The Best of Timisoara in 2 Days

The Best of Timisoara in 2 Days
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Experience Romania – The Best of Timișoara in 2 Days


All I remember about my time in Timisoara with 40 talented content creators from around the world as a part of Experience Romania, was that we started the experience with a high (Wine tasting session at the picturesque Crama Aramica) and ended with one too ( brewery visit), and everything that we experience in between was a blur 😛

Just kidding, for two days, I stayed at Hotel Del Corso – a luxurious boutique hotel, and experienced the best that Timisoara had to offer. Also did you know that Timișoara has been selected to be the European Capital of Culture for 2021 which has now been postponed to 2023 due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. And it deserves it as well, as Timisoara hosts plenty of cultural extravaganzas round the year.

When it comes to recommending places to visit in Timișoara, most of them are in the vicinity of Piața Victoriei (Victory Square) and Piața Unirii (Union Square).

But before we go further let me acquaint you with the history of Timișoara !

Frequently referred to as ‘Little Vienna’, Timișoara known for its secessionist architecture is Romania’s most cosmopolitan city as well as the third largest city and the social and cultural capital of Romania. History says that Timisoara has been quite the progressive city! Rightly so, as Timisoara was the first city in Europe to introduce horse-drawn trams (in 1869) and second in the world after New York, to use electricity to illuminate its public streets (in 1889). 

It’s highly recommended that you start your trip in Bucharest, and join one of the walking tours to get acquainted with Romania’s history, which is one of the Must Have Experiences in Bucharest before proceeding elsewhere. This way you would have a decent idea about Romania’s history with communism. It was in Timișoara, that the Romanian Revolution of 1989 took birth, which ultimately ended Ceauşescu’s dictatorship, making Timisoara quite an important city in Romania’s history.

The Timisoara of today has plenty of open spaces, public squares, and is surrounded by nature. Interestingly Timisoara is also known as the ‘City of Flowers’. The city of Timișoara is best explored on foot, to get the best possible experience that this city in Romania has to offer. However if you get tired, just hop onto a Tram, which is quite an efficient and fast mode of transport in Timișoara.

Having said that, don’t forget to tick these places in Timisoara Old Town, off your bucket list when you ultimately visit Timișoara in the near future.



Piaţa Victoriei 

Also referred to as Victory Square, this is a great spot to start your Timisoara walking tour, as there are plenty of interesting and elegant baroque style buildings in the vicinity such as the Opera House, the Orthodox church, the statues of Romulus and Remus, among others.

Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Built between 1936 and 1946, this has become one of the most iconic landmarks in Timisoara and is the focal point of attraction, at the southern side of Piaţa Victoriei or Victory Square. It is also the highest church in Romania with the tallest of the eleven towers reaching to a height of 83 m.

The cathedral also has 7 giant bells weighing almost 8,000 kgs together. The church’s bells were harmonized by the famous Romanian composer Sabin Drăgoi and can be heard playing loudly and melodiously on the hour every hour.




Strada Alba Iulia

Next up on the list is Strada Alba Iulia aka the Umbrella Street. 

As you walk from the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral towards the Opera House, you will stumble across a passage, on the right side adjacent to the Opera, covered with multi coloured umbrellas. 

This makes for an amazing backdrop for some nice Insta Worthy pictures, as this street, aka Strata Alba Iulia is one of the most Instagrammable locations in Timisoara, Romania.



Piaţa Unirii 

If you keep walking straight along Strada Alba Iulia, and then on Strada Vasile Alecsandri after crossing Piaţa Libertatii or Liberty square, you’ll find yourself at Piaţa Unirii or Union Square, surrounded by pastel hued historic buildings.

Piaţa Unirii, the Habsburg-era square named after the two cathedrals – the Romanian Catholic Cathedral and the Serbian Orthodox Cathedrals facing each other;  is the main square of Timișoara Old Town, and one of the most picturesque and Instagrammable locations in Timisoara.



During the 18th century this was Timisoara’s commercial centre and also the venue for many military processions and religious ceremonies.

As a matter of fact, we were lucky to have witnessed a military marching and band display as well.



The Roman Catholic Cathedral

Located directly opposite the Serbian Orthodox cathedral, lies the Baroque Roman Catholic cathedral, built between 1736 and 1754 to the design of Fisher von Erlach, dedicated to Saint George representing a fine example of Viennese baroque style, fills the eastern end of Piaţa Unirii.

St. George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral or Catedrala Sfântul Gheorghe, is referred to be the most unitary and representative Baroque building in Timisoara standing in today’s times.



Further Timisoara Sightseeing Recommendations

# If you wish to learn more about the Romanian Revolution of 1889, I highly recommend you visit the Revolution Memorial, which is walking distance from Piata Unirii. Check out the location on Google Maps here.

# If parks interest you, you should definitely be visiting these parks in Timisoara, especially during spring time when the flowers are in full bloom, which have given the city the name, ‘The City of Flowers’. 


📌  Botanical Park / Parcul Botanic – Location

📌  Parcul Central Anton von Scudier – Location

📌  Parcul Justiției – Location

📌  Rose Park / Parcul Rozelor – Location


While all the Places to Visit in Old Town Timisoara, shared until here, make up for the essence of your Timisoara experience, however if you drink, and are up for a nice wine tasting session and a brewery visit, the following two experiences are for you. They, in a way, are the cherry on top of your Timisoara Travel Itinerary.



Wine Tasting at Crama Aramic

A 45minute – 1 hour drive from Timisoara, in the village of Silagiu lies the vineyards of Crama Aramic on the Silagi Hills, which are part of Buziaș – Silagiu Vineyard.

It’s a beautiful place to be especially to catch the sunset.

As I was part of Experience Romania, as mentioned earlier, we had a nice informational wine tasting session here followed by a sumptuous dinner. And such an amazing experience it was.

You should drop them a text, via their Contact page, and fix up a trip to the Silagiu Winery.

📌 – Location – 40 kms from Piața Victoriei Timișoara


Visit to Brewery – Castel Royal Moșnița

Built in German Neo-Renaissance style, with Fachwerk-style wooden elements and natural stone, Castel Royal Moșnița houses a 4-star hotel-restaurant and a brewery.

This is definitely one experience you shouldn’t miss out on in Timisoara, as not only do you get to tour the brewery and learn about the process of beer making, you also get to try out the produce at the onsite restaurant, coupled with some sumptuous food. 

Also, did I tell you, the Bavarian style, summer beer garden, is quite a picturesque spot in itself.

📌 – Location – Hardly 8 kms from Piața Victoriei Timișoara



Where to stay in Timisoara ?

I highly recommend you check in to Hotel Del Corso – a boutique luxury hotel, located at walking distance from the city centre with a rating of 9.5 on or the Hotel Timisoara in Old Town Timisoara.


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