Best Things to Do in Thailand for an Unforgettable Vacation

Best Things to Do in Thailand for an Unforgettable Vacation
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Thailand is a popular tourist attraction, a South Asian gem and a country with sweeping varieties of things to do. From serene beaches and breath-taking temples to the vibrant nightlife of Bangkok, this place offers a number of things that can make a trip memorable.

However, there might be unfortunate events like loss of baggage, passport, medical emergency, or an accident that can spoil a perfectly planned trip. To that end, one must obtain a travel insurance online plan and secure a trip.

Travel insurance policies from reputed insurance companies provide coverage against financial losses in case of emergencies. Currently, several insurers also include COVID-19 hospitalisation cover under a standard insurance plan.

Therefore, while planning a Thailand trip, individuals must factor in the importance of travel insurance.


Top Things to do in Thailand

While listing out things to do in Thailand, one can consider including the following activities on their Thailand Travel Bucket List:


Visit Ocean World

Photo by Pengxiao Xu on Unsplash

Ocean World in Bangkok is an aquatic park housing the most enchanting and exotic marine animals. Individuals visiting Thailand must make it a point to include this place in their ‘places to visit” list. Further, those who wish to know more about marine life in Thailand will also find this place interesting.


Go on dinner cruises

Travellers visiting this country must try the lip-smacking South Asian cuisine whilst enjoying the beautiful river view. To do so, going on dinner cruises is much recommended. Some of the dinner cruises in Thailand are:

  • Chao Phraya Cruise Dinner
  • Grand Pearl Dinner Cruise
  • White Orchid Dinner Cruise
  • Horizon Dinner Cruise, etc.

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Watch Muay Thai live

Those who seek thrill must experience the original spirit of Thai boxing. Muay Thai is an art form that illustrates the combat style of Thai boxing. Watching this live is one of a kind experience, and leaving Thailand without experiencing this can be quite a loss. Additionally, one can enjoy an enthralling performance of Muay Thai while dining at restaurants like Brick Bistro!


Enjoy a visit to Safari World and Marine Park

A Thailand trip is incomplete without a visit to the Safari world in Khlong Sam Wa. This drive-in zoological park is 170 acres in area and divided into a Safari park and a Marine park. The Safari park is home to a variety of local animals, whereas the Marine park hosts famous events like the Dolphin Show. Moreover, individuals travelling with children must visit this place for additional amusement.

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Go to the Floating Market

Floating markets are essentially tourist spots with alluring food options. Of all the floating markets in Thailand, Damnoen Saduak is a popular choice among tourists. Individuals can witness the winding canals and enjoy shopping while doing so. Some of the famous floating markets here include:

  • Talad Nam Peung
  • Amphawa Floating Market
  • Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market and more


Thailand Trip Checklist


Apart from making a list of places to visit in Thailand, one should also be aware of certain things that will safeguard a trip. Here are the things to consider while planning a Thailand vacation properly to avoid any last-minute hiccups:


Get a Thailand tourist visa for Indians

Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

A Thailand tourist visa is necessary for Indian travellers who wish to visit this place for tourist purposes.It is better to plan early and apply for a Thailand visa for Indians for a seamless travel experience.

This is issuable with 3 months validity in case of a single tourist and 6 months under multiple entries. For a successful visa application, one needs to submit a duly filled-out application form along with a passport or any other valid travel document with a minimum of 6 months validity. Additionally, applications must contain a recent photograph as per the specifications. Applicants must also furnish confirmed return tickets and proof of sufficient funds.


Get travel insurance

To avoid financial losses during any unforeseen circumstance, one should obtain travel insurance. A travel insurance policy covers expenses such as flight cancellation costs, baggage-related issues, medical emergencies, etc. Further, due to the emergence of COVID-19, several insurance plans now also offer coverage against hospitalisation costs due to COVID-19. Thus, to avoid financial liability and enjoy a trip without any worry, one must buy a travel insurance plan before booking a trip.

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Check all health advisories in place

It is essential to check all the necessary vaccinations and medicines required before planning a trip to Thailand. Having prior knowledge regarding these will help an individual avoid complications and get the necessary vaccines at the right time. Some of the routine vaccines required before visiting Thailand include chickenpox, flu, measles-mumps-rubella, polio, shingles, etc. In light of the current situation, individuals above 5 years of age should be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


Be aware of all COVID-19 related restrictions

Individuals should be aware of the COVID-19 restrictions in Thailand to ensure safety while travelling. Travellers might need to be quarantined based on their vaccination status to enter Thailand. Fully-vaccinated individuals can enter this country without quarantine. However, they should get an RT-PCR test done and stay at a SHA+ hotel till the result arrives. On the contrary, international travellers who are not fully vaccinated will be required to undergo mandatory quarantine for 10 days.

After following the aforementioned pointers, one can expect a safe and sound journey to Thailand. To make a trip further memorable, travellers can consider visiting a number of places and doing a range of activities there based on their travel duration.