The Best Family Hotels and Resorts in Thailand

The Best Family Hotels and Resorts in Thailand
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When it comes to indulgent vacations, Thailand stands out as a paradise of luxury. From the pristine beaches of Phuket and Krabi to the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok and the cultural charm of Chiang Mai, this Southeast Asian gem offers a myriad of luxurious properties that cater to even the most discerning travellers. Whether you seek beachfront opulence, urban grandeur, or tranquil retreats, our curated list featuring some of the best hotels and resorts in Thailand promises an unforgettable escape, while answering the most important question – Where To Stay in Thailand with my family?

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Phuket’s azure waters and golden sands set the stage for a luxurious beach escape. Discover world-class resorts as mentioned in this 7 Day Phuket Dive + Travel Itinerary, like Thavorn Palm Beach Resort & Spa and Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa, where private villas, exquisite dining, and rejuvenating spas seamlessly blend with the tropical paradise surroundings. With personalized services and lavish amenities, Phuket’s luxury Resorts redefine indulgence.



Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and Spa

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon Beach is One of the Most Awarded Beach Front Resorts in Phuket and is one of the best resorts in Phuket for family travellers and group travellers. 

Welcome to Thavorn Palm Beach Resort


The USP of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort has to be the Giant Water Slides which is designed to offer fun and excitement to anyone and everyone irrespective of age, apart from the Botanical and Rainforest Garden spread over 12 Acres. 

Did you know that Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers its guests 8 different categories of Rooms and also boasts of Three massive swimming pools spread over 2600 sq.m and 7 in-house Restaurants, Cafes and Bars. 

The food that we tried at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort was just YUMMMMM


While the Deluxe Terrace, Deluxe Terrace Garden Access, Deluxe Terrace Pool View, Seaview Deluxe Terrace and the Seaview Sunken Lounge Deluxe Terrace categories of room are perfect for Solo and Couple Travellers. 

The Family Fun Deluxe Terrace, Family Connecting Deluxe Terrace, Two Bedroom Suite and Seaview Three Bedroom Suite with Bathtub categories of rooms, on the other hand are perfect for Families and Large Groups. 

I stayed in the Deluxe Terrace Pool View Room and I loved the room. It was spacious, had all modern amenities and had an amazing view of the Giant Slide from the terrace. 

The Room and The View


If you are a family traveller, you’d be delighted to know that there are plenty of kid friendly activities that Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers its young guests at The Kids Room and The Animal Village. The swimming pools also have a shallow area specially for the younger ones and then there are the water slides, which is a hot favourite among the young guests that stay at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, making it one of the best family resorts in Phuket.

Another plus point about Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is its location. 

➡️ Karon Beach is just a 5 minute walk away. 

➡️ The Bus Stop is just 2-3 minutes away. 

➡️ Karon Night Market is just 2 kms away. 

➡️ Bangla Road near Patong Beach is a 15 minute drive.

Book Your Stay at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort here



Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa

Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa is one of the Best Beach Resorts in Phuket with a private beach – Nakalay Beach, which is tucked between Kamala Beach and Kalim Beach, making Nakalay Beach literally a private beach for Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa. It is also one of the best resorts in Phuket for couples.

Welcome to Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa


Nakalay beach is one of Phuket’s last remaining privately accessed beaches, making access to a private beach free of crowd and disturbances one of the USP’s of Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa. 

The other USP of Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa is the Tropical Lagoon Swimming Pool spread over 4000 sq.m, which is one of the best of its kind in all of Thailand. 

And guess what Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa offers its guests the chance to make the most of this unique facility, by giving them the option of Staying in the Lagoon Pool Access Rooms, where you can literally enter the Lagoon Swimming Pool through the balcony. 

Apart from this Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa offers its guests the option to choose from Beachfront Cottages, Lagoon Pool View Rooms, Garden View Cottages and Hillside Rooms with Terrace Bathtubs. 


While Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa also offers a lot of kid friendly activities and experiences, I found Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa to be one of the best resorts in Phuket for Couples. 

