Salisbury Cathedral and Daily Reflections

Salisbury Cathedral and Daily Reflections
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Reflection does not need to only occur when it is New Year’s Eve and you are looking back at the year, or after an eventful moment makes you stop and think back; in fact, reflections should be daily as a means of constantly improving yourself. 


Daily reflections are a habit that you need to inculcate specially in unprecedented times that we are living today in, and like with any habit, it takes time and dedication to make it a part of your normal routine. You may be wondering why daily reflection is so meaningful that it should be done every day?


Here are some incredible benefits associated with daily reflections: 


# It gives you perspective on what is happening in your life. It allows you to step back and really look at things without any other factors influencing your thoughts. Our daily lives can be so busy and have so much going on in them that we tend to get caught up; take a moment to slow down and reflect will help you think with a clearer mind and make better decisions.


# Once you are able to think with a clearer mind and have a better perspective on the things going on in your life, you will notice that you start truly learning from your mistakes. When you reflect you will begin to notice things that you are doing wrong and look at ways in which you can change them to yield better results. Don’t hide away from your mistakes, instead reflect back on them and think carefully about how you would approach a situation differently the next time it came up.


# Daily reflections also help give you inspiring, great ideas. As your mind is thinking back and you are analysing what you have done, it can inspire great thoughts and help guide you in making the next steps in your life – helping you to continuously improve and move forward.


# Most importantly, daily reflections can help you feel happier. You can reflect back on all your achievements in the day, no matter how small, and you then realise how great everything you are doing is. Of course, there may be some days where you do not have a whole lot to reflect back on, and that is okay too!


You can incorporate daily reflections into your life by doing a few things. The best way to start is to journal; note down your achievements of the day or anything you feel is relevant. It is also one of the best things to do at home to keep your sanity intact. If you struggle to do this, just start by writing one sentence to capture the essence of the day. You can then reflect back on your journal entries every now and then to see just how far you have come. Another great way to interact with your thoughts and feelings of the day is to live stream daily reflections from Salisbury Cathedral which is great if you find you are overwhelmed at any point with feelings or emotions.


Salisbury Cathedral | Flickr | Alison Day


Salisbury Cathedral, an angelic cathedral, located in Salisbury, United Kingdom –  formerly known as Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, if you aren’t aware, is one of the leading examples of Early English Architecture. Salisbury Church is home to worlds oldest working mechanical clock, dating back to 1836, and It is also in Salisbury Church, where you will find United Kingdom’s tallest church spire at 404 feet ~ 123 m.


Salisbury Cathedral, makes for a great one day trip from popular cities like Bristol, Bath, London, and can be combined with a trip to the famous Stonehenge, also in Salisbury. Salisbury is also less than a hours drive away from Southampton, which is one of England’s busiest ports, and the starting point of some really amazing Cruising Vacations from the United Kingdom. Southampton, in turn is just an hours drive away from South Downs National Park, which is also one of the Best National Parks in the United Kingdom.


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