The Perfect Checklist for Indian Road Trips

The Perfect Checklist for Indian Road Trips
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The last couple of months have been tough for everyone. The Coronavirus pandemic also got a lot of industries into standstill including tourism. Thankfully, things have started to move now and people are finally trying to get a vacation keeping all the safety precautions in mind. There are various reasons why people take road trips for their vacations. However, post-pandemic this could easily be the most preferred method to travel, given that it is safe and self-managed. Road trips are considered to be the most cost-effective way to make the best out of your travel. Here are some reasons why you should choose road trips over other methods to travel.

  • Road trips are comfortable and relaxed
  • They are easy on the pocket
  • It is a great way to bond with your fellow traveller
  • Such trips offer adventure throughout the journey
  • You can choose music and food of your choice
  • One can explore different cultures on the way
  • An absolute break from work and stress
  • Road trips are a lot less risky when it comes to changing plans mid-travel
  • Road trips bring out new adventures and experiences

Of course, there are many more reasons why people love taking Indian road trips. However, it can be a disaster if you aren’t well prepared. So, before you head on for your next road trip make sure you tick off the following perfect checklist for Indian road trips.





The Perfect Checklist for Indian Road Trips


Plan your Itinerary

Always try to make a plan before you take off. While you are at it make sure you inform your family or friends about the plan. It helps them keep a tab on you. Also, it helps them reach out to you if you get in any kind of trouble.


Book in advance

When you make a road trip in India, try and make reservations in advance so you are not going to have to deal with overbooking and having to sleep on the street. Also, if it comes to that do try and ensure that you plan for that as well. Better safe than sorry is a good enough thumb rule.


Carry water and dry snacks

There are often on hours of road trips that you may not find food or bottled water of your preference. So, it is always better to carry a backup as you travel. Know that you may be adventurous enough to find new roads, but should not have to be stuck anywhere without food or water.


Pack smartly

Remember where you are travelling to, while you pack. To travel by road means a lot less packing because you have to travel light. This means you have to pack sensibly. Packing sensibly means understanding the weather you are travelling from and to the place you are travelling to. 



Get the machine checked

Despite whether you are riding by bike or by car or any form of transport get your mode of transport tinkered. Always make sure that you are carrying spare tyres and the basic tools to deal with any basic fixes for your mode of transport.  


First aid kit

Always remember to carry all the basic first aid medicines that you need for your travel. For instance, you might need specific medication, or you can be someone that gets sick while you travel up the hill. For all that you will need back up and help with your first aid kit. 


Cash and cards

Carrying cash as well as cards is an important tip while you travel through the Indian roads. Not all establishments are ok with accessing credit cards in India. Also, sometimes there could be network or other issues. So always ensure you carry some amount of cash in your wallet. 


Duplicate keys to the ride or drive

No matter what you are driving or riding, always get a backup copy that is always on your person, or, someone that is carrying it for you. Sometimes, driving and taking breaks can be stressful. It is important to always keep a backup just in case you lock yourself out.  


Fuel Up

Always fill your tank when you want to get out into the wild. Unless you have taken the tour down that road before, you may not know where the next filling station is. So always try and fill the tank up till your next gas station. The last thing you want to do is sit out and seek help to add fuel in the middle of your road trip.


Carry papers and maps

Sometimes our phones fail us, and so does our technology. So remember to carry maps to know where you are approximately when you are out of network or battery life on your phones. Additionally, always make sure you carry important documents like photo proof, driver’s license, and ID proof and such. Better safe than sorry.



Finally, the one thing that is primo in your checklist as you embark on your road trip is to ensure that you carry a smile. Road trips are not for the faint-hearted. It takes commitment and a will to do something that you perhaps have not done before. It is about going all the way and dealing with whatever comes up as you go along. 


So, no matter where you decide to go, start slow. Start with shorter distances. There is nothing worse than an exhausted driver or rider on the highway. Not just for the person driving or riding, but also for the people riding or driving with them and the others on the road. So, limit yourself, take your time to get used to how long you can sustain. After you are set with all of that saddle up and go on and explore the world.


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