If having a private Romantic Candle lit dinner by the beach in a rather intimate setting, has been there on your Thailand Bucket List, you can tick it off at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa. 

There are 185 rooms on offer at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa and the 5 F&B outlets are well equipped to cater to the guests.

Some of the Yummy Food we had at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa


Apart from having access to the private Nakalay Beach, Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa also offers its guests the chance to go diving at Nakalay Reef and experiencing the last thriving Reef in Phuket. And even If you are not a Scuba Diver, you can experience diving at Nakalay Reef through the Try Scuba experience. 


During your stay at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa, don’t forget to take a ride on the Jungle Funicular – It’s the First of its kind in Phuket

If time permits, you should also attend a Thai Cooking Class and a Fruit Carving session which will elevate your experience at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa to a different level altogether.

The location of Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa is also one of the USP’s. 

➡️ Both Kamla Beach and Kalim Beach are just a 5 minute drive away. 

➡️ The Bus Stop is at the entrance. 

➡️ Phuket Airport is a 45 minute drive. 

➡️ Bangla Road near Patong Beach is a 15 minute drive.

You’ll find plenty of Aesthetic corners while taking a walk in Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa


Book Your Stay at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa here.



Krabi’s breathtaking limestone cliffs and emerald waters provide an enchanting backdrop for your luxury retreat. All the resorts in Krabi showcase elegantly designed suites and impeccable service, ensuring a tranquil and lavish stay. Revel in the beauty of Krabi’s nature while basking in opulence, and while you do so, don’t forget to tick off these 10 Crazy and Fun Adventures in Krabi, which will compliment your stay at some of the best family hotels and resorts in Krabi.



Red Ginger Chic Resort

Escape to serenity at Red Ginger Chic Resort, a luxurious haven nestled in the heart of Krabi. The resort, which happens to be one of the best resorts in Krabi for couples and family travellers, offers an array of elegantly designed rooms to cater to every traveler’s preference. From spacious suites to cozy deluxe rooms, Red Ginger Chic Resort ensures a comfortable stay for solo adventurers, couples, and families alike.


The variety of room options at Red Ginger Chic Resort truly impressed me. We were hosted in the Duplex Suite, and we were delighted with the level of comfort and elegance it offered. The modern amenities, cozy furnishings, and attention to detail made me feel right at home. For families, the spacious Family Suites provide the perfect blend of space and privacy, ensuring everyone has a memorable stay. Additionally, the Pool Access Rooms are a gem for those who love the convenience of a refreshing swim, with access to the pool via the balcony.


Location-wise, Red Ginger Chic Resort couldn’t be better situated. Just a short walk from the picturesque Ao Nang Beach, we were treated to breathtaking sunsets and clear turquoise waters. The convenience of exploring nearby attractions and embarking on island-hopping adventures made our stay at Red Ginger Chic Resort even more exciting.

For travellers wondering about convenience, getting to Red Ginger Chic Resort is a breeze. Krabi International Airport is a mere 30-minute drive away, and the resort offers seamless airport transfers upon request.


What truly sets the Red Ginger Chic Resort apart is its commitment to offering an unforgettable experience, as the tranquil ambiance envelopes you the moment you step onto the premises.


Pakasai Resort

Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty at Pakasai Resort, a haven of eco-friendly luxury nestled in Krabi. The resort offers a range of thoughtfully designed accommodations, catering to every traveler’s desire for comfort and sustainability.

Pakasai Resort is nestled amidst lush greenery, providing a serene retreat just a short distance from the enchanting Ao Nang Beach. This prime location offers a balance between relaxation and exploration, making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Welcome to Pakasai Resort


PS – Pakasai Resort is just a 5 minute walk from Red Ginger Chic Resort, but is a complete different world alltogether.

Pakasai Resort truly shines with its dedication to eco-conscious luxury. From effective utilization of solar power to innovative natural cooling systems, their commitment to minimizing their ecological impact is commendable. The resort’s organic-focused Dalah restaurant was a delightful surprise, offering dishes made with locally sourced ingredients that were as delicious as they were sustainable.


