How to Pack a Carry-on Like a Pro

How to Pack a Carry-on Like a Pro
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While you’re excited for an upcoming vacation, there is the not quite as fun of a task of packing to handle first! Many people dread the struggles of packing, especially when it comes to packing smaller luggage like a carry-on. You have to anticipate all the things you need and figure out how to pack everything according to airline standards and luggage requirements. This means that choosing the right carry-on bag is essential, as having the right bag is almost more important than packing it correctly. After all, you don’t want your luggage to not be accepted by an airline and have your luggage rejected or have to pay more than necessary.

Plus, you want your handbag to be comfortable and easy to move with. A large, spacious handbag like a tote is a great option especially for the summer. The woven bags from Mirta, for example, are great quality and very sturdy, making them stylish and practical for traveling, as well as for during your vacation!

Here are a few items to take with you and set yourself up to pack like a pro:


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Medications and important travel documents

Any medications and important travel documents need to securely packed in your hand luggage and with you at all times. These are two things you absolutely don’t want to lose, especially if it is routine-based medication you need for your health. It is also helpful to pack some leftover medicine in a checked bag just in case something happens with you carry-on luggage.



Entertainment is essential for traveling. Pack a book, a magazine, your Kindle or device (fully charged and with chargers) so that you are set for entertainment during your trip. You’ll be extra thankful for the entertainment if you get caught on a delayed flight.



Toiletries are something to pack in your carry-on, particularly if they are essential toiletries for your routine. Essential toiletries are: tooth brush, tooth paste, contacts (+ extra), glasses, skincare, haircare, and sunscreen.


A change of clothes

A change of clothes is something that you may not think you need until you really need it. Whether there is a spill at the airport or on the plane, or you get delayed and you just want some clean clothes, or you want a change of clean clothes to put on upon arrival to your destination, this is a great thing to pack! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but a practical and stylish look you’d be happy to put on ‘in case’.


Neck pillow

A neck pillow is a travel essential. You can put it behind your neck to comfortably lean back in your seat, lean against the window, or get comfortable while you’re waiting for your flight and/or transportation. Delays happen, and anything you can do to be more comfortable and pack for that is worth it!



Snacks are a travel essential. Airports don’t have the healthiest of choices for food often times, and packing your favorite fuel/snacks can make your travel experience much more enjoyable.


Don’t forget your hand sanitiser and face masks when you’re traveling as well! It is also recommended to pack disinfectant wipes to wipe down your seat and area on the plane.

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