Top Tips To Make an AirBnB / Hotel Disabled Friendly

Top Tips To Make an AirBnB / Hotel Disabled Friendly
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5 Ways to make an AirBnB Disabled and ElderlyFriendly


Travel is an escape for people from all walks of life, even disabled and old aged people, and no one has the right to take that away from them. Often it happens that people staying with someone with a disability, find themselves in a difficult spot, when it comes to even thinking about travelling.




Because, even in today’s world, it’s difficult to find Disabled and Elderly Friendly Hotels / Resorts / Vacation rentals / AirBnB’s !



However, if you were to scroll down, and go through this article, you would get to know 5 easy ways to make an AirBnB Disabled and Elderly Friendly, which can be shared with anyone who is planning on opening an AirBnB, or converting part of their house into an AirBnB.


First things first, there should be a clearly demarcated, designated parking space in the compound for handicap parking.


Handicap Parking


Second, care should be taken to make step – free access for the elderly and the disabled. This can be done in a variety of ways. By having Ramps with anti skid flooring and grab rails, for easy entry/exit from the building, and by either having a wide elevator inside the building, or if there are stairs, installing a new stairlift will do the trick, to provide access to above ground accommodation.  Some handicap-friendly alterations may even qualify you for certain tax deductions/credits. You can use a tool such as Taxcaster to help determine if you qualify, and if so, for how much. 


Stairlifts - Disabled Friendly AirBnB
Stairlifts for the Disabled and the Elderly


Third, the bedrooms should be spacious, and care should be taken to ensure a manoeuvring space of a minimum 100 – 150 cms on each side of the bed.


Fourth, the bathrooms should be installed with disabled friendly features, such as 

  • Wide doorway
  • Roll – in shower with chair
  • Fixed grab bars for toilet and shower
  • Handheld shower head


Disabled Friendly Toilets in AirBnB and Hotels
Disabled Friendly Toilets


Last but not the least, all the switches, must be placed at a convenient height, and at easy to access spaces.


These 5 tips can also be used to make boutique hotels/resorts into a Disabled Friendly Property. Similarly, disabled travellers / people travelling with disabled people can look out for these 5 features in a hospitality property to make sure that its a Disabled Friendly AirBnB or a Disabled Friendly Hotel.


Disabled Friendly Travel


By the way, just for all your information, it was found that New York City, Barcelona, London, Sydney and Dubai are 5 of the most Disabled Friendly Holiday Destinations in the World. So, if you know anyone who has an AirBnB in these cities, or is planning on opening one, make sure to share this article with them, and in a way contributing, in making it easier for people with disability to Travel.


Also, if you have an unused property, or a few spare rooms to rent out, you might want to consider becoming an AirBnB Host and implement these things in your property to make it an Elderly and Disabled Friendly AirBnB.


Why, you may ask!


For starters, it can get you double the revenue, as compared to a renting it out in the traditional way. Also, it gives you the opportunity, to meet and interact with travellers from around the world.

2 thoughts on “Top Tips To Make an AirBnB / Hotel Disabled Friendly”

  • Great tips! By making your Airbnb disabled friendly you not only show the compassionate side of your business but also gain an edge over your nearest competition who might not have thought of it.

  • Very nice tips! If you are not making your Airbnb disabled friendly then you are not making yourself liable for penalties but also losing out on a big potential customer base.

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