Best Places to Travel to in September

Best Places to Travel to in September
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There are several advantages of planning a trip to Travel in September, as it’s considered shoulder season in many parts of the world, when kids go back to school and most summer vacations come to an end. 

With fewer crowds, come lower prices and uninterrupted bliss, making this a great time to travel. 

You may prefer to bask in the last of the summer heat at a beach destination like California, or rather experience the blossoming of the spring in favourites like Cape Town. 

No matter where you go, September is sure to bring you some unforgettable experiences in these remarkable destinations.

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Where to Travel in September?

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As summer comes to an end, temperatures drop and days shorten, making it a perfect time to visit Iceland. The natural beauty is astonishing year-round in Iceland, with September being no exception.  

You can experience the awe-inspiring nature of Iceland with an average of 13 hours of daylight to be filled with adventure; followed by nights of alluring enchantment by the northern lights. 

Wild Horses grazing in Iceland | Photo by Vladimir Riabinin on Unsplash

September also begins the shoulder season for Icelandic tourism, and you’ll find fewer crowds in the signature spots. The best way to explore Iceland during this time is to immerse yourself in the never ending landscapes by choosing a car camping expedition in Iceland

Car Camping at this time of year is the best way to see everything you want to see- no matter the length of your trip; maximize your experience by using my Ultimate Icelandic Car Camping Guide for an affordable and adventurous trip. 

While there’s much to be found in the beloved cultural capital – Reykjavik, you’ll find that most of the fun happens outside the city:

  • Golden Circle: By far Iceland’s most popular attraction, the Golden Circle route will transport you to otherworldly sites from the land fissures of Thingvellir National Park to the powerful cascades of Gullfoss. A classic Icelandic experience, which is also one of the Most Scenic Road Trips in Europe; this cannot be missed on your trip to the viking country. 
  • Iceland’s South Coast: If you’re open to venturing further from Iceland’s capital, tour the south coast to discover the glacial heavens and diverse waterfalls of the southern coast. With so many things to do, traversing the South Coast is the way to go if you have 3+ days to travel through the country.
  • Western Fjords and Hiking Trails: A destination often overlooked by tourists of Iceland is all that can be found in the Western regions of the island. From the calm and relatively unknown Westfjords to the multi-day Laugavegur hiking trail, there is so much nature to be explored on Iceland’s west coast that many do not know about.
  • Hot Springs and Aurora Borealis: As the weather begins to cool, take advantage of the many natural hot springs of Iceland; including one of the 25 wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoon (One of the Most Stunning Locations in Iceland). September is also a phenomenal time to view the northern lights and you can find several Northern Lights tours from Reykjavik and throughout the country.

There’s no shortage of activities, that will make Iceland a memorable trip for anyone traveling to Iceland in September. It’s important to also be prepared for the unexpected weather that can be seen year-round in Iceland.

Temperatures will typically be around 45-50°F (7-10°C), but it’s recommended that you bring several layers, gloves, and hats. It is also advised to bring warm, waterproof gear. The wind and rain can be unforgiving, so it’s best to prepare for any type of weather when planning your trip. 

I would also recommend at least 5 days of exploration through the Viking island to allow ample time to enjoy the nature and beauty of Iceland fully – and room to adjust in case the weather disagrees with your plans.




Visiting Bali during September allows you to enjoy the pleasant, sunny weather before the wet season comes into full swing in Indonesia. Experience the rich culture and vibrant fauna of this beloved island with warm weather and limited rainfall.

Uluwatu, Canggu, and Seminyak are popular hotspots for their incredible surf and relaxing beaches.

In Ubud, you will be amazed by all that you can find from large temples to lush rice terraces. It is also the cultural heart of Bali, and you will be immersed in the rich history of Bali here. 

The Beauty of Bali

Many travellers, who follow a Bali Itinerary, such as this 9 Day Bali Travel Itinerary also prefer to visit the nearby islands of Nusa Penida and Gili Meno, Air, and Trawangan. There are several ferries that you can take to these islands in 2-4 hours.

No matter where you choose to explore, it’s pertinent that you explore this region responsibly. 

The concerns of how tourism is affecting the island are increasingly growing, so utilize a Sustainable Bali Travel Guide to help you plan your trip while preserving its natural beauty and culture for other travellers.

Along with leaving a minimal footprint, packing light and flowy clothing will allow you to comfortably explore the humid landscapes; as well as ensuring you pack and/or buy mosquito repellent. 

It’s also best to hire a private driver or travel by scooter throughout the island when possible over a car rental, as the traffic in Bali can be extremely difficult to navigate. 

You will also require a travel visa if traveling from certain regions, these can typically be purchased on arrival at the airport- but it’s always good to check the visa requirements before your trip.

On your trip to Bali, elevate your Bali experience, by ticking off some of the Best and Top Rated Tours in Bali.



California, USA

Away from the brutal heat of Californian summer, September offers milder yet still enjoyable sunny and warm weather throughout the state with minimal rainfall. 

Kids returning to school at this time will also result in fewer crowds and more pleasant travel throughout the state. 

Traveling along Pacific Highway One is an unforgettable experience year-round, but as September brings cooler weather and less fog; drive to Big Sur for cliffs, beaches, and stunning views. 