The nature-infused spa AROKAYA was a haven of relaxation. The treatments, inspired by the surrounding environment, left me feeling rejuvenated and at peace, and the holistic wellness experience was a highlight of my stay.

The peace and tranquility of AROKAYA SPA at Pakasai Resort


The eco-friendly approach at Pakasai Resort extends to their accommodations as well. We had the utmost pleasure in being hosted in one of their Grand Ocean Chalet Suites, and we were impressed by how seamlessly they combined comfort and sustainability. The room was spacious, elegantly designed, and equipped with modern amenities that ensured a comfortable stay while staying environmentally responsible. The Grand Ocean Chalet Suite is nestled on the top Chalet of Pakasai Resort, and comes with a spacious private terrace, a separate bedroom and a living room, plus a kitchenette.

The Grand Ocean Chalet Suite at Pakasai Resort, Ao Nang, Krabi


Pakasai Resort’s commitment to eco-conscious luxury makes it a standout choice for travellers seeking an immersive and sustainable experience, making this family friendly resort in Krabi, also one of the best eco resorts in Krabi. Our stay here was a beautiful blend of comfort, nature, and responsible living. If you’re looking for a truly exceptional eco-friendly retreat in Krabi, look no further. Book your stay at Pakasai Resort and immerse yourself in a world where luxury and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.


Islanda Hideaway Resort

Nestled in the heart of Krabi, Islanda Hideaway is a true gem, offering an enchanting retreat that seamlessly blends luxury with the natural beauty of the Andaman Sea. It is without a doubt, one of the best resorts in Krabi for couples and families alike. If you’re in search of a private island sanctuary that promises unparalleled tranquility and seclusion, this exclusive destination is your ticket to paradise.

Welcome to Islanda Hideaway – Your Relaxing Getaway in Krabi


The hallmark of Islanda Hideaway lies in its unique selling points, making it a standout choice among discerning travellers. Firstly, it is the epitome of a private island retreat. Here, privacy isn’t a feature; it’s a way of life. The resort’s layout and design ensure that each guest enjoys their own personal haven, away from the prying eyes of the world. This exclusivity is a rarity in today’s bustling travel landscape.

Accommodations at Islanda Hideaway are nothing short of opulent. Islanda Hideaway offers the guests the option to choose from Oceanfront Bungalow, Family Bungalow or the Garden Bungalow.The bungalows are meticulously designed to provide the utmost in comfort and sophistication. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the Andaman Sea from your private balcony, or lounging in the lap of luxury within your spacious bungalow. This is the everyday reality for guests at Islanda Hideaway.

The Sprawling Ocean Front Bungalow with a Bathtub in the Balcony


We were hosted in one of the Oceanfront Bungalows, and it was an experience to remember. A sprawling bed, overlooking the ocean, a bathtub in the balcony, a spacious washroom and changing area. What else could have we asked for. The sound of the waves crashing was so soothing to the years, that we literally just lay there, on the lounge beds in the balcony, and tried to soak it all in.

Culinary excellence is another hallmark of Islanda Hideaway. The Sea Breeze restaurant offer a diverse array of cuisine, ensuring that every palate is satisfied. From fresh seafood dishes to international delicacies, dining at Islanda Hideaway is a gastronomic journey that complements the beauty of the natural surroundings.


For the adventurous at heart, Islanda Hideaway offers an array of thrilling activities. Exploring the island on a bike, island hopping, and embarking on mangrove cruise are just a few of the adventures that await. This resort isn’t just a place to relax; it’s a launchpad for exploration and discovery.

Islanda Hideaway’s location is a masterpiece in itself. The resort is situated on Koh Klang, surrounded by lush greenery and the captivating Andaman Sea. While it offers a sense of seclusion and peace, it is also conveniently close to the natural wonders and attractions of the region. This harmonious blend of isolation and accessibility is a rare find.


