Top 5 Tips To Follow To Avoid the Pitfalls of Travelling to a Foreign Country

Top 5 Tips To Follow To Avoid the Pitfalls of Travelling to a Foreign Country
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Thinking About Traveling to a Foreign Country? Read These 5 Tips First to Avoid the Pitfalls

Traveling to a foreign country is exciting and can be life-changing. The sights, the people, the culture, the food, there’s just so much to explore and do. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re an experienced international traveller or not, the ability to add to your life experience is alluring and priceless and enriching. But before you get caught up in all of the wonderful things you’ll do and the people you’ll meet, check out these five tips that can help you to avoid the pitfalls of international travel. Yep, something so awesome can become a bitter taste in your mouth if you’re caught unprepared, but we’ve got your back.


Travel Tip #1 – Find Cheap Flight Tickets

There’s so much advice on when to book your trip, and far too often it’s all wrong. Why? Airline pricing algorithms are constantly changing, which isn’t all that advantageous for travelers. One way to avoid the drama, specially when you are travelling in India over a long duration of time, is to use a travel agent, or you can book Tatkal tickets on IRCTC.

Buy tickets on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Always check flight pricing after 3 pm.

Last-minute ticket prices are at times the best.

Always, I repeat Always scout for your flight tickets across multiple travel websites and that too in Incognito Mode or Private Browsing.


Travel Tip #2 – Always Alert Your Bank

Whether you plan on using strictly cash or not, it is always a  good idea to alert your bank to your travel plans. If you need to use your bank card while you’re out of your home country, your purchases may be denied, as it looks like fraudulent activity. While you have them on the line, check to see if you will be able to use your bank card when you get to your destination. It may be smarter to exchange for local currency once you arrive and deal in cash as much as possible.


Travel Tip #3 – Always Research about the Visa Requirements

Typically US and UK travelers don’t have to think about visas when traveling abroad, but there are some countries that haven’t made cushy travel deals with these governments making entry visas necessary for travel.

Sometimes getting a visa is fast and easy, and other times it will take weeks to gather the needed documents, send it out and have it returned.


Never wait for the last moment when it comes to sorting out the Visa. As, if you wait too late, you may risk not being able to travel or having to pay outrageous Visa application fees, and still not having the guarantee of Visa approval.

Be Smart, Check out here all you need to know about the VISA Requirements of the Country you are travelling to.


Travel Tip #4 –  Never Overspend on SIM Cards

Every cell phone and cell phone carrier does not provide international access, and those that do, not always provide the best International rates. If you want to use your cell to make calls, be sure to check with your provider before traveling.

The best option, however is to sort out a local SIM card from the local market, once you are out of the airport. Always do a quick survey from 2 – 3 shops and check out the different tariff plans for 2-3 different phone networks.

Also, there are plenty of WiFi messaging and calling apps, so if you have Internet access, you can call or text, and these days, most of the countries have plenty of free WiFi hotspots throughout their cities.

And, last but not the least :


Travel Tip #5 – Always have a Travel Insurance when you Travel

When you plan ahead you can avoid many pitfalls. You will have more time to devote to maximizing your international fun. With checklists in hand, preparation and technology, your biggest worry will be getting through airport checkpoints.

Before you leave, check out Some Awesome Travel Tips from Travel Experts from around the World, and 

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