Exploring India: The 6 Must-Visit Destinations

Exploring India: The 6 Must-Visit Destinations
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India is quickly becoming a hotspot for adventurous travellers. It’s no wonder – the country offers a plethora of natural wonders, historical sites and cultural value, unmatched by any other. Here are just six of the must-visit destinations to consider on your Indian holidays.

Taj Mahal

No visit to India is complete without experiencing the Taj Mahal for yourself. The majestic mausoleum sits on the south bank of the Yamuna river, almost glistening with its pristine ivory white detailing and magnificent towering pillars. Pictures don’t do it justice – you need to see it for yourself.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

You can enter the Taj Mahal, but it gets extremely busy during the daytime – consider visiting as soon as the sun begins to rise in order to miss the swathes of tourists flocking in. Security is also very strict here, so you’ll need to be aware of what you can and can’t take in with you.


For a sense of India heightened to the extreme, visit Delhi. As soon as you step foot in the bustling city you’ll be swept away by a wealth of culture, cuisine and energy that rivals the best around the world.

It’s in Delhi you’ll find the best examples of the Holi festival, taking place every March. It’s best known for the colour explosions, but there are plenty of musical opportunities too. The Holi Cow Festival, for instance, is a raucous and colourful occasion, oriented around music and showcasing the best upcoming and mainstream bands in the country.


Formerly known as Calcutta, the capital of Kolkata is considerably muted when compared to cities such as Delhi. That doesn’t make for a less interesting experience, though – the city is full to the brim with cultural value, whether it be through art, food or even simply the sense of community.

Be sure to interact with the locals here in Kolkata, as they’re often willing to show you around and tell you more about the city’s history. And, if you’re into art and film, make sure you’re visiting at the right time – the Film Festival here is renowned by fans and critics worldwide.

Great Wall of India

You may not have known that it exists, but the Great Wall of India is slowly becoming the must-see attraction for travellers from all over. It sits undisturbed in the depths of Kumbhalgarh, undiscovered by many despite being the second longest continuous wall on the planet, just behind its Chinese counterpart.

The wall surrounds a fort that hides some 300 ancient temples, of which you likely won’t be able to get to any – traps may still lurk within the depths of the wall if you’re not careful. Regardless, the sight of the complex is enough to satisfy even the most adventurous tourist.


If you’re looking for an authentic Indian getaway, head to Kerala. It’s here, that you can experience the best homestays, where you’ll get to stay with Indian families and learn about their lifestyles. And it’s also the best way to get to sample some true Indian food, which you’ll more than likely play a part in making.

Kerala with ETLR
The rustic beaches of Kerala

Some homestays are admittedly more luxurious and developed than others, but it’s the feel of family and community that makes for Kerala’s appeal. Head into the town and you’ll discover rustic architecture that gives way to an abundance of natural sights you’ll fall in love with.


The town of Darjeeling is surprisingly skipped over by many travellers – it’s unfair, as it has a wealth of offerings in every sense. Whether it be hikes through the Himalayas, spotting red leopards in their national habitat or sampling the finest and best tea in the world, Darjeeling has it all.

It’s actually a hill station, meaning that it’s elevated much higher than sea level. The views from Darjeeling of the towering Khangchendzonga, at a height of nearly 9000m, are unparalleled. It’s a slice of India’s diverse and massive appeal, showcasing the natural beauty and charm of the country.

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About the Author : Elizabeth Wolfe
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15 thoughts on “Exploring India: The 6 Must-Visit Destinations”

  • mazing tourist places you have mentioned in this post. Most of the places I have visited like Pondicherry, Munnar, Alleppey and Gokarna etc. Recently I have returned from Odisha, there are also many amazing tourist places have covered by me during my and I was staying in The HHI Bhubaneswar Hotels for five days. Thank you and Keep sharing beautiful places. Rest of places I will visit soon.

  • Always love reading posts on India, been to a few of the places in the post but on my next trip would love to visit Darjeeling, and explore more of India, especially the temples and ancient sites. Enjoyed looking at the photos here which Brough back memories of my trip to Kerala.

  • Taj Mahal is one of my all time favorite destination…The city of Agra is a traditional and religious place, where we can learn so many things, not only Agra each and every city and state of India is carrying it’ s own uniqueness and specials. Coming to Taj Mahal, the architecture is great. It is one of the symbol of Love in India.

  • I’m so glad I got to see at least three must-see places on your list! I loved Delhi, the Taj Mahal, and Kolkata although I do admit India grew on me after a few weeks. In my next visit, I would love to check out the hill stations and Kerala!

  • Taj Mahal would be number one on my list. Your photo of it is amazing – and I have seen a TON of Taj Mahal photos! The beaches of Kerala are also beautiful. It is so picturesque and quiet!

  • There are so many amazing places to visit in India and this list really shows off the highlights! Calcutta and Delhi as well as the Taj Mahal would be my first picks; I visited Goa a long time ago and would also love to return. I wonder where the best place to visit with young children would be?

  • I’ve yet to visit India, but I’ve heard so many reasons why I need to visit! I’d like to see the Great Wall of India, looks very interesting. Kerala also looks pretty from the photos, and very authentic too.

  • I want to visit all of these places! The Great Wall of India and Darjeeling (I love the tea! ;)) are high on my list. I will keep this handy for planning my India trip.

  • India is so gorgeous and so vast that a lifetime isn’t enough just to explore this country!!!
    Being an Indian who loves to travel, I haven’t even been to the east yet!!!
    You could either go direction wise like Delhi & Taj vs Kerala or interest wise or tourist spots vs non-touristy spots like the Great wall of India! Still there would be so much left!

  • I am surprised that most travelers would skip Darjeeling, that is top of my travel wish list for India. I suppose the out of the way, difficult to reach aspect is a contributing factor. From what I have seen, India is a beautiful country.

  • I would also recommend the Belum caves and Gandhikota (the grand canyons of India).
    Belum cave happens to be one of the largest and longest cave system open to the public on the Indian subcontinent.

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