete without a hearty indulgence into the thriving street food scene. Take your dining out of the restaurants and on the streets to explore the real India and get a glimpse into the heart of Indian cuisine.

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