The CabinZero Backpack Review

The CabinZero Backpack Review
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Little did I know, that a surprise was waiting at home for me, when I was wandering in the high altitude passes in the Land of Passes – Leh Ladakh.

On reaching back, that surprise was waiting for me all packed up. Within moments, I unpacked it and the moment I realised what it was, my joy knew no bounds whatsoever.

A brand new 44L Royal Blue Colour CabinZero backpack was there looking at me, and it was love at first sight.

CabinZero Backpack Review by the ETLR

As I was just back from a trip, though I regretted not having the bag with me for the trip, I knew this bag will be my knight in shining armour on my upcoming Vietnam and Cambodia trip.

As the dates of the trip came closer, all my packing woes got answered, which is when I realised how spacious the bag really was. At the outlook, it did not look that spacious, but once I started packing, and was able to fit in 2 weeks of clothes, camera accessories and toiletries; I was mighty impressed.

My Two Travel Companions – A Quechua 60 L Rucksack and A 44 L Cabin Zero bag

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The well thought of size makes sure that the bag is accepted as a cabin baggage, even in the stringiest airlines.

With a total capacity of 44 L and weighing a mere 760 grams, the 55 x 40 x 20 cm bag is made of waterproof polyester and lined with polyester as well.

This Ultra Light Cabin bag with a total capacity of 44 L features side compression straps, a front zipped pocket with inside zipped and a mesh pocket, thick padded shoulder straps and top and side handles.

The shoulder straps help you put the bag on your back like a trendy backpack, and the top and side handles enable you to carry the bag like a small suitcase.

Overlooking the beauty of Vietnam

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Despite being feature rich, there are some other standard features as well, which need a mention :

  • A Built in Global Luggage Tracker by Okoban
  • A 10 year warranty (upgradable to 25 years, free of charge, by following a single step ! Follow them on Facebook, and you are done ! )
  • Lockable high quality zippers on the main compartment.

The lovely people at CabinZero have even introduced 28 L, 36 L  and 42 L bags along with this 44 L bag.You might also want to check out the packing cubes which turn out to be extremely helpful when packing stuff into this Classic 44 L CabinZero bag.

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In conclusion, the 44 L Classic bag, is small enough to fit in the cabin compartments , but big enough to store things for a week long trip, including some food to munch on.


CabinZero Backpack Review by the ETLR
Exploring the mighty Angkor Wat with my CabinZero bag
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16 thoughts on “The CabinZero Backpack Review”

  • Indeed a cool ideal ultra light cabin size bag pack cum compact rucksack per say .. And yes quite helpful when it comes to fit in loads into this compact bag ..

  • I have this bag as well and I simply love it! You can fit so many things inside it because it’s so spacious but still it will be accepted as a cabin bag on most airlines. I wouldn’t use it to backpack because it doesn’t have the waist straps but it’s definitely a great bag for European explorations.

  • The Cabinzero backpacks have piqued my curiosity and I was curious to read your take on it. I have read about this from another travel blogger, too. I like to fly with carry-on luggage so a reliable backpack would be a reliable travel essential!

  • I’ve actually been wondering for awhile about these bags! It’s great to read a proper review of them. I have an Osprey 40L and I wanted to know how they might compare to buy a Cabin Zero for my husband instead. I love the colour of this and it might make me a bit more sold on it haha.

  • I have not heard of CabinZero backpack but gee it looks ideal for when you take carry on and when you are walking around. Definity in need for a carry on bag so this is a great idea, especially as you can fit so much in it and it is light weight.

  • I generally don’t carry a backpack but this cabin zero bag appeals me a lot. As it is very lightweight of only 760 grams with so much capacity I can think of carrying it. I loved it colors and the warranty they provide. Mostly bags comes with warranty of 5 years but it has 10 years and that too extented upto 25 years, which is very valid point for buying this bag.

  • Looks like a pretty awesome bag! I had to get rid of mine and am in need of a replacement. I like that it has a 10 year warranty, as it would be getting some serious miles logged with me! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ll be honest that I’m a flashpacker not a backpacker, but the CabinZero backpack looks really cool! It’s good to know that you can carry it like a briefcase, this may just sway me! I like the idea of cubes for packing too – this would be very useful for women!

  • A ten-year warranty sounds pretty awesome for a bag! I’ve had mishaps in the past with broken luggage and understand the importance of getting sturdy but light bags or cases. This is something I would definitely want to check out.

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