Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives, A paradise in true sense

Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives, A paradise in true sense
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Sun Island Resort and Spa, Maldives | Property Review


Sun Island Resort and Spa is one of the 5 luxury resorts of the Villa Group in the tropical country of Maldives, located in Nalaguraidhoo in the South Ari Atoll, 107 kilometers south of the Malé International Airport, and the largest 5 Star Luxury Island Resort in the Maldives. Male is the capital city of Maldives which is a tropical island nation south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. Sun Island Resort and Spa is the biggest resort in Maldives and its scale comes with an unmatchable array of facilities along with very high value for costs.


The best way to reach Sun Island Resort and Spa is via flight from Male to Maamigilli and then a 5 minute speed boat ride. The flight carrier Fly Me is also owned by the Villa group itself. The 35 minute flight will reward you with mind-blowing mesmerising views of the atoll formations which is unique to the Maldives. The views are something which can only be enjoyed from up in the air and not by a speedboat.

Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives Welcome
Welcome to Paradise

Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives is truly a paradise which you yourself will realise as you start proceeding towards the resort on foot from the jetty, walking on the wooden bridge connecting the resort to the dive centre and boat jetty. Blue sapphire lagoons on either side of the bridge and then the resort with a thick green cover welcoming you with arms wide open, will surely make you pause for a second and take in all the good vibes and realise that you truly are going to enter paradise.


As you walk towards the reception of Sun Island Resort and Spa, one of the staff gets you a glass of refreshing local drink and another one will offer you a scented wet towel, for you to refresh yourself before proceeding with the check in formalities.



As soon as you finish up with all the formalities, one of the staff members will load your luggage on the buggy and take you to your room, which will look even better in person than in photos. Each of the 5 different types of rooms in Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives has been designed in such a way which reflects royalty and grandeur apart from making your bungalow into your personal space for the duration of the stay. The ever courteous house keeping staff will make sure that you enjoy your own personal space at the largest Maldives Luxury Island Resort.


With an array of multi cuisine dishes laid out on tables in Maaniya Restaurant in buffet format, you will be assured that the highly qualified and experienced chefs at Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives don’t take the food department lightly, you will be reassured of this when you take the first bite of any dish on the table, and there will be a bombardment of yummy flavours on your pallet.

Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives thai food
The Thai Restaurant

Head out to the excursion desk in the reception lounge area after filling up your stomachs with the delectable food. On inquiring about the various excursions which Sun Island Resort and Spa has to offer, you will be amazed at the variety of activities on the list.


The list includes all kinds of activities which the Maldives are famous for, such as snorkelling, fishing apart from excursions to the villages nearby in the South Ari Atoll like Dhigurah, Fenfushi and Mamigili, where you will get a glimpse in the lives of the locals of Maldives and even get the chance to do some local shopping. Sun Island Resort and Spa also has a water sport centre which caters to all kinds of water sport activities one can imagine like Jet Ski, Canoe ride, Parasailing etc.


The best way to explore Sun Island Resort and Spa is on a bicycle which can be rented near the reception area. Before heading out on the exploration ride around the island, don’t forget to check out the variety of treatments, the in house spa ARAAMU has to offer.

Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives Outdoor pavilions
Outdoor Pavilions at the Araamu Spa

Araamu is a Dhivehi word which denotes a blissful state of total relaxation which you will surely experience for yourself when you hear the soothing sound of water cascading down to numerous pools and fountains while getting yourself pampered through their special treatment sessions.


Spread over an area of 4500 sq. M, this luxurious haven will get your mind, body and skin rejuvenated and thus adding on to the relaxation and peace of mind which you will experience during the duration of your stay in Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives. 


Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives Araamu spa
Araamu Spa at Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives

A full parikrama (a walk/ride around the circumference) of the island will be on cobblestone pathways which connect the ends of the island and are perfect for an evening/morning walk when the sun does not bite. The extensive green canopy cover ensures that the climate is moderated and is pleasant all day long. There is a Sting Ray feeding area near the Villa College at one end of the island and a Shark Feeding area near the Thai restaurant- The Sun Star on the jetty connecting the water bungalows.


With as many as 13 restaurants/bars spread around the island, you can try a different type of meal and a different cuisine for all the meals during the duration of your stay in the resort. Don’t forget to head out to the plantation area where fruits and vegetables are grown in-house and the chefs at Zero restaurant will happily dish out a plate of fresh garden grown salad for you.

Sun Island Resort and Spa - Maldives Luxury Resort Review by Arnav Mathur
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After checking all your important mails at the 24 hour open Vani Coffee Shop which has free Wi-Fi, take a stroll towards the main jetty near the Italian ristorante Al’Pontile and the Scuba Dive Center – DiveOceanus and enroll yourself for either a Discover Scuba Diving programme or an Open Water Diver Course and get transported to a different world all together, which South Ari Atoll in Maldives is famous for. The beauty of the underwater world, the school of fishes will surely leave a long lasting impact on you and would make you appreciate nature even more.


Post dinner at any of the restaurants, head out to the main bar – Mekunu Bar, which apart from being the largest on the island, is also the hotspot for some kind of entertainment activities on a daily basis like an open karaoke night on Tuesdays and a Live band performance on Sundays along with a lucky draw offering some really exciting prizes.



With a plethora of activities and the ever helpful staff, your stay in Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives will be indeed one of a kind and a memorable one.



Our Rating of Sun Island Resort and Spa | Maldives, should solve your woes, if you are wondering How to choose the Best Resort in the Maldives?


The Location5/5

Ease of Access – 3/5

In House Facilities 5/5

Rooms 5/5

Experiences 5/5

Final 4.5/5


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  • Thanks! We are considering going to Maldives. I would love to know how diving is for advanced dived, as that is how we would spend our time. So far I have heard negatives; do you know about diving for those who are advanced? We you comped by the resort to write this?

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    • The chefs make it a point to put vegan stuff also on the table. My plate used to be a mix but more of vegan stuff, and i used to experience something different on a daily basis.

  • The blue is just so mesmerising. No wonder it is called a paradise! A great place to unwind and eat and unwind and eat 🙂 With that kind of variety 13 retros who would venture out! 🙂 The water bungalows look so gorgeous! Very inviting post.

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