The Most Affordable Travel Destinations To Visit In 2022

The Most Affordable Travel Destinations To Visit In 2022
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Most people tend to assume that traveling is expensive; however, many don’t know that this idea is heavily dependent on the actual destination of choice. There are tourist destinations that are bound to dig a little deeper in your pocket, but there are also destinations you can opt for that can provide you with the ultimate traveling experience while riding on a budget. It’s all about location. 


Just like what you’re expecting to find at your favorite online casino, with the right itinerary, you can have a great experience regardless of where you’re going. But don’t worry as we know what you’re looking for because we understand that affordable doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in the wilderness and having to prepare your meals over a fire. In this guide, we’ll be listing affordable destinations that’ll keep you entertained throughout your stay and offer you an uncompromised standard of experience, all while saving you money. 




For a bit of a backpacking adventure, Laos can be your go-to in affordable travel destinations. Though the accommodation may be slightly more costly than other places in Southeast Asia, you are able to live off a reasonable budget of just $30 per day. This is because many of the amazing activities available in the location are pretty affordable to visit with most of them being an average of $10 or less. This includes activities like visiting the beautiful waterfalls, having a full-day tubing experience, or going for a tiger balm massage, which should definitely find a place in your 10 Day Laos Travel Itinerary.


To go from one point to the next, you have the option to travel around using a rented motorbike, especially when you’re headed into the smaller towns. This, in turn, will save you quite a lot in the long run. 




For a delightful food traveling experience, you can definitely visit Vietnam since affordable and healthy street food is big in this part of Asia. With so many delectable street options to consider, you can have all this for an average cost of $1 per meal. With a day budget of just $30, you can rent a motorbike to navigate around the place, with comfortable riding options like GrabBike that can help you get around on a motorbike in style. Plus, you have trains and buses to make use of which are also reliable and affordable. There are also affordable accommodation options to pleasantly try that are also easy on the budget. 




If you aren’t too picky on things and can remain unbothered with roughing up your experience out a little, Cambodia can definitely be the option to consider. A quick glance of this 7 Day Cambodia Travel Itinerary will definitely help you out in planning your Cambodia Travels.With a budget of just $1000, some travellers can stretch this money to last them an entire month. You can start this by considering making use of dorms since they’re exceptionally affordable. The same goes for their food and alcoholic beverages. 


Some spots may be rather close to get to, therefore walking can be an alternative to using other modes of transport like Tuk Tuk services. You can also bargain on some one-off expenses that you’d have to pay, like taking the 3-day pass for Angkor Wat, instead of a single day pass.




Northern parts of Thailand can prove to be very kind to travellers that are tight on a budget; however, moving south could have your accommodation costs multiply by a staggering amount if you aren’t careful. If you won’t be traveling for too long and are just making a rather short trip, then staying north may be the best option for you. In popular places like Pai and Chiang Mai, you’re able to find dorms worth less than $5. And if you stick to street food cuisines, you’ll be well on your way to saving yourself some real money as you go on a full delicious and authentic experience. 


For the best activities, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy what northern Thailand has to offer. By doing things like hiking or visiting the White Temple, you can remain entertained. And to get around? Well, this would be a good time to consider bringing a group of close friends or family around to rent a car and make some worthwhile day trips at affordable prices. 

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