The Best of Egypt in 7 Days | Travel Itinerary and Guide

The Best of Egypt in 7 Days | Travel Itinerary and Guide
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Egypt is one of those countries which casts an ancient spell on visitors as soon as they arrive! This 7 Day Egypt Travel Itinerary and Guide, has been carefully curated to assist you in planning for your Trip to Egypt. Not only have we suggested a detailed Egypt Itinerary, but you’ll also find recommendations related to the Best Things to do / Best Tours / Best Places to Stay, in popular Egypt tourist hotspots like Cairo and Luxor among others.

Exploring the temples, tombs and all the other hidden treasures which lay on the banks of the Nile could take you forever, as you try and uncover the mysteries of thousands of years worth of history.

However, a 7 day Egypt trip is enough to see the  main attractions, while immersing in the local traditions and finding out about its cultural beginnings.

This 7 day Egypt itinerary follows its ancient past down the famous Nile, and includes many of the famous antiquities which make the nation a big draw for International tourists. There are some practical tips, insider knowledge and the must-not miss spots to ensure your one week Egypt trip ticks every box.


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DAY 1 | Arrival in Cairo

You can expect a high paced experience throughout Egypt, and there is nowhere more chaotic to chuck you in the deep end than the capital. Cairo offers many activities which give a glimpse into its chaotic culture.


Egyptian Museum | Photo by Hongbin on Unsplash

As you will be located close by, you should head to the Egyptian Museum to kick off your day. This is within walking distance of hotels in and around Tahrir Square and the heat should be manageable first thing in the morning. If not, Uber is the best option for transport as you will get a fixed rate.

The Egyptian Museum opens at 9am, so if you aim to visit before 10am, you will avoid the crowds, and have more space to admire the 120,000 different artefacts, which is the world’s largest collection of Egyptian antiquities.

Make sure you visit the room dedicated to King Tut!

Egyptian Museum practical information:

Opening times = 9am – 5pm daily.

Entrance fee = 300 EGP (£7.50).



Coptic Cairo | Photo by 2H Media on Unsplash

In the afternoon you should head to Coptic Cairo, which is the oldest part of Cairo and offers insight into Egypt’s christian past. Notable religious buildings to visit are:

  • The Babylon Fortress.
  • Coptic Museum
  • The Hanging Church
  • The Greek Church of St George.

This area of Cairo offers a slower pace and shelters you from the midday heat. Grabbing an Uber is the best way to reach Old Cairo.

Coptic Cairo practical information:

The Churches Opening times = 8am – 4pm daily.

Entrance fee = free

An interesting fact about Coptic Cairo is that it is home to the world’s oldest synagogue, Ben Ezra Synagogue, dating back to the 7th century AD.



Go Souvenir shopping at Khan el Khalili | Photo by Thales Botelho de Sousa on Unsplash

As the sun goes down over the Egyptian capital, it is time to go and explore the local culture in the most famous bazaar – Khan el Khalili!

The bustling market offers an authentic travel experience whichever time of the day you visit, but on an evening, it comes alive.

You can grab some great local souvenirs, test your haggling skills with locals, and grab some street food, or local tea and coffee.

Be prepared to haggle hard though, the locals are very experienced at getting ‘tourist prices’.

A tip for a better market experience is to carry low denominations of Egyptian pounds in your pocket. This will make it easier to haggle and offer your ’final’ price.


Top Rated Attractions in Cairo


Best Tours in Cairo

2 Days Tour from Cairo to The White Desert

Alexandria Day Trip From Cairo

All Inclusive Private Tour Fayoum Oasis Waterfalls & Valley of Wales

Siwa Oasis all inclusive 3 days Tour from Cairo



Where to Stay in Cairo

Cairo is abundant with accommodation options for visitors to suit all budgets. In terms of location, Tahrir Square is a very central place to stay, as it is close to nearby attractions and easy to navigate, even with any language barrier.

Luxury option – Steigenberger Hotel El Tahir Cairo

Mid-range option – El Fraida Hotel

Budget Option – Cairo Hub Hostel


DAY 2 | Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx + Saqqara and Memphis Day Tour 

On day 2 of your 7 day Egypt itinerary you will be visiting the Pyramids of Giza – one of the oldest wonders of the world, as well as the oldest pyramid in history. This makes for a truly epic day of exploring, and mind blogging learning.

You need an early start if you want the best experience of the Egyptian wonders!

Aim to arrive at the Giza plateau for just after opening time, so you can wander around the pyramids before it gets too hot. You will also avoid the midday/afternoon crowds, which as you would expect, the place gets very busy.

