Romania and Bollywood | 5 Iconic Gems of Romania | Travel Inspiration

Romania and Bollywood | 5 Iconic Gems of Romania | Travel Inspiration
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Romania’s Bollywood Connection

The first time I visited Romania with Experience Bucharest and Experience Romania in the summer of 2018, I was unaware of Romania’s Bollywood Connection, as I could hardly see any Indians around. However, just before I was about to visit Romania for the second time, in July 2019, I accidently ended up watching Singh is Bliing – A Bollywood movie, starring Akshay Kumar, and I was like – I am definitely checking out these places for myself too, a considerable portion of the movie was shot in Romania.

So, without much delay, here are 5 Iconic Romanian Gems, where the Bollywood movie Singh is Bliing was shot, and I was fortunate enough to have experienced a different shade of Romania this year with Experience Romania, along with 40 other travel content creators from around the world.



Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

5 Iconic Gems of Romania
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The Palace of Parliament is the world’s second-largest authoritative structure (after the Pentagon) and will presumably be the first spot you visit in Bucharest.

This 270 m by 240 m Neoclassical structure exists as much underground as it is visible over the ground, and on the off chance that the measurements don’t give you a legitimate picture, at that point simply note that the structure has more than 1,100 rooms!

It was commissioned under the communist dictatorship of Ceausescu, who employed 700 planners for this venture and, you too can visit this fortress and see the grandeur for yourself. However, please note that the entry is by guided visit only, so please book ahead. Entry to the palace is from B-dul Naţiunile Unite on the structure’s northern side (to discover it, face the front of the palace from B-dul Unirii and stroll around the structure to the right).

If you happen to land in Bucharest, you will definitely be amazed by the sight of this, as you make your way towards the city of Bucharest from the airport.

Also, did you know that you can drive your way around Bucharest, on your own without depending on cabs or anything. Just use Blinkeee (Like I did) – The electronic scooters, which are the cheapest way of commuting point to point in Bucharest.


Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

The Romanian Athenaeum, which has been dubbed as the Romanian temple of arts, is an architectural jewel, and an iconic place of interest in the heart of Bucharest. The Romanian Athenaeum built between 1886 and 1888 is essentially a grand concert hall, and is the home to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and normally only opens during concerts.

The George Enescu Philharmonic offers a wide array of classical-music concerts from September to May as well as a number of one-off musical shows and spectacles throughout the year. The tickets can be bought at the venue box office, and tickets go on sale on the Tuesday of the week a concert is taking place.

Majority of the scenes from the song “Aaja Mahi” were shot inside and outside the Romanian Athenaeum.


Biserica Sfantul Anton – Curtea Veche, Bucharest

This is the oldest church in Bucharest, and is conveniently located in Old Bucharest – also known as Little Paris. The church also served as a place of coronation of the Romanian Country princes for over two centuries.

Owing to its location, you are bound to cross it a few times, when you explore Old Town of Bucharest on your feet at your own pace.


Transfagrasan, Romania

Popularly labeled as “the Road to the Sky”, “the Road to the Clouds“, “the Best Driving Road in the World”, and spanning more than 150 kilometres in length the Transfagarasan Highway is Romania’s most spectacular and best-known road, and one of Romania’s most popular tourist destination.

Many scenes of the popular song – “Aaja Mahi” from the Bollywood movie Singh is Bliing were shot here and in the Fagaras Mountains.

The highest point of this route is at 2042 metres at Lake Balea, and covering the whole route takes around 3 hours.


Corvin Castle, Romania

This imposing castle was the backdrop of where the climax of the Bollywood movie – Singh is Bliing was shot.

Corvin Castle, also known as Hunedoara Castle is a Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, Romania. It is one of the largest castles in Europe and figures in a list of the Seven Wonders of Romania.

A fairytale castle in the heart of Transylvania, Corvin Castle is split into three large areas: The Knight’s Hall, the Diet Hall, and the circular stairways. Each of these three parts is surrounded by both circular and rectangular towers that were used for both defense and as a prison.

