How SBI Card and Google Pay have helped ease The Travel Experience

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An unforeseeable mishap that forced the world to go on a complete shutdown in the year 2020, was the Covid-19 Pandemic. When human proximity became a threat, the world resorted to the virtual ways. Conducting financial transactions became a challenge, but thanks to digital payment tools for providing a safe & secure solution.

Gradually, the world started healing. Travelling became safer too; however, travellers still prefer to avoid cash transactions.

SBI Card collaborated with Google Pay to enable its account holders to make payments via Google Pay using SBI Credit Card.




How does this help?



The fact that one does not need to carry heaps of cash while travelling makes the entire experience safe and carefree. Direct bookings can be made online directly with travel service providers without needing to rely on middlemen. Also, the introduction of the tokenisation feature lets users make credit card payments through a secure digital token attached to their android smartphone, without having to physically share their credit card with the merchant; Tokenisation brings state of the art security to users of SBI Card on Google Pay.


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The User-Friendly Experience

Google Pay is simple and intuitive to use.


Reduced dependence on cash handling

The new age virtual payment options have induced a behavioural change in people. People now mostly rely on mobile phones and often do not carry wallets or cash.


Recovery of the Tourism Industry

Tourism was one aspect of the economy that completely crashed. While the industry was fanning itself back to life, collaborations such as the one between SBI Card and Google Pay helped make touch-free travel impeccably smooth and convenient.


All one must do is complete a one-time registration of SBI Credit Card on the Google Pay platform in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the latest version of Google Pay app on Android mobile phone.
  2. In settings under payment methods, click on ’Add Card’
  3. Enter all the necessary details like – Cardholder Name, Card Number, Expiry, CVV and Confirm OTP
  4. Post OTP authentication the card gets registered for payments and a secure digital token is created.


SBI Credit Cardholders can make payments via Google Pay either by tapping and paying, scanning the Bharat QR Codes or online payments. The Tap and Pay feature permits transactions up to INR 5000 without having to enter the PIN.

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