The Brief and Only Travel Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The Brief and Only Travel Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need
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Do you have a vacation coming up? If so, it’s crucial to get prepared for it. The best travel plans won’t matter if you’re not ready for them!

While you know you’ll need clothes and personal hygiene items, other things may get overlooked. That doesn’t make them less important, though. That’s why we’re here — to help you remember them.

Read on to find out what should be on your travel essentials checklist.


A Passport Holder

Bring a passport holder whether you’re going abroad or to a nearby state. You need to show an ID for domestic flights anyway, so use your passport if you have it. The holder keeps it safe and easy to grab.

You can also store items like boarding passes, customs, and immigration forms, or luggage tag information in them. Keeping your vital documents together makes for smart travel.


Hand Sanitiser


The coronavirus pandemic is still a global problem. Protect yourself from it and other germs everywhere by carrying a hand sanitiser with you. Keep a travel-sized bottle in your travel bag and leave a couple of extras in your checked baggage.


Lip Balm

If the best family vacation involves a plane ride, you’ll want to pack lip balm in your carry-on. The air onboard is cold and very dry, which is bad news for your lips. With a thick lip balm on hand, you’ll prevent dryness and uncomfortable chapped lips. 

For the same reason, you might want to bring a hydrating hand or body cream, too.


Comfortable Shoes

You can probably expect to do some walking or sightseeing during vacation. That’s why comfortable shoes are a must-have for your travel essentials checklist. Bringing them can ensure you don’t end up with blisters or sore feet.

Sneakers are often the best choice. It’s practical to bring a pair that can match most of your outfits. 


A Form of Entertainment

While you’re in transit or on vacation, you’re going to have some downtime. Stay entertained by bringing a book, tablet, or portable game console. You’ll appreciate having it when boredom strikes!




You don’t want to forget the memories you make on vacation. Especially if you’ve made the best travel plans with a company like you’ll want to remember it all. Ensure that happens by bringing a camera to snap pictures and record videos!


Headphones or Earbuds

No matter how you’re getting to your destination, you’ll need music. As long as you’re not driving, headphones or earbuds are your best choices!

Consider wireless models to avoid a tangled mess of cords. They should be rechargeable and last several hours before dying. For the best sound quality, look for a noise-canceling pair.


First-aid Kit


As you’re enjoying the best family vacation, an accident could occur. Get prepared for it by bringing a first-aid kit with bandaids, antibiotic cream, and necessary medications. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Pack With This Travel Essentials Checklist

If you’ve got a vacation planned soon, you have to get ready ahead of time. Doing so ensures you don’t miss anything! Remember to use this travel essentials checklist to pack like a pro.

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