A number of legends are associated with the castle. One such is that Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) spent some seven years in the dungeons of Corvin Castle, a stay which resulted in his eventual madness.


The castle makes for some amazing photos, and is almost always, flooded with tourists, so make sure to head there early during the day.


Quick Facts About Romania

  • VISA is required for Indians. However, if you have a Valid multiple entry Schengen VISA, then you don’t need a specific Romanian VISA.
  • However if you hold a passport from any of the EU nations, USA, Australia, New Zealand – you do not need an entry VISA to travel to Romania.


  • Romania is home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Romania has the World’s second largest Administrative building (Palace of Parliament).
  • Romania has the best-preserved Delta in the world – The Danube Delta.

Now that you are all inspired to take a trip to Romania, its a good idea sort out your travel insurance first. And we recommend SafetyWing – The Travel Insurance for Travellers by Travellers

Disclaimer : No compensation was received for this article, however I was invited to explore Bucharest and Romania, as a part of the ongoing Experience Bucharest and Experience Romania campaigns. As always, the opinions on are (and always will be) my own!

12 thoughts on “Romania and Bollywood | 5 Iconic Gems of Romania | Travel Inspiration”

  • Being a Bollywood movie freak and also an Architect this post just made my day. Bollywood has always shot many famous songs at beautiful locations and thanks to you Mr.Arnav for letting us know about these beautiful places in Romania and the connection of the movie Sing Is Bling with Romania. The song Aaja Maahi is one of my favorites. The 5 gems of Romania are so beautiful that I will surely want to visit the place now. Stunning locations for the song I must say!😍

  • Wow! This is awesome and interesting. I had no idea that the scenes from “Aaja Mahi” were shot in Romania. They’re beautiful.

    I am also very keen to visit the Romanian Athenaeum and hopefully get watch a really good musical. Adding this now on my bucket list including all the other UNESCO Heritage Sites in Romania.

  • What a shocking surprise! Not being a big fan of Bollywood, I would never say that movies are shot in Romania! The truth is that this country is friendly and there is plenty of places to see, as you mentioned, for example, the Palace of Parliament in Bucarest or Atheneum. Of course, it is an exciting adventure to drive a transfagrasan highway. And Corvin castle is something new to me. I’m putting in on my list for the next visit because, in your photos, it looks fantastic.

  • Definitely didn’t know about the Romania Bollywood connection….fasicinating stuff! Love the fantasy of Bollywood and now seeing the beauty of Romania, I can see why the choose to film there.

  • I was born and raised in Romania, but left the country about 30 years ago. I had no idea that so many landmarks in Bucharest have been used in movies. Corvin Castle is one of my favorite castles to visit in Romania, especially after they renovated it.

  • I was not aware of the Bollywood link, so this post got me interested. All I knew was of the Dracula castle! Bikes for touring around is really helpful. & WHS interests me too. Hopefully I get there some day.

  • I am definitely travelling the Road to the Clouds and Lake Balea. What a journey and the scenery is so beautiful. Who would have thought that Romania had an Indian Connection! Romania I am coming to you in 2020!

  • Romania is o my bucket list! The architecture looks stunning! I’ve never seen a Bollywood movie, but feel like I should now. I had no idea Bollywood movies would be filmed in Romania.

  • I would never have known that many of the sites for a Bollywood movie would be in Romania. The Palace of Bucharest indeed looks grand. I would love to enjoy a concert in the Romanian Athenaeum. But driving the “best road in the world” would draw me for sure. I do love that view of the twisty turns up the mountain. I will have to check if Canadians need a visa to visit.

  • That is so interesting! Ive never really seen any Bollywood movie or Ive never been to Romania but I would never guess that they used this country for the movies! India is such a big country so to be honest I am surprise they look for inspiration is Europe 🙂 Not a bad thing tho, as Romania looks so pretty! That Transfagarasan Highway is unbelievable !

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