ViewPoint Eco Lodge – Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar | Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

ViewPoint Eco Lodge – Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar | Where Luxury Meets Sustainability
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ViewPoint Eco Lodge | Property Review


After, spending 3 Days in Bagan, and a full day of travelling, that started at 8 in the morning from Bagan we found ourselves in the town of Nyaung Shwe – The Gateway to Inle Lake at 5 in the evening.We were soon picked up and ferried to ViewPoint Eco Lodge, which was going to be our home for the next two days, during our Epic 7 Day Myanmar Road Trip.

The very fact that we were welcomed with a nice refreshing drink, a warm scented towel, to freshen up our faces, followed by a glass of chilled white wine, gave us a glimpse that, it’s going to be a delight to be  spending the first few nights of 2020, in the lap of luxury, and being pampered by the hospitable staff here.

As we were escorted to our room, we passed by the bar, the SPA, and soon reached a fork, which is when we realised that all the 21 rooms at ViewPoint Eco Lodge are Water Villas, built on stilts in a private lagoon, like you find in the Maldives,  tucked in between streets on all the 4 sides.

ViewPoint Eco Lodge | Inle Lake, Myanmar | Luxury meets Sustainability | Property Review by theETLRblog
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Only eco friendly and sustainable products have been used in the construction of the entire complex at ViewPoint Eco Lodge, and following sustainable practices on a day to day basis, is something which is the norm here. And guess what, there was a Swimming Pool, and that too a floating one at ViewPoint Eco Lodge. 

The Floating Swimming pool at ViewPoint Eco Lodge
The Floating Swimming pool at ViewPoint Eco Lodge


ViewPoint Eco Lodge, is undoubtedly one of the best places, where you can experience Luxurious Travel in a Sustainable way. No wonder ViewPoint Eco Lodge has won the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016 for Luxury Lodge and has also been awarded the ASEAN Green Hotel Standard.





The Location

The location of ViewPoint Eco Lodge, is undoubtedly one of its USP. It’s in the heart of Nyaung Shwe, right next to the main canal which leads to Inle Lake.

Welcome to ViewPoint Eco Lodge


Where Luxury meets Sustainability



Facilities in House

The Shan Restaurant

Another one of the USP of ViewPoint Eco Lodge is The Shan Restaurant, which serves authentic Shan cuisine along with some popular traditional dishes. It’s highly recommended to try out the Shan Barbeque and the Shan Tasting Menu, and pair them with a wine of your choice, from the restaurants selection of the finest wines from France, Australia, Italy and Myanmar of course.

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Shan Barbeque at ViewPoint Eco Lodge
Time to try out the Shan Barbeque


Spa By ViewPoint

The SPA by ViewPoint


There’s nothing better than getting pampered, by treating yourself to one of the many SPA treatments, offered by the SPA by ViewPoint, including Thai / Balinese / Swedish massages, traditional full body / body and neck massages, reflexology treatments. You can also enjoy a nice pedicure and manicure in a relaxing atmosphere, after exploring the beauty of Inle Lake during the day.



The Rooms

All 21 rooms have been built following traditional Shan Eco Friendly construction practices, making use of locally sourced limestone, mud, rice straw and reinforced with wooden beams. All the rooms are both thermal and sound insulated, with double insulated glass used in windows, in a way having a blend of the best of Shan traditional methods with the needs of the modern day luxury traveller.


Deluxe Rooms

No of Rooms – 5

Size – 26 sq m

Facilities – 

  • Eco friendly Mini Bar and Safe Deposit box.
  • WiFi access.
  • Twin or King Sized beds.
  • Walk in Bathroom with organic vanity set.
Room Goals
Our Abode at ViewPoint Eco Lodge


Cottage Suites

No of Rooms – 18

Size – 52 sq m

Facilities – 

  • En Suite Living Room
  • Mountain View balcony.
  • Eco friendly Mini Bar and Safe Deposit box.
  • WiFi access.
  • Twin or King Sized beds.
  • Walk in Bathroom with organic vanity set.

ViewPoint Eco Lodge Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake Shan State Myanmar theETLRblog



Experiences on offer

The Full Day Inle Lake Tour

The best way to have an immersive and authentic experience of the Inle Lake life, is by going on the full day Inle Lake Tour, wherein you will come across the famous fisherman of Inle Lake, and see them strike a pose for the tourists with their traditional bamboo nets.


the famous Inle Lake fishermen
A traditional Inle Lake fisherman posing in their trademark style as seen through the net of another fisherman

You will also be visiting the Lotus Stem weaving factory, a Boat making factory and a Cigar Making factory and interacting with the long necked women – Kayan Tribe.


The Long Necked Women belonging to the Kayan Tribe, native to the area.


As its a full day tour, you can opt for either of the 2 equally exotic and one of a kind dining experiences :



Exotic Lunch on the Lake

One of the experiences, during our stay at ViewPoint Eco Lodge which stood out was having our lunch on a former rice carrier boat, transformed into a fully equipped floating restaurant, in the middle of Inle Lake, being prepared by the chefs on another boat, and being brought to us on yet another boat.