Getting to Islanda Hideaway is remarkably easy. If you’re flying in, Krabi International Airport serves as your gateway to paradise. The resort provides seamless transfers, whisking you away from the airport to the island, where your dream vacation begins. Make sure to get in-touch with Islanda Hideaway atleast, 24 hours prior to your arrival, so that your entire transfer can be arranged properly.

Islanda Hideaway is not merely a getaway; it is an experience that combines luxury, natural beauty, and adventure in perfect harmony. It is a destination where every detail has been carefully considered to ensure an unparalleled escape. Book your stay today at Islanda Hideaway (one of the best offbeat resorts in Krabi for couples and families) and immerse yourself in a world of serenity and indulgence that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime. Don’t miss the chance to discover your own private paradise.



Chiang Mai

In the heart of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers a different kind of luxury – one that intertwines cultural immersion with lavish comfort. Norden Glamping exemplifies this balance, presenting guests with spacious suites, traditional Thai architecture, and serene gardens. Experience the best of both worlds in Chiang Mai, apart from a ton of other amazing experiences that are recommended in this 3 Day Chiang Mai Travel Itinerary.



Norden Glamping

If you are in a group, rent a 4 wheeler through or Discover Cars, and head to Norden Glamping to spend the day and night, surrounded by nature and away from the hustle bustle. 

Norden Glamping is located 60 kms from Chiang Mai in Mae On, and is a delight to the eyes. It’s basically camping in the woods, but in an Ultra Modern luxurious setup. 

The photos itself will convince you, to spend at least a night at Norden Glamping. 

To book your stay at Norden Glamping, just drop them a message on their Instagram page.

The Beauty of Norden Glamping

No matter what, you have to experience at least a night at Norden Glamping in Chiang Mai, specially if you are with friends.



As the bustling capital, Bangkok effortlessly combines urban sophistication with luxury. At Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, which happens to be one of the Top Hotels in Bangkok, you’ll be immersed in contemporary elegance, complete with panoramic skyline views and refined culinary experiences. Discover Bangkok’s upscale hideaways amidst the city’s vibrant energy, with this epic Weekend In Bangkok Travel Guide.



Aloft Bangkok

One of the most Value for Money and  centrally located hotels that I can recommend for your next trip to Bangkok is Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, which is conveniently located  on Sukhumvit Road near Terminal 21 shopping mall, Nana BTS Station and MRT Sukhumvit station. 

Boasting of 290 rooms spread out on 32 floors, Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 offers beautiful panoramic views of the Bangkok Skyline, to all its guests from their rooms. 

The View from Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11


We stayed at the Urban View Room on the 21st floor and the view from the room was just wow. 

Our Urban View Room at Aloft Bangkok 


What I really appreciated about the staff at Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit – was this personalised welcome card. It’s these small things, that make all the difference.


All rooms are equipped with all modern amenities and the staff at Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, will make sure that you have the best time possible while in Bangkok. 

Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, also has an in-house restaurant where daily Buffet breakfast is served. The vast spread will surely make the foodie in you, content. 

One of the things you should definitely do when staying at Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, is go swimming in the pool on the 10th floor. And while you are at it, might as well enjoy a drink or 2 from the poolside Splash Bar. 


You should definitely try out the tastefully concocted signature cocktails and indulge in the quick bites, and also keep an eye out for the amazing Value for Money offers on food and drinks that keep going on at their in-house restaurant and bars – Crave Restaurant, W XYZ Bar, Re:fuel by Aloft and at the Splash Pool Bar. 


All in all, I would definitely recommend you to check in to Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, especially if you are travelling with family or in groups. 


To make your life easy, here are the Booking links for all the Best Hotels and Resorts in Thailand for families, that are mentioned in this Travel Guide recommending Where to Stay in Thailand ?

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and Spa

Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa

Red Ginger Chic Resort

Pakasai Resort

Islanda Hideaway

Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11


Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this article, however Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and Spa | Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa | Red Ginger Chic Resort | Pakasai Resort | Islanda Hideaway | Norden Glamping | Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 offered our stay complimentary. As always, the opinions on are (and always will be) my own!


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