You will start at the Great Pyramid and make your way over to the other two afterwards. This is achievable by foot, but you will be asked by locals riding horse cars and camels if you want a ride. It is best to wait until you get to the third pyramid to ride a camel, as there is a well laid out route by the locals which take you around several vantage points.

The Great Pyramids of Giza with the Sphinx | Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

The Egyptians will make an effort to take a great picture of you, however it will come at a cost. This experience can be ruined if you don’t agree on a price before, or better still, use an official tour. The last thing you want to do is lose a large amount of money while enjoying such a wonderful landmark.

Entering inside the pyramids is popular with tourists, but expect to see nothing of note, along with a dose of claustrophobia!

The Sphinx is on the way out of the plateau, so make sure you stop off and admire the impressive man made structure before leaving.

Memphis and Saqarra will complete your day exploring ancient Egypt.  They are around 45 minutes drive from Giza, but are worth the journey.

At Saqqara, you will find the oldest known pyramid in the world – the step pyramid of Djoser! This is a piece of Egyptian history that goes under the radar compared to other sites, but is just as impressive.

Step Pyramid of Djoser | Photo by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii on Unsplash


Practical Tips for a Day Trip to Pyramids of Giza

  • If you want to ride a camel, make sure you research the correct pricing as the locals will charge as much as you are willing to pay.
  • Entering inside the pyramids is a great activity, but there isn’t anything inside any of them, therefore, entering one of the ‘lesser’ two pyramids instead of the Great Pyramid will save you some pennies. It is roughly a third of the price to enter the other two.


Pyramids of Giza – Important information

Opening times = 7am – 6pm daily (Apr – Sep), 8am – 4pm (Oct – Mar).

Entrance fee = 360 EGP (£9).


Step pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara – Important information

Opening times = 8am – 4pm (5pm summer) daily.

Entrance fee = 150 EGP (£3.80).


Best Pyramid of Giza Tours

8-Hour Private Tour of the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum and Bazaar from Cairo

Private All Inclusive: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis, Saqqara, Lunch & Camels

Private tour to Giza Pyramids,Sphinx,Egyptian Museum with Local Lunch


DAY 3 | Travel to Luxor | East Bank Treasures 


It is time to head south to Luxor, which is home to some of the most famous ancient history in Egypt, making it one of the most popular cities in Egypt.

Two popular options are by air and train.

Flying is the speedier option with the flight duration taking around 75 minutes, and there are also many morning flights at regular times. This offers a high level of flexibility for tourists.

The more adventurous route is the Cairo to Luxor Sleeper Train, which operates on a nightly basis. You can expect a rickety sleepless night with this option, however, it also offers an authentic travel experience and saves some of your day travelling, as you will arrive in Luxor before 8am.

For visitors who are in Egypt for a  longer duration, there is also an option to sail down the River Nile on a beautiful scenic cruise.



The Temples of Luxor and Karnak – A Tryst with History !

Visiting Luxor’s East Bank’s highlights is a great way of easing yourself into the ancient city. A trip to the famous Karnak and Luxor Temples offers a first-hand experience of what it must have been like to live thousands of years ago. Although both temples are somewhat rundown, they still offer glimpses into the past through original structures, hieroglyphics, and giant stone carved columns.

The avenue of sphinxes is another treasure in Luxor, which once connected the two famous temples. You can still see the sphinx statues which line up along both sides of the walkway.

The Karnak Temple was developed over thousands of years by many different reigning pharaohs, giving it a truly unique vibe. An iconic aspect of the Luxor Temple are the giant colossi statues which stand either side of the main entrance. An hour at each temple is enough to fully explore both sites.


Karnak Temple – Important information

Opening times = 6am – 5.30pm daily.

Entrance fee = 120 EGP (£3).


Luxor Temple – Important information

Opening times = 6am – 10pm daily.

Entrance fee = 180 EGP (£4.50).


Best Tours in Luxor

Small Group Excursion to Luxor Valley of the Kings from Hurghada

Luxor Full Day Tour: Valley of Kings & Queens – Hatchepsut Temples And More

Private Full-Day Luxor Highlights East and West Banks

Luxury Sunrise Balloon Rides in Luxor



Where to Stay in Luxor

  • Djorff Palace – A luxurious option located on the West Bank of the Nile.


DAY 4 | Luxor West Bank Tour

A full day is needed to explore Luxor’s West Bank archaeological sites, as there is an abundance of treasure troves alongside the River Nile.

