The Similan Island Liveaboard Experience with Sea Bees Diving

The Similan Island Liveaboard Experience with Sea Bees Diving
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Being a world class Scuba Diving Destination – The Similan Island offers some of the best diving conditions in Thailand. It’s not surprising to know that Diving in the Similan Islands is on the bucket list of many Scuba Divers across the world. 

And Ticking off the Similan Islands Liveaboard Experience has indeed been one of the most fulfilling experiences of 2022 and my Trip to Thailand which also included this 3 Day Bangkok Travel Itinerary and the 3 Day Chiang Mai Travel Itinerary. 

I chose to do the 3D/2N North Similan island Liveaboard with Sea Bees Diving, on board the recently renovated MV Marco Polo Liveaboard, as a part of my 7 Day Phuket Dive + Travel Itinerary.

We started off from the Thap Lamu pier in Khao Lak at 8 in the morning on Friday and reached back 3 days later on Sunday in the evening around 5 PM. And in this span of 3 days, we managed to do 10 amazing dives. 





About Diving in the Similan Islands

Similan islands are located around 50km west of the coast in the open ocean and thus are accessible only by boat. Most dive boats leave from Thap Lamu pier, which is just a few minutes south of Khao Lak.

The Similan Islands are a National Park and open from November to April. A daily fees of 700 THB is payable over and above what you pay for your Similan Diving Trip to Sea Bees Diving.

Scuba diving at the Similan islands is limited to November – April. However, dive sites around Phuket can be accessed all year long.

Usually the visibility is outstanding. While 25m is normal, On many days it is 30m+

Only exception are times when nutrient currents bring a lot of plankton. Then the visibility can drop, however, these currents will also bring manta rays and whale sharks. So no reason to be disappointed.

The best time to spot Mantas and Whale Sharks is during the end of the season, ie – March – April. However, you can get lucky as well, and have an occasional sighting every now and then.


The Itinerary

Sea Bees Diving runs fixed departure groups from Thap Lamu pier in Khao Lak every Friday between November – April for the 3 Day | 2 Night North Similan Island Liveaboard trip. And this is how the Similan Island Liveaboard Travel Itinerary looks like – 


Day 1 ➡️  Departure from Thap Lamu Pier in Khao Lak at 8AM | Breakfast by 9 AM and Dive 1 at Koh Bon at 10 AM | Lunch followed by Dive 2 at Koh Tachai at 3 PM | Sunset followed by Dive 3 (Night Dive ) at Koh Tachai at 6 PM | Dinner by 7 – 730 PM

Day 2 ➡️  Dive 4 , 5 and 6 at Richelieu Rock (The Northernmost dive Site in Thailand ) at 7 AM , 10 AM and 1 PM respectively with Breakfast at 8 AM and Lunch at 2 PM. | Dive 7 (Night Dive ) at Koh Tachai at 5 PM | Dinner at 7 PM

Day 3 ➡️  Dive 8 at Koh Tachai at 7 AM | Breakfast at 8 AM | Dive 9 at Koh Bon at 11 AM | Lunch at 12 PM | Dive 10 at Boonsong Wreck at 3PM | Arrival at Tap Lamu Pier in Khao Lak by 5 PM


Don’t forget to Say Hi to this Octopus and Morey Eel before you scroll down ?

Who knows, even you might get to say Hi to them in person ?



The Dive Sites


Koh Bon West Ridge

The Koh Bon West Ridge, which continues to a depth of 40m is the most dived dive site at Koh Bon. The reef is mainly rocky, but plenty of morey eels, oriental sweetlips and other colourful marine life to see.

Koh Bon is also the best place to spot a Manta Ray. But again, it all depends on luck.



Koh Tachai Pinnacle

This is definitely one of the most unique dive sites you’ll be diving during your Similan Island Dive Trip, with plenty of boulders and some amazing swim throughs. There can be some current, so divers usually descend with the help of a buoy line, making The Koh Tachai Pinnacle aka Koh Tachai Dome a more advanced divesite and perfect for deep diving.

If you are lucky, you might catch a Manta or a Shark cruise by. But, you’ll definitely see a lot of schools of fishes, and some big batfishes as well. 



Koh Tachai Reef

This is a more relaxing dive site, with plenty of amazing marine life. If you are doing a night dive at the Koh Tachai Reef, you might end up seeing a couple of Barracudas here.



Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is the northernmost dive site of Thailand and one of the best as well. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, and the very top of the rock is just visible at low tide, but fully submerged during high tide. When you dive here, you should always keep your eyes open for both – the big stuff and the small stuff. 

You’ll also get to spot the rare tomato clownfish here.

You’ll get plenty of time here as you’ll be doing at least 2-3 dives at Richelieu Rock, and trust me – every dive is going to be unique.



Boonsung Wreck

Sunk in 1985, this wreck has now become home to plenty of morey eels, scorpion fishes and box puffer fishes among others. Boonsung Wreck is also known as Fish Soup, as you’ll find plenty of schools of fishes. 

It’s very important to remember, that under no circumstances should one try and penetrate this wreck, as the structures are unstable.



If you want to experience more diving in the Similan Islands, I recommend you stay at Sea Bees Diving partner resort – Palm Garden Resort in Khao Lak and do a couple of Similan Island Daytrips from Khao Lak.



Why Dive with Sea Bees Diving?

And after having stayed on board the Marco Polo Liveaboard by Sea Bees Diving for a good 3 days and doing 10 dives in a matter of 3 days, I can 100 % recommend you guys to do the Similan Island Dive Trip (Amazing Visibility + Abundant Marine Life) and choose Sea Bees Diving for your next Thailand Dive Adventures. 


Here are 5 Reasons why you should do the Similan Island Dive Trip aboard the MV Marco Polo Liveaboard by Sea Bees Diving


1️⃣ – The MV Marco Polo Liveaboard is one of the best Liveaboard vessels in Thailand. It can accommodate at the max 12 guests in the 6 Cozy yet fully functional cabins, all Air Conditioned and with attached washrooms. 


2️⃣ – It’s never too crowded onboard the Marco Polo Liveaboard. With max 12 guests, and 2-3 Instructor/Dive Masters, it becomes easy to manage in small groups, divided based on the diver experience and air consumption. 

Small Groups Means More Fun Underwater !


3️⃣ – Free Nitrox for Nitrox Certified Divers meaning you can stay deep longer. (You can also do your Advance Adventurer or Nitrox Speciality course onboard MV Marco Polo as well)

More Bottom Time = More Fun | Just the perks of Nitrox Diving


4️⃣ – The kitchen team will make sure to serve you amazing sumptuous dishes ranging from traditional Thai food to Pizzas and Burgers. 

Just look at all that yummy food. And all this was prepared while we were floating in the middle of nowhere.

5️⃣ – All the staff on board the Marco Polo Liveaboard will make sure that you have the time of your life and that you don’t need to worry about anything during your stay.  


The abundance of break off areas on board the Marco Polo Liveaboard, gives each and every one of the guests plenty of time to not only reconnect with themselves but also connect with others. 


I won’t be exaggerating by saying that, you start the Similan Islands Liveaboard experience on board the Marco Polo Liveaboard by Sea Bees Diving as strangers, but finish it off as a family. 

Happy Faces on board MV Marco Polo after a successful 3 Day Similan Island Liveaboard Trip


So if you want to have an amazing time while diving some of the World Class Dive Sites in Thailand, you should get in touch with Sea Bees Diving. And not only does Sea Bees Diving offer Similan Islands Liveaboard, but also daily diving trips in Phuket and Khao Lak, that you should definitely check out.


Ideally, after your MV Marco Polo Similan Island Liveaboard Experience with Sea Bees Diving, you should stay for a couple of nights at their partner resort – Palm Garden Resort, either in Khao Lak or in Phuket as mentioned in this 7 Day Phuket Dive + Travel Itinerary and do the Phuket Diving Day Trips to experience diving around Phuket and in the Phi Phi Islands on board MV Excalibur II , and the Khao Lak Scuba Diving Day Trips, if you want to experience more of Similan Islands on board MC Sundancer or MV Runaway.


If you end up staying for a couple of days in Phuket – use the TAGTHAi Phuket Day Pass to UNLOCK MASSIVE SAVINGS !



But before you leave, check out some of the amazing Marine life that I encountered on my dives with Sea Bees Diving.


Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this article, however Sea Bees Diving offered this Similan Island Liveaboard experience complimentary. As always, the opinions on are (and always will be) my own!


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