Weekend Trip from Bengaluru – Yelagiri

Weekend Trip from Bengaluru – Yelagiri
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Yelagiri: The Perfect Weekend Destination from Bengaluru

Yelagiri is one of the calmest and most picturesque hill stations in South India. Located in Tamil Nadu, this spectacular hill station is only 140 kilometres drive from Bengaluru. Yelagiri makes for the perfect weekend getaway trip for travellers who are in search of a peaceful and pristine vacation trip.

The town boasts of picturesque mountains, rustic farmhouses, wonderful valleys, rural villages, and many more beautiful attractions. Two of the most popular attractions you find in this hill station are the pristine lakes (where you can enjoy a boat ride and river rafting) and Swamimalai Hills. The latter is a hiking route that leads the traveller to an uphill temple, where they can offer prayers and admire the beauty of the hill station from a height.

The breathtaking attractions and some adventurous hiking trails make this place a unique hill station in South India. Yelagiri is a group of 14 small towns. The Swamimalai hill is located at an altitude of 4,338 meters, offering an amazing hiking experience to both domestic and international travellers. The hike involves, navigating through some dense forests surrounded by thick trees and stunning views. Other than Swamimalai, there are many hills in Yelagiri that have adventurous and un-touristic hiking trails.

And guess what, you can even book a cab from Bengaluru to Yelagiri to get to this hill station conveniently. The Tamil Nadu highways and roads are extremely smooth and less-crowded.


Top 5 Attractions in Yelagiri – Weekend Trip Destination from Bengaluru

Swamimalai Hills

Swamimalai is the highest hill in Yelagiri. It is 4,338 meters high and looks exceptionally wonderful. If you are visiting Punganur lake, then take the 3 kilometres hiking route to Swamimalai hills. This hike will lead you to the top of the hill, where you can relax and admire the beauty of Yelagiri hill from the top.

In addition to being a wonderful destination for hikers, Swamimalai hill is great for sightseeing. If you want to admire the entire valley from one place, then reach the top of this hill and explore some amazing and hidden gems of Yelagiri. 

The view from Swamimalai | Flickr


Jalagamparai Falls

Another hiking spot for adventure lovers is Jalagamparai Falls. A 5-kilometre hike takes you to this beautiful waterfall. Streaming through the hill station, the water falls from the mountain rocks here. The best time to visit this destination is the monsoon or winter since the fall dries up in summer.

The way to Jalagamparai Falls | Flickr


Nature Park

Covering a wide area of approximately 12 acres, Nature Park is another popular attraction in Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu. If you want a peaceful time while observing the natural beauty of Yelagiri, then this is the best destination for you. In close proximity to the park is a beautiful Punganur lake. The lake has boating facilities and is spread over 60 sq meters. A colourful fountain can be witnessed in the middle of the water. You can rent a boat and relax here for a while.

Punganur Lake | Flickr

Nature park receives many tourists from Tamil Nadu and other states. As the name implies, Nature park is all about unique and wide species of flora. If you are planning a weekend trip to Yelagiri, then this park is worth a visit. You can find the musical fountain, amazing plantation, children’s park, waterfall, seasonal garden, poly and bamboo house, fish aquarium, and other such attractions.


Velavan Temple

Located at the top of the mountain, this sacred temple is dedicated to the popular Lord Murugan. Velavan temple is a perfect  destination for travellers with a liking for temples and spirituality. You can find the temple bells on top of this exquisite mountain. The locals of Yelagiri visit this temple frequently. In fact, all the important Hindu festivals such as Shivratri is celebrated on top of the mountain inside this temple.

As you enter the temple, you will find the statue of the deity Gadothgajan (the son of Bheema). The main attraction of this temple is the beautifully constructed statues of Lord Valli and Murugan. There are also two sacred shrines of Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan.


The Summer Festival

Held in the month of May and June every year, the summer festival in Yelagiri is mainly attended by government employees and professionals in Tamil Nadu (mainly the Yelagiri town). It might not be a popular festival, but it is perfect for travellers who want to explore beautiful handicrafts and hand-made items designed by Yelagiri artists. You can plan a trip to Yelagiri in May and June to explore the cultural activities of this town, located in the South of India.