The first stop is the Temple of Hatshepsut, which is a multi-level complex built into the cliff side of Deir el Bahari. The unique landmark was first commissioned back in 1479 BCE. by Queen Hatshepsut during her reign as pharaoh in the Eighteenth Dynasty.

A visit in today’s world includes full access to the well-preserved Temple, which includes statues, hieroglyphics, and a beautiful backdrop, fit for a pharaoh!

Another highlight of Luxor’s West Bank is the Valley of the Kings, which is home to over 60 tombs, some of which are accessible to the public. You have to pay extra to visit the special tombs, however, each tomb has its own story worth learning.

Valley of Kings | Photo by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii on Unsplash

King Tutankhamun’s tomb is still home to the famous pharaoh’s mummy.

This offers a history lesson like no other!

If you want to experience Luxor from a unique perspective, you can ride a hot air balloon over Luxor’s West Bank. This is a special way to commemorate the ancient pharaohs from the sky. Be warned  though, you have to set a very early alarm if you want to experience the beautiful sun rising over the ancient burial grounds.


Temple of Hatshepsut – Important information

Opening times = 6am – 5pm daily.

Entrance fee = 140 EGP (£3.50)


Valley of the Kings – Important information

Opening times = 6am – 4pm daily.

Entrance fee = 400 EGP (£10.00) + extra for certain tombs.


Top Things to See in Luxor


Check out Sofra Restaurant on the East Bank of the Nile. It offers a relaxed ambience, impeccable service, and beautiful local dishes.


DAY 5 | Head South to Aswan and visit The Nubian Villages 

After you have enjoyed all the treasures which Luxor has to offer, it is time for a change of vibe as you make your way south to Aswan.

The best option to travel between Luxor and Aswan is via train, which takes around 3 hours and is reasonably priced. You need to be aware of being charged a ‘tourist’ price when purchasing your ticket at the station. There are regular trains from sunrise onwards.


Top Things to See and Do in Aswan

  • Unfinished Obelisk
  • Temple of Philae
  • Hotel Cataract
  • Nubian Museum
  • Felucca ride on the Nile
  • Aswan High Dam


Visit the Gharb Seheyl Nubian Village 

Photo by Thales Botelho de Sousa on Unsplash

The most famous Nubian village gives you a taste of a beautiful culture, which has been around for thousands of years. Some cultural highlights of one of the oldest civilisations in the world are colourful vibes, camel rides and crocodiles!

You have to take a taxi boat up the Nile to the village, which takes around 35 minutes from Elephantine Island. You can explore the markets, brightly coloured streets, and enter a Nubian home for traditional cuisine or local tea. There is usually a show put on for guests which involves singing and dancing.

Be aware, there are real life crocodiles kept as pets, as it is a strong part of the Nubian culture.


Best Tours in Aswan

4-Day 3-Night Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor – Private Tour

Aswan Day Tour Visiting Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam in Aswan


Where to Stay in Nubian Village? 

All of these options are run by local Nubian families on Elephantine Island, which offers a pleasant serene escape from the chaos of Aswan.

  • Bob Marley Guesthouse
  • Aswan Nubian House
  • Mango Guesthouse
  • Nile View Guesthouse


DAY 6 | Temple of Philae | Lunch at the famous Cataract Hotel 

Temple of Philae | Photo by AXP Photography on Unsplash

A highlight of Aswan is the famous Temple of Philae, which sits on its own island following its move in the 1970’s as a result of the rising waters from the erection of the HIgh Dam in Aswan.

The Temple looks like it has lived on the island of Agilka forever, as it is so well preserved throughout. You can find a mixture of ancient languages on the walls, from the different civilisations who have used it.

If you visit the Temple at sunset, there is a lights and sound show which illustrates the ancient past of the impressive landmark.

You do have to catch a boat taxi to the island, so this works out cheaper if you visit on an official tour, or have good negotiating skills.

The Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan has its fair share of fame in Egypt, as a result some of the guests it has hosted over the years. These include Winston Churchill, Agathe Christie, and KIng Farouk.

One of the royal suites might be beyond your budget on this trip, however, other areas of the complex are accessible to tourists. You can have an elegant lunch with Nile views, use the spa facilities, or relax in the beautiful gardens. This offers a touch of class to your Egypt itinerary.


Temple of Philae – Important information

Opening times = 7am – 4pm daily.

Entrance fee = 100 EGP (£2.50) + extra for a taxi boat to the island.


