4 Adventure Activities To Do In Dubai

4 Adventure Activities To Do In Dubai
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Dubai has been described as opulent, stylish, and forward-thinking. This city in the United Arab Emirates is a high-end vacation and business destination. Dubai is a modern metropolis with an Arabian flair and timeless sensibility. It’s an eating, shopping, and nightlife paradise where you can let your adventurous side run wild with desert safaris, hot air balloon flights, and sand boarding. Beaches, spas, waterparks, and world-class golf courses are just a few of the attractions. 

So, when you are booking your Dubai Holidays, make sure to add these 4 Adventure Activities on your Dubai Bucket List that will get your Adrenaline pumping !



Dubai has its own zip line that runs just above the Dubai Marina! It’s one of the the top Adventure Activity to do in Dubai, and it’ll provide you with a stunning perspective of the city skyline from a unique vantage point that no adrenaline junkie should miss.


Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Photo by Siddharth shah on Unsplash

A hot air balloon trip is a must-do in Dubai if you wish to have an amazing experience and make your Dubai Trip even more memorable! These are normally held in the early morning and cost roughly $200 per person, but they can be booked for less if you travel during the off-season.


Sand Dune Bashing

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

The United Arab Emirates is recognised for its spectacular sand dunes. Going Dune Bashing in Dubai in a 4×4 land cruiser, has been rated as one of the most popular adventure day trips to add to your Dubai Travel Itinerary.


Skydive in Dubai

Photo by ihjaaz manarikk on Unsplash

If you’re ready to push yourself beyond of your comfort zone and get your adrenaline pounding, Skydiving in Dubai should definitely be on your Dubai Bucket List. Skydiving in Dubai is one of the most prominent adrenaline pumping activity for travellers heading to Dubai. Make sure to book your slots in advance.

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