Pacific Coast Highway | Photo by Bobby Yang on Unsplash

You can also admire the marvels of Yosemite National Park, which is one of the Best National Parks in the USA; when the summer crowds are reduced, and the weather is perfect for hiking and exploring. Arguably one of the best spots to be immersed in California’s nature, this national park is great for September travel.

You will also find fewer crowds in California’s hotspots around Los Angeles, and September is a great time to enjoy them. Discover a favourite like Venice Beach, with surf and skate dominating this hippie strip; or rather marvel at the Hollywood sign overlooking the ever-bustling Walk of Fame.

For all of the wine lovers, a tour to Napa Valley is a MUST DO THING, as Napa Valley’s harvest season will be in full swing offering wine tasting and festivities. You can bike the Napa Valley Vine Trail, hot air balloon over the vineyards in Napa Valley at sunrise, or enjoy a gourmet meal aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train.

There’s no shortage of beautiful travel experiences to be had in California in September, so pack your bags with light clothes and enjoy the warm, sunny weather!




September marks the beginning of fall in Mexico, with average temperatures tending to be more pleasant than the immense heat of summer. 

The slow season also begins in September, allowing for more travel deals and uninterrupted explorations throughout Mexico. 

There are many places to discover the beauty of the brewing autumn in Mexico, but these are the best places to spend September, which are also recommended in this 7 Day Mexico Travel Itinerary.

Sayulita is all about surf, sand, and relaxation; a beach town along the west coast that provides a hippy-chic small town experience. The most popular attractions here include learning to surf, horseback riding, hiking (especially the most popular hike of Monkey Mountain), and just chilling out at the beach.

Cabo San Lucas is a great spot to get out on the water and discover all of the abundant marine life nearby, or you can also hop on a party boat and see what Cabo nightlife is really about! This is also the driest part of the year for this region, averaging just 5 days of rain throughout the month. 

Commonly considered the foodie capital of Mexico, Oaxaca City is a great place to experience traditional Mexican cuisine and admire the lush greenery in and around the city.

Mexico City is arguably the best spot to experience the festivities of Mexican Independence Day- lasting from September 15 through the night of September 16. The capital city is also great for museums, historic sites, and local cuisine.

While Mexico is generally drier in September, there are still typically 12-15 days of rain (outside of Cabo). It contributes to the lush greenery, but it’s important to make sure that you pack options for rainy days along with light and flowy clothing for the warmer days.

Additionally, make note of the holiday over September 15-16 and plan your accommodation well in advance to save on unexpected price spikes. 



South Africa

South Africa travel in September can bring unforgettable experiences through enjoying the blooming of spring in adventurous Cape Town, admiring unforgettable landscapes throughout the country, and viewing the abundance of wildlife that can be found here. 

Temperatures begin to rise during this time; with rainfall easing off during South African springtime. You will also find lower prices in many regions of the country as it is still considered shoulder season- except for near Kruger National Park, which is always wise to book in advance. 

September is one of the best times for wildlife viewing at Kruger National Park – the world’s premier safari destination – so this is a can’t-miss stop on your South African expedition. With rising temperatures, it’s a great time for sighting leopards and cheetahs along with the rest of the Top 5 Safari Animals.

You’re likely to find Southern Right Whales off the coast of Gansbaii, along with some of the finest whale watching tours in this area during September, complete with African penguins, Cape fur seals, and more of the Marine Big 5 Animals

Along with all of the diverse wildlife that can be seen in South Africa, September also boasts fewer crowds and cooler weather in Cape Town where you can find a multitude of fun-filled adventures:

  • Table Mountain is an iconic can’t-miss spot where you can find a panoramic view of Cape Town and all of its surroundings. It’s accessible via either a steep hike or cable car if you’re not up for the challenge!
  • Robben Island highlights an important part of South African history of apartheid and provides historical insight of the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.
  • Boulders Beach is the only place in the world where you can get up close to African penguins, home to a colony of 2000 to 3000 wild penguins that are sure to brighten up your day!
  • There are also dozens of free walking tours to choose from that will bring you closer to the background of Cape Town and allow you to get closer to all aspects of the amazing South African hotspot

If you’re planning a trip over September 24, you’re sure to see the huge celebration that comes with Heritage Day, a public holiday dedicated to celebrating the roots and history of diverse cultures in South Africa.

There are dozens of parades and celebrations going on at this time, but you can also consider spending time learning about a place (like Robben Island) with rich South African history.

While the weather is beginning to warm in preparation for summer, average temperatures will tend to sit around 70°F (21°C). However, there can be some rainy and cooler days, especially near Cape Town, so remember to pack accordingly. 

Also, be sure to make note when planning your 7 Day South Africa itinerary, that Heritage Day and the festivities surrounding it may affect opening hours/availability in certain parts of the country. 

There is a diverse range of destinations that can offer beautiful experiences throughout the month of September- from Iceland’s mesmerizing landscapes to the untamed safari adventures of South Africa.


For a memorable September adventure, consider visiting one of these destinations and taking advantage of the fewer crowds and milder weather at this time. 

September is a perfect time to savour the world’s kaleidoscope of wonders and embark on unforgettable journeys.


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