Best Temple of Philae Tours

Private 2 Hour Guided Tour to Philae Temple from Aswan

Philae Temple and Aswan High-Dam Half-day tour


DAY 7 | Visit Abu Simbel Temple 

Abu Simbel Temple – Egypt | Photo by AussieActive on Unsplash

The Abu Simbel Temple is Egypt’s most southern wonder, located only 20km from the Sudan border. Due to the escalations within Egypt’s neighbour, day trips are always done first thing in the morning. You can expect to set off around 4am, catching a beautiful sunrise over the desert landscape, which is a treat in itself.

Tourists usually arrive at the impressive Temple complex around 8am and get a couple of hours of exploration before heading back to Aswan.

There are four giant colossi statues in front of the main Temple at Abu Simbel which show the scale of the structures back in ancient times when KIng Ramses II built them.

Similar to the Temple of Philae in Aswan, Abu Simbel had to be relocated in the 1960’s due to rising waters in the NIle from the erection of the Aswan High Dam.

Tourists would never know this occurred as the Temple is still in original condition as a result of a modern day engineering feat in the project.


Abu Simbel – Important information

Opening times = 5am – 6pm daily.

Entrance fee = 600 EGP (£15).


Best Abu Simbel Tours

Full Day Tour to Abu Simbel Temples from Aswan

Private Day Tour to Abu Simbel Temples from Aswan


DAY 8 | Fly from Aswan to Cairo | Departure from Cairo 

The next morning, make the short morning flight back to Cairo in time for your international departure.


Add Ons – Top Destinations in Egypt 

While this 7 Day Egypt itinerary covers some of the best attractions in the country, there is so much more to see on a longer trip.

If you have extra time you should also visit:

  • Alexandria
  • Hurghada
  • Sharm El Sheikh
  • Siwa


7 Day Egypt Travel Itinerary – Travel Tips and Recommendations

  • Book flights early – In Egypt, internal flights can be very cheap if you book far enough in advance, so plan ahead of time.
  • Pack medications – Egypt is famous for food poisoning for visitors, so pre packing the correct medication may save you some hassle.
  • Wear sun protection – Exploring the ancient Egyptian sites involves outdoor exercise, so put sunscreen on at regular intervals.The Mexican sun is strong. Wear sunscreen, hats, and cover-up clothes when outdoors.
  • Stay hydrated – Egypt can get very hot in summer, so make sure you carry water at all times.
  • Respect cultural sites – When visiting ancient sites, make sure you respect local traditions.
  • Carry small note denominations – Haggling is a popular aspect of Egyptian culture, so having smaller notes will strengthen your bargaining power.
  • Pre book travel insurance – Egypt is a country which has historically had issues, therefore, pre booking travel insurance is essential.


7 Day Egypt Trip Itinerary – Summary

Day 1 | Arrival in Cairo

Day 2 | Day Trip to Pyramid of Giza, Sphinx, Saqqara and Memphis

Day 3 | Cairo to Luxor | Explore East Bank Treasures

Day 4 | Explore Luxor West Bank 

Day 5 | Luxor – Aswan | Visit the Nubian Villages

Day 6 | Temple of Philae

Day 7 | Visit Abu Simbel Temple

Day 8 | Fly from Aswan to Cairo | Departure from Cairo


7 Day Egypt Travel Itinerary – FAQ’s

  • What are the must-see places in Egypt in 7 days?

The top destinations along the River Nile  to see in a week in Egypt are Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel. With the options to stop at the three important historical sites: Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna.

  • How many days do you need in Cairo?

Two full days in the Egyptian capital is enough time to see the main city attractions, along with the Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, and Saqqara.

  • Is it better to fly or use the train in Egypt for a 7 day trip?

Flying and the train are similar in price, however flying will be slightly quicker between Cairo and Luxor, and Aswan back to Cairo. The night train is an awesome experience though, so it depends on what you are looking for. It is recommended that you head south by train and fly back up north at the end of your trip.

  • Is the Nile the best travel route in Egypt for 7 days?

A great 7 day Egypt route is along the River Nile, as the majority of the country’s highlights are based on the banks of the Nile, and have been for thousands of years.

  • Is Egypt safe for Solo Travel?

A solo adventure down the Nile can be intimidating for some due to the history of the country, however, there are tight security measures in place at all the tourist sites. You should keep up to date with recommended travel advice as the region is prone to uncertainty. Most solo travellers enjoy the treasure of Ancient Egypt trouble free.

  • How much does it cost to travel in Egypt for 7 days?

Expect to budget around £100 per day minimum, which includes transport between different locations, a mid range hotel, food and site tickets. Egypt is fairly cheap if you stay street smart and don’t agree to the tourist prices.


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