7 Awesome Things to do in Gujarat

7 Awesome Things to do in Gujarat
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Visiting Gujarat has been on my Travel Bucket List for quite some time, and attending the Rann Utsav definitely topped my Gujarat Travel Bucket List. So, when I got the invitation from Gujarat Tourism to attend the #AllIndiaInfluencersMeet2021 from 1-7 December 2021, it was hard to decline.

Over the period of 7 Days, I met over 100 content creators from all over India, and ticked off not only Rann Utsav from my Gujarat Travel Bucket List, but also visited major attractions like the Sun Temple at Modhera, Rani Ki Vav in Patan, Artisanal Villages of Nirona and Gandhi Nu Gham, among others.



Visit Sabarmati Ashram


Situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, this Ashram was once home to Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba. This iconic place in the suburbs of Ahmedabad is where the Dandi March began which had a crucial impact on India’s Independence mission. The Indian Government has labeled it as a national monument and has been maintaining it diligently for visitors. Visiting Sabarmati Ashram can be an enriching experience for every Indian or for those who are interested in Indian History, and is definitely something that should be there on your Ahmedabad Weekend Travel Itinerary.



Stroll around Sabarmati Riverfront


Sabarmati River is one of the top tourism attractions in Ahmedabad. The waterfront has been developed by the government with the goals of environmental protection and improvements. The waterfront has a mesmerising view of the Sabarmati River, with lush green footpath for daily strollers, plazas and parks for children as well as adults to enjoy. An afternoon visit to this waterfront must be on your bucket list.



Visit the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple in Ahmedabad


Built-in 1822 by Sri Swaminarayan, this beautiful architectural marvel draws thousands of tourists and devotees each year. The crowd is the largest during the Deepavali festival. The intricate details and colours on the outer walls and the play of lights and embellishments in the interior are probably some things that you should not miss on your trip this time.


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Spend a Day or Two at the Rann of Kutch

Sunset times at the White Rann


It won’t be wrong to state that Gujarat’s biggest attraction is the Rann of Kutch. The largest salt marshland in the district of Kutch attracts millions of tourists by its mesmerising beauty, specially during Rann Utsav which happens between 1 November – 20 Feb. Seeing the sunrise and sunset in the Great White Rann is, without a debate, a blessing to the eye. The white horizon on a full moon night will make you intoxicated with its beauty. There are of course plenty of activities one can do as well as click pictures to heart’s content. If attending Rann Utsav is on your Gujarat Travel Bucket List, also include a trip to Kalo Dhungar (The Highest Point in Rann of Kutch), Dholavira and the artisanal village of Nirona and Gandhi Nu Gam on your Rann of Kutch Travel Itinerary.


Rann Ke Rang



Visit the Queen’s Step well aka Rani ki Vav in Patan


Recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this unique Stepwell is a perfect representation of Gujarat style architecture. The Stepwell was built around 1063 AD by the widowed queen Udaymati. Unprecedented craftsmanship went behind building the Stepwell which made it the largest Stepwell in the land of Gujarat with an extraordinary water reserve and storage system. Travelling to the suburbs of Patan on the banks of Saraswati to explore this marvellous architectural jewel should definitely be on your Gujarat Travel Bucket List.



Sun Temple at Modhera


Situated on the banks of River Pushpvati, in Modhera, Sun Temple is a temple dedicated to the the Hindu deity Surya – The Sun God.  Located just 100 odd kms from Ahmedabad, taking a road trip to Sun Temple in Modhera, is definitely something you should do when visiting Ahmedabad. You can also, add Rani Ki Vav to the same Day Trip Itinerary from Ahmedabad.

Fun Fact 1 – The Surya Kund with 108 shrines is also known as Ram Kund as its believed that Lord Ram and Sita had visited this place during their exile.

Fun Fact 2– There are 52 pillars signifying the weeks of a year in the assembly hall, which opens up in all 4 cardinal directions with perfect alignment.



Go Shopping


Last but not least ‘Shopping’. How is any trip even complete without souvenirs? Gujarat being a hub of art as handicrafts has a lot to take back with you. The city of Bhuj, the craftsman village of Nirona and Gandhi Nu Gam are full of creative artisans. Natural dye prints, bead-works, block prints, glass painting, wall hanging and the classic bandhani sarees- you name it, they have it. 




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9 thoughts on “7 Awesome Things to do in Gujarat”

  • Gujarat as a state is a perfect blend of culture, adventure, wildlife and heritage and I am so happy you got to witness one. I still remember my mesmerizing night at Rann of Kutch when I almost felt like being on another planet. Great blog

  • I came too close to visiting Gujarat last year to attend Rann Utsav but had to cancel the plan last minute. Visiting Sun Temple and, Rani Ki Vav in Patan is on my list for a long time. Such architectural marvels! Hopefully will explore Gujarat soon. Would love to attend the “All India Influencers Meet” in the future 🙂

  • I’ve done it all!!! Yippeeee. Awesome! Been to Sabarmathi Ashram on two of my trips to Ahmedabad. Rann of Kutch is absolutely magical. I was speechless both in Rani ki Vav as well as Modhera Sun temple. They are such a sculptural marvel.

  • Gujarat offers so many cultural , heritage and adventure activities. Loved the various attractions you have shared. I would also, like to add some of the beaches to this Gujarat mix – like Shivrajpur in Dwarka. And of course, if you are already in Bhuj, I would not give the UNESCO site of Dhola Vira a miss.

  • Oh wow, looks like there is so much to see in Gujarat. The temples look so beautiful and the Stepwell is amazing. I can’t even imaging how they were able to built it. I love visiting UNESCO Heritage Sites, so this would be on my list for sure. I totally understand why you wanted to visit this area.

  • I like the colors of the outer walls Swaminarayan temple. Very pretty. The Sun Temple of Modhera has been in my watch for long. The architecture of the temple is incredible. But I don’t think heard about Mahatma Gandhi’s wife. And not even seeing a single picture of her.

  • I am impressed by the number of interesting things to do in Gujarat! The sun temple reminds me of Konark Sun temple in Orissa.. The architecture of Swaminarayan temple and QUEEN’S STEP WELL are truly awesome. I have been wanting to see the Rann of Kutch for long – looks lovely. I am saving your blog for future reference, 🙂

  • I had no idea Gujarat has so many beautiful tourism attractions. I really like how the Queen Step Well’s stairwell is designed to go down rather than up – it’s extremely unusual. I’d like to go for a walk along the Sabarmati River’s waterfront, which provides a relaxing atmosphere. The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, with its simple but exquisite designs and colour combinations, also drew my eye.

  • Love this wonderful and informative article about things to do in Gujarat. This is the need of today’s time. Everybody needs a vaccation. Thank you for sharing this article.

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