Araamu SPA – Pamper your senses

Araamu SPA – Pamper your senses
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Any luxurious resort is incomplete without a spa and Araamu Spa spread over an area of 4500 sq.m perfectly complements the surroundings and environment of Sun Island Resort and SPA – Maldives, making it the perfect place in paradise. Built from thatch, bamboo, timber and stone, replete with frangipani and jasmine trees amidst pools, fountains and cascading water, ARAAMU SPA is a separate and complete environment, distinct from the rest of the resort.
‘Araamu’ is a Dhivehi word which denotes a blissful state of total relaxation. The experienced therapists take you to the same blissful state and ensure that you recover totally from the strains of modern life.
Araamu Spa Maldives Treatment Pavilion
Treatment Pavilions at the Araamu Spa

With 14 outdoor pavilions and 6 indoor treatment rooms, this award winning  ARAAMU SPA is the biggest one in the Maldives and also the third biggest in South East Asia. Well trained therapists ensure a pure relaxing and rejuvenating treatment putting the mind into a soothing state.

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Each pavilion is set in a lush private garden complimented by a flower bath, Jacuzzi, Shower and a steam room. The tropical environment created in the pavilions, please the eye and the gentle sound of running water and eastern music delights the ear.

Araamu Spa Maldives Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi for a post treatment session at one of the pavilions

All pavilions have an unusual arrangement of two treatment tables, which provides a delightful opportunity for a couple to enjoy pampering by the therapist and each other’s company at the same time. A signature treatment from ARAAMU SPA for couples by the name ‘Loabi Loabi’ has been designed, which involves a combination of treatments and private time together in the Jacuzzi.

ARAAMU SPA takes pride in calling itself a complete wellness SPA, as the list of treatments include both classic treatments and ayurvedic treatments.

Araamu Spa Maldives flowers
Surrounded by greenery at the Araamu Spa

I indulged in one treatment each from their classic and ayurvedic set of treatments.

THEYO DHEMUN – A Local Traditional Maldivian Massage’ – an ARAAMU special full body massage using ‘Passion Oil’ is one of the signature treatments which ARAAMU SPA offers in their Classic set of treatments.

Araamu Spa Maldives walking path
Walking into a different world all together

My therapist was from Bali, Indonesia who further informed me about the treatment and duration which was 50 min. The techniques used included short firm strokes with the thumbs, pressure points working along the meridians and pressure strokes using the heel of the hand and the way the masseuse applied mild pressure with her hands and elbows, was enough to relax my muscles and the slow music of birds chirping, waves crashing, playing in the background put my mind into a deep state of relaxation. The treatment ensured full body rejuvenation apart from some relaxation of stiffed muscles.

Araamu Spa Maldives Entrance Outdoor Pavilions
Entrance to one of the outdoor pavilions

Ayurveda – The  ‘Science  Of  Life’, Was  Originated  In  India More  Than  10,000  Years  Ago,  And  Is  Believed  To  Be  The  Oldest Healing  Science  In  Existence  From  Which  All  Other  System Emerged.

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‘Ancient Seven Steps’ – one of the signature treatments which ARAAMU SPA offers in their Ayurvedic set of treatments, is a full body massage with specific “Ayurvedic oil”. The main idea is that it nourishes  and  revitalizes  the  body  tissues  and  allows  for  toxins  to be cleansed from  cells.  This special massage has a much deeper and effect reaching much further than an ordinary massage.  It  is  a  heavenly experience  for  those  who  have  no  particular  ailments  but  simply needs  to  feel  good.

Araamu Spa Maldives silence
Silence Please

Being a soft to medium pressure massage, I informed my masseuse to apply medium pressure, which ended up putting my body in a complete state of relaxation. It started with me lying on my back, facing upwards first, then lying on the side with the face on left side, then with my face down, then again lying on the side but this time with my face on the right side and then again me facing upwards. Different set of muscles were massaged in phases which was so soothing and relaxing.

For 80 minutes, my body was enjoying getting pampered while my mind was in a calm and relaxed state. The treatment ensured a full body rejuvenation, increase in tissue strength, improvement of blood circulation, reduction of stress and mental tension.

Araamu Spa Maldives relaxation lobby
The post treatment relaxation lobby

The thing I liked the most was that each therapist had their own personal unique way of massaging and applying pressure which made sure that no two treatments were same despite having the same technique and methodology. This I experienced first-hand, when I got one treatment twice but from different therapists. Even though the overall technique was same, what was different was the style of massage by the therapist.  Its small things like these which take the overall experience go a different level all together.

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The lovely welcome drink of chilled ginger tea and an ice tea at the end, enhances the experience in ARAAMU SPA and makes you want to keep coming back to get pampered during the stay at Sun Island Resort and SPA – Maldives.

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