Philippines Bucket List | Best Things to do in Subic Bay

Philippines Bucket List | Best Things to do in Subic Bay
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The Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and one of its stand-out attractions in Subic Bay. Subic Bay was once home to a U.S Navy base known as U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay. But today, Subic Bay is an industrial and commercial seaside town. It is located in Zambales province, Philippines. It is known for its deep and protected water and this has made it a perfect area to enjoy a range of water sports and fun activities.

If you are planning to make Subic Bay your destination for vacation, then you are making an amazing choice. You are not going to be short of amazing and fun activities to do. But the choices are numerous and most tourists seem to get lost finding where to start. That is why in this article, we will be discussing the best things to do in Subic Bay.


18 Best things to do in Subic Bay


Visit All Hands Beach Resort

All Hands Beach is one of the best beach resorts in Subic. It offers a lot of amazing activities like swimming and jet skiing. Most tourists like to have fun on its shores where they get to see crystal clear water. It is also one of the few beachfront hotels in Subic.

When tired of adventure, it is time to take a break and relax on the shores of Subic, which feature crystal clear water. All Hands Beach is a comfortable sanctuary and is best for swimming, as it has a gradually sloping shoreline. Dine along the beachfront, enjoy cold tropical drinks with mountain views or have fun with all the activities offered by the resort, like jet skiing.


Play with Wild Animals at Zoobic Safari

Are you going on a vacation to Subic with your family? Then Zoobic Safari is a must-go destination for you. It is a 20-hectare park full of amusement. It takes you deep into the jungle where you get to see most wild animals you only see on Nat Geo Wild. You also get to meet some of the animals up close.

Some animals like Camels and Bearcats are there and guests are allowed to pet them which is fun for the kids. But if you are looking for something a bit more electrifying, then you can go on the tiger tour where you get to feed tigers from the safety of a protected vehicle. You can even bottle-feed some of the big cats, the choice is yours.


Go Water Sliding at the Biggest Inflatable Playground in Asia

Why would anyone go on a trip to Subic Bay without visiting the biggest inflatable playground in the whole of Asia? Legend has it that this playground is so awesome that it would bring out the child in you. The playground is a massive 4,000 sqm with all kinds of inflatable slides like bridges, giants creatures, slides towers, and lunchers. If you are looking for a way to revert  back time, then this is a must-go destination.


Go Watch the Dolphins Dance

Speaking of the best things to do in Subic Bay Philipines, how about an open-water marine park when you can interact with various aqua animals. Cool right? I know. This is one amazing thing to do that is not short of a breathtaking and wonderful moment. You are going to be talking about it all the way home.


Visit and Have Fun at Funtastic Park

If a park is named “Funtastic Park” then we don’t need to tell you what the experience might be. The place, majorly built for kids and families, is so amazing they named it Funtastics. Funtactics is full of fun activities like Mirror Maze, Science Zone, 3D Enchanted Forest, Kids Learning Nook, Optical illusion Wall, and more. Funtastic also offers educational activities, picnics, and souvenir shops.


Zip Line at Tree Top

If you love nature and hanging 100 feet above the ground as you glide through it, then Tree Top Adventure Park is the place for you. It offers an experience that is not usually seen among other top tourist parks in the world. It takes you so high above the ground where you get to zip line across thrilling sites. 


Have a Picnic and Swim at EL Kabayo Falls

Do you want a nice and fun moment with your lover or a great family time? Then EL Kabayo Falls is a place for you. This amazing destination boasts of two cascading waterfalls just a little distance apart. Aside from the site seeing, you can enjoy a nice picnic and even cook your food. Swimming lovers can also take a dive in the water.


Wreck Diving

Subic Bay has one of the largest collections of shipwrecks and this is due to the Spanish-American War in 1898. If you are the exploring type, then what better things to do than to take a dive to see some of the sites. And if you are thinking of finding gold treasures? Well, we don’t guarantee any (lol) but we guarantee a memorable experience.


Go Party in a Yacht

For the big boys and girls with enough money, you can yacht party. This is fun because you get to book a yacht for an hour or overnight and sail away as you have all the fun in the world.


Enjoy the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail

Next on our list of the best things to do in Subic Bay is the Pamulaklakin Forest. Pamulaklakin is translated as ‘vine’, and it offers amazing tourist activities. This includes a mini jungle tour, overnight jungle tour, ecology tour, and sightseeing. These tours offer you the opportunity to experience nature first hand. Pamulaklakin also has venues for picnic areas. This is a great spot for family, group, or team activities. Tourists also get to interact and are immersed in the culture of natives Subic.


Learn survival skills and how to make fire at JEST Camp

The Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp is not just like the typical tourist destination. This is because it offers real-life survival training as well as the fun activities that come while engaging in it. It has its fun activities but it is most famous for offering the best and toughest survival training school in the Philippines. The camp has professional instructors who teach survival programs with certificates. Some of the courses include survival training, Camp Craft, and a Boton Falls Visit. 

You can also participate in a survival program for children known as Wild Child.

JEST Camp is a fun place to be and best for groups and teams.


Visit some Interactive Bird Shows in Magaul Bird Park

Now here’s one for bird lovers, the Magaul Bird Park is where you get to experience Subic’s birdlife. You can also witness a lot of bird shows namely Survival Demo, Winged Wonders, Talk, and Feeding Times. It park offers amazing interaction with bird species such as parrots, hornbills, and raptors.

But that is not all. Do you remember the popular mobile game or movie called Angry Birds? Magaul Bird Park has many of those life-sized birds. The park is topped with other exciting activities like the Aerial Adventure Walk, Tree Camping, the Goliath Swing over a Cliff, Peregrine Plunge, and lots more.


Enjoy Cocktails and Music in Subic Nightlife

During the day, Subic Bay offers you wildlife, natural beaches, marine life, and more. But the excitement does not stop at night. Subic Bay has lots of energetic nightlife bars like Hydra Resto Bar, Pier One Bar & Grill, and Midnight Rambler Bar Subic. Visiting one of these bars is one of the best things to do in Subic Bay.


End your trip with duty-free shopping

There was just no way we were going to think about the best things to do in Subic Bay, without including shopping. The major duty-free shopping mall in the area are Freeport, Royal, and Puregold. You can find both imported and local merchandise in any of these.


Visit Coco Lime Restaurant

When thinking of the best thing to do in Subic Bay, ensure you add Coco Lime Restaurant to your list. They offer amazing mouthwatering Asian delicacies. Pineapple rice, chicken sisig, sweet and sour fish are some delicacies that are popular with the locals. The restaurant is a good place to visit if you have enough time.


Visit Spasify for your massage

At the end of a long day, you can treat those muscles with a massage at Spasify. Spasify is located at Acea Subic Bay and is a great way to relax. The staffs are professional, and the Spa also offers other services like Yoga classes and salons.


Swim with Animals at Ocean Adventure 

It’s not just land Animals that Subic can take you to, the marine world is available too. Ocean Adventure is a marine park set up to bring you close to the marine world as possible. It offers you the opportunity to swim with sea animals like dolphins. But that is not all, they have this Ocean Discovery Aquarium that brings you up close with sea lions, turtles, jacks, dolphins, and sharks!


Visit Rock Beach Hotel

When it comes to the best resorts in Subic, Rock Beach Hotel sits at the top. It spreads across 8 hectares of land, and it has a waterpark. The Hotel has it all including a beach in its front making it one of the beachfront hotels. When you are done with the beach you can always retract into the Hotel that has a total of 262 guest rooms.


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