Travel with us to : The Bahamas

Travel with us to : The Bahamas
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Oh man, these white sandy beaches and clear waters! Ever since I knew the Bahamas existed, I have been wanting to visit this Caribbean piece of paradise. After staying in Nassau for two months, I kept going back for more. So, let me take you on a trip to the Bahamas to discover the places you shouldn’t miss.

Located in the northern Caribbean, the islands of the Bahamas are close to Florida and easy to reach by plane or cruise ship. By chance you can even fly directly from Europe. Though, the best time for a trip to the Bahamas is between December and June, but could be done the entire year if you don’t mind the hurricane season.


Being the main island with Nassau as the capital city, New Providence has some nice hotels, beaches, restaurants and clubs. I recommend renting a car and driving around the island, this might take the entire day, but you’ll be back before sunset. The zoo is worth visiting. You’ll get to see flamingos from close distance. Visit local fish restaurants along Bay Street opposite to Arawake cay and spend a day on cable beach. Also, have dinner with a sunset view at Compass Point.

Trip to Bahamas
Nassau Beaches


If your trip to the Bahamas is mainly for the beaches and hotel experience, paradise island is just a bridge length away from Nassau. You can simply walk, take a taxi or at least once enjoy a boat ride with a funny guide for a few Dollars.

From the famous One&Only ocean club to the Atlantis hotel and homes of celebrities, you’ll have plenty to explore. Fortunately, there are still some public beaches like cabbage beach to enjoy the sunset, Jet Ski or just relax and enjoy. And don’t miss the Atlantis marina, which is open for public day and night with shops, restaurants and view of some nice yachts. The Atlantis hotel offers a casino, restaurants, concert hall and a club, you can also book a day ticket to the beach and water park with numerous slides.

Trip to Bahamas
View from Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge


A trip to the Bahamas for the prefect beaches takes you to Harbour Island with its pink sands beach. The island offers a variety of hotels and guesthouses from simple to luxurious.


To get there, Bahamas ferries offers a fast ferry service from and to Nassau. I recommend you stay at least for a night, as the return trip is too early for you to really enjoy your time. Watch the sun set at Romora bay resort and Marina, having a drink or a great fish meal for a memorable experience.

Trip to BahamasEluthera


If you have some time take a water taxi to Eluthera and have a drive around the island. For more clear waters and beaches take a day trip to Exuma and play with pigs, pet stingrays and watch shark feedings.

If you are a passionate diver or always wanted to experience a shark dive, visit Stuart Cove’s on New Providence. They offer snorkeling, single submarine and shark diving experiences to magnificent places. That was a once in a lifetime experience.

Trip to Bahamas
Sharks in Exuma


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