Glasgow to Nepal – All you need to know before heading out

Glasgow to Nepal – All you need to know before heading out
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Glasgow to Nepal — 7 tips for a Bucket-List trip to the Himalayas

At first glance, the connections between Glasgow and Nepal might not seem obvious.

But there’s a well-attended Glasgow Nepalese Association, the city hosts a handful of Nepalese takeaways and curry houses and there are several Glaswegian yoga studios inspired by the Asian nation.

So if you’re based in Glasgow and a visit to Nepal needs ticked off your bucket list, here are seven terrific travel tips.


7 Tips for a #Nepal Trip

Arrange your visa

Check the Nepal travel advice page on for official guidance on obtaining a visa. You can be granted one for a small fee on arrival or prior to travel — and if you want to extend your stay beyond 60 days, you’ll need to apply to the Nepali Department of Immigration.



You can fly from Glasgow to Katmandu with carriers like Qatar Airways and Emirates.

Figuring out what To Do In Kathmandu? Head over to this exhaustive list of Best Places To Visit in Kathmandu in that case, and thank us later.

A couple of stops are involved, and the fastest route is still a long haul at around 17 hours — but book early on a site like Skyscanner and it’s surprisingly affordable.

Airport parking

A Nepalese holiday can be a spiritual affair, so rather than get stressed by travelling to the airport on stale and stuffy public transport, cruise there in the chilled environment of your own car. is a great place to find Glasgow airport parking that makes you blissful before boarding.



There are a range of accommodation options available across Nepal and the choice can be bewildering for first time travellers.

But there’s a useful guide to booking accommodation at —  the official tourism website.



Nepal’s one of the best places on the planet to learn Yoga and there are plenty of classes to choose.

Yoga In Nepal

But practicing the downward dog at the Purna Yoga Retreat in Pokhara is delightful — this picturesque spot in Nepal’s second-biggest city is heaven-sent for balancing mind and body.


Movie Garden, Pokhara

If snuggling under the stars with your significant other to watch the best films of the past 50 years sounds sublime, head straight for the Movie Garden.

This Pokhara attraction is an outstanding open-air cinema built into an old rice terrace nestled between budget hotels. Grab a beer, munch some pizza and lose yourself in movie magic.


Pikey Peak

It’s a no brainer that you have to see Mount Everest, the highest peak in the Himalayas, and in the world too, during your Nepalese adventure.

And if you book a Pikey Peak trek with Nepal Footprint Holiday, you’ll spend seven days completing the Dalbhat trek, which takes you 4060 metres high to the top of Pikey Peak — where you’ll witness sensational sunrise and sunset views of Everest and other insanely high Himalayan mountains.

You’ll be guided by locals, but a reasonable level of fitness is a prerequisite — don’t risk it if you’re unsure.

This septet of great Glasgow to Nepal travel tips will help you plan the holiday of a lifetime — Namaste!

That’s our list! Add your own Nepal travel tips in the comments section.