Making our way to the Floating Restaurant
This is how food was served to us
Exotic Lunch in the middle of Inle Lake done right with Debjani (The Vagabong)


The whole experience of trying out the unique Shan Cuisine coupled with the fantastic wine, was too good to be true, and definitely a highlight during our 2 day luxurious stay at ViewPoint Eco Lodge.


Traditional Lunch at a Hidden Intha Village House

If you want to have a true immersive dining experience, unlike any other, how does having a traditional meal at a beautiful Intha house at an island village on Inle Lake sound?


All you need to do, to experience this is inform the front desk at ViewPoint Eco Lodge, about this, and they will arrange a private boat, that will take you to an undisclosed house in a private island village, where you will be welcomed by the owner of the house, who operates the production of traditional handmade cigars on the ground floor. Apart from having the meal and interacting with the owner, you will also be able to observe the hand rolling procedure, up close and even try out the different variants, if you want to.


How To Reach

Full Address – ViewPoint Lodge & Fine Cuisines

Near Talk Nan Bridge and Canal 

Nyaung Shwe, Inle Lake, Shan State 

Myanmar, Burma 

Tel: +95 94 500 066 01 /

         +95 99 545 066 01

Email :

You can reach the town of Nyaung Shwe from either Yangon or Bagan by taking an overnight VIP semi sleeper bus.

OR you can choose to Fly in !

The nearest Airport is Heho airport and is a 40 minute drive from ViewPoint Eco Lodge.


Our Rating of ViewPoint Eco Lodge

The Location 5/5

In House Facilities 5/5

Rooms 5/5

Experiences 5/5

Final 5/5


Without a doubt, a stay at the ViewPoint Eco Lodge in Nyaung Shwe in Myanmar is highly recommended, if you are looking for some really unique and memorable experiences.


ViewPoint Eco Lodge Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake Shan State Myanmar theETLRblog



If you are wondering where to head next, check out the 7 Day Myanmar Road Trip Itinerary, that you can use either way, starting from Mandalay / Yangon. This Myanmar Travel Guide with F.A.Q’s answered might also turn out to be helpful.


Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this article, however ViewPoint Eco Lodge in Inle Lake offered our stay complimentary. As always, the opinions on are (and always will be) my own!

15 thoughts on “ViewPoint Eco Lodge – Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar | Where Luxury Meets Sustainability”

  • Wow! What an amazing memory! I love everything you described! Being greeted with a cocktail, property on stilts and a floating swimming pool? I can’t even imagine how amazing this would be — bookmarking for the future!!

  • What a gorgeous lodge surrounded by beautiful nature. I’ve never been to Myanmar, but it’s on my list. I particularly like the viewpoint and the spa! It’s great that they do tours there too. You’ve given me somewhere to consider, should I ever get to visit Inle Lake.

  • I was in Myanmar for New Year but never made it to Inle Lake, I would have loved to have gone! The ViewPoint Eco Lodge looks stunning and love the fact it cares about its’ environment. I can see myself chilling in the spa with a dip in the floating swimming pool afterwards! I love all the experiences you can have around the lodge including the traditional meal at a beautiful Intha house.

  • The Viewpoint Eco Lodge looks like a slice of paradise. It is heartening to note that the place is based on sustainable practices. The water villas look really magical and the floating swimming pool looks enchanting. It is apparent that the place is much more than just a place to stay with so many value additions. A lovely place to stay and experience the best of Myanmar.

  • That’s so cool that all the rooms at the lodge are water villas. It’s great the rooms are both sustainable and luxurious. After you described the building materials, I was impressed that the rooms were thermal and sound insulated. The floating swimming pool is really unique too!

    • And this is bang in the middle of the town. All other resorts that have water villas, are located in the lake. While this one, is built in a private lagoon, giving a very special vibe to the guests.

  • I do love when you are welcomed with a drink and a fresh cloth. It certainly signals that a little luxury is coming your way. So great that all of the rooms were water villas. And with only 21 rooms, it must have been a very relaxing spot. Especially after a spa treatment! We would definitely want to try lunch on the lake. This looks like the spot for us if we ever visit this part of Myanmar.

  • I’m happy to see that sustainability is being taken seriously and that some resorts and properties are doing their part. Looks like the resort did an amazing job conciliating style and sustainability.
    I have plans to visit Myanmar and was looking at a place around Inle Lake.

  • Myanmar is still on my bucket list. I even had a flight ticket to Myanmar, but I had to give up on professional reasons. So, I dream of going to Myanmar. That’s why I gladly read your recommendations. The rooms and the hotel look great. I would like to stay a few days at Inle lake to take pictures and feel the atmosphere of this place. Lunch on the boat looks fantastic, too. It is a stunning place.

  • Wow this place looks stunning. I wish I had known about it when I was in Myanmar. I love that the rooms are on the water and it certainly looks like the perfect place to relax. I definitely need to get back there and experience it and the lunch on the lake too.

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