Souvenir Shopping in Italy: What to Buy and Where

Souvenir Shopping in Italy: What to Buy and Where
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Italy has made a huge contribution to the world with the things that have originated from the country. It has made impressions on food, fashion, wine, art, home décor, film, leather goods and many more. When you travel to Italy, you have to do some souvenir shopping and get yourself things you will carry back home, which will remind you of the time you spent in the country.


Here are some of the best things you can bring home with you:


Fine Jewellery

Italian jewellery gives you an elegant touch and will elevate your whole look. All of them are classy and some may be very expensive; that said, you can also find pieces that are less expensive and are also elegant and beautiful. There are endless possibilities in terms of where to go shopping, but Pisa Orologeria is among the best jewelry stores in Milan, Italy and you will never go wrong with a purchase from their store.


Handmade Glass

There aren’t many real and authentic productions of Murano glass in Venice, making it a rare but well-known practice. Different items are melted together to create beautiful glassware with unique and beautiful patterns, shapes and colors. They make wonderful home decor and the distinct design of each piece means it is almost impossible to find the same exact piece anywhere else.


Olive Oil

This is an essential ingredient in the preparation of Italian dishes. It is highly consumed in Italian households and can be found everywhere, especially in Puglia and the central part of Italy (Tuscany, Umbria). Most brands you will find sell extra virgin olive oil, which is of high quality. Carry this back home and recreate your favorite cuisine from Italy.


Truffles and dried porcini mushrooms

These truffles are very delicious and wildly grow in numerous places in Italy. They are pretty common in Umbria and Lazio, where they are available in several variations like truffle paste, pasta sauce, powder and more. Depending on their quality and size, prices may vary greatly. Some of them are extremely expensive but to enjoy their earthy umami taste, you don’t need much. There are many ways to use these two ingredients in the kitchen: for example, fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and truffle is a classic of the Italian cuisine.


Leather Goods

Good quality leather products are mostly found in Tuscany, Italy. The region is renowned for elegant leather pieces like wallets, purses, shoes, belts and many more. They will serve as great souvenirs and also as good gifts for your loved ones back at home. Get yourself leather goods from Italy and you will cherish them for their exquisite quality.



If you are in Sardinia, you should get yourself some torrone. Get yourself some good quality torrone, made from pure honey and assorted nuts. It is a great dessert and you can buy it as a gift for your friends at home with a sweet tooth. Their prices vary depending on the ingredients used but they are not very expensive.



A famous thing Italy is known for is its good local wine. You will find it in every region of the country and every area has its own variation. You might find yourself a bit lost for choice when trying to buy wine in Italy, but know that generally speaking, it’s all very good. Among the most famous Italian wines, there are Chianti Classico, Barolo, Primitivo di Manduria and Brunello di Montalcino.


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Also, don’t forget to try out the yummy Street Food that Italy has to offer, such as Piadina, Panelle and Panzerotti among others.