Budget Travel Tips – Bangalore, India

Budget Travel Tips – Bangalore, India
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 Budget Tips when Traveling to Bangalore – The Silicon Valley of India

Being a city, Bangalore is an expensive place for a holiday. To really have a great time you will have to spend a lot, on food, travelling and enjoying the city’s posh nightlife.

If you are on a budget and still want to have fun in Bangalore, you can do that with a little bit of planning and this cool guide about knowing how to enjoy Bangalore in a budget.



Things to do in Bangalore

Eat Street Food

Street food in Bangalore theETLRblog
Street food in Bangalore 


While eating at a posh restaurant in Bangalore might be a costly affair, enjoying local street food is a fantastic one. There are many places to enjoy a reasonable meal in Bangalore. From vegetarian South Indian delicacies to non-vegetarian food, you can savour them all. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also relish some delicious South Indian sweets in Bangalore.

Where to Eat : V V Puram (veg food), Jayanagar, Indiranagar

Average Cost : Rs.200-300


Take a Walk Through Lalbagh Garden

Lalbagh Garden theETLRblog
Lalbagh Garden 


The Lalbagh Garden is one of the most historic gardens in Bangalore. It is also an amazing place to spend a morning in the company of nature. There are beautifully cobbled pathways at the garden and there is a lake as well. There is the Glass House in the garden where you can see exotic plants and flowers.

Entry Fee :Rs. 10


Boating at the Ulsoor Lake

Boating at the Ulsoor Lake theETLRblog
Boating at the Ulsoor Lake 


On a budget and want to enjoy something romantic ? Try boating on the Ulsoor Lake. Hiring a boat for a short 20-minute ride should not cost you more than Rs. 100. The best time to visit is in the evening to watch the sunset. The bank of the river is also an excellent spot for watching birds and romantic walks.

Ticket Fee:Rs. 100

Catch a Play at Ranga Shankara

For all those who love culture and art, a fine activity to enjoy on a budget in Bangalore is watching a play at the Ranga Shankara. Many celebrity performers often perform here and some very famous plays have been showcased at the iconic theatre.

Location: 8th Cross Road

Ticket Fee: Rs. 150 onwards


Places to Visit on a Budget in Bangalore


HAL Aerospace Museum

The HAL Museum theETLRblog
The HAL Museum 


A great place to learn about aviation in India, the Hal Aerospace Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum that every person who visits will love. At the museums you can browse through iconic planes that have made India proud. There are exhibits held regularly too on the history of aviation. The highlight of the museum are the simulator jets that offer a first-hand experience of flying.

Location: HAL Old Airport Rd

Ticket Fee:  Rs.50 per head


Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Palace theETLRblog
Tipu Sultan’s Palace 

The Tipu Sultan’s Palace is a nice place to get a deep insight into art, architecture and culture. There is plenty of opportunity for sightseeing around the palace, you can also get your camera out and click stunning pictures of the palace and its surroundings.

Location: Albert Victor Road

Ticket Fee: Rs.15 per head

Tour the City on a Bicycle

The budget-friendly way of touring the city is by renting a bike. Bangalore is a city that is blessed with excellent cycling trails.  The Cubbon Park is the most famous, the park is huge and has an exciting list of things to see. There is also the Ghati Ghats is also a good place to cycle.

Rental Fees: Cycles can be rented for as little as Rs. 100 a day


Go on a Bangalore Darshan

If you are on a budget and at the same time crunched for time, the best way to tour the city is the Bangalore Darshan. There are tours held daily and you are taken to some of the best tourist spots in the city.

Ticket Prices: Tickets begin from Rs. 200 onwards


Budget Accommodation in Bangalore

If you are looking budget hotels in Bangalore City, there are a plethora of budget hotels in Bangalore. You will be surprised to learn that many of them provide comfortable amenities and relaxing facilities and have great customer service, even at a low price.






18 thoughts on “Budget Travel Tips – Bangalore, India”

  • Just 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is another amazingly peaceful destination for nature lovers, especially if you like to stroll through nature and absorb the beauty around. Best time you should get to this place is early morning. Sunrise is the speciality at this place, and experience truly life changing.

  • Seems like you have covered mostly all the things in your article. I just want you to know that if you plan to visit Bangalore once again then try The Humming Tree in Indiranagar. It was one of the best places I have been to when I was in Bangalore for a day.

  • Bangalore sounds like it has lots to offer. These are some great tips and I think this will help my family when we visit. When is the best time of year to visit India?

  • Great Post.
    Planning to visit bangalore by Feb, Your post will surely help us to explore city and since we are a group of students cost is a big matter for us.
    Thanks for sharing this. Keep traveling to new places and inspiring us to travel. Cheers!!

  • Hi Arnav,

    Do you mean Bangalore is expensive by Indian standards? I’ve been to most of the places on this list, and find it cheap! One good thing about BLR is there aren’t as many foreigners visiting as there are in other parts of India so we don’t get charged entrance fees, etc that are multiple times what an Indian would pay.

  • Indeed an interesting post! I’ve never thought about expenses in Bangalore at all, coz each and every visit I always end up at my friends places and eat with them…. There are so many friends & family in Bangalore that I never though about how costly the city is in reality. Very useful post for outsiders indeed.
    Its been ages since I visited Tipu Sultan Palace that I hardly remember it! Should go again…..

  • Bangalore better known as the silicone valley can get expensive but some of your tips do help. For me eating street food is a great way to save mundynand get a feel of local cuisine. Like the boating at ulsoor lake. The visuals give some great depth to the post. Thanks for sharing these top tips.

  • I have been to Bangalore but it was for work and long back so I did not really get time to explore the city much. I did not imagine a garden such as Lalbagh garden to be there in that crowded, busy city! Also, Ulsoor Lake? I had no idea Bangalore had a lake as well! Even the aerospace museum sounds like an interesting place to visit. I love castles, palaces and forts so I am sure I would have liked to visit Tipu Sultan’s Palace!

  • This post a wave of nostalgia for me. I love Bangalore. It’s been years since I last visited it but the memories are still fresh. I miss the awesome Street food.

  • I didn’t know that Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India! Very cool. I looove Indian food and would love to try the street food there but I seem to always get food poisoning while I travel lol! Hopefully I’ll have better luck in Bangalore

  • I love trying street food in new places! The lake looks so calm and peaceful, and a bike round around the city sounds like a great way to spend the day too, as long as it’s not too hot out. I’d love to visit this tech hub in India!

  • I haven’t heard that Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, but it fits! I love street food, so I’d feel totally comfortable eating outside every meal! I love going on bike tours during visits to new cities, so I think exploring the city by bike would be super fun!

  • Awesome list! I totally agree with eating street food. I think the best way to truly experience a culture is to eat where the locals do. We’ve had some amazing street food all over the world and from the looks of it, Bangalore wouldn’t disappoint either!

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