The Global Travellers Interview Series | France Bautista | Places of Aum

The Global Travellers Interview Series | France Bautista | Places of Aum
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An Interview with France Bautista

#1 Who are you and How would you describe yourself?

I am France Herwieline Bautista aka France, a travel blogger from the Philippines. I think the most noticeable trait that I have is my introversion. Not that I hate the crowd, but given the chance I always seek some time alone, or go somewhere that has lesser foot traffic than the city.
the Global Traveller Interview Series by theETLRblog | France Bautista | #Travel #Interviews #TravelBloggers

#2 What got you into traveling?

I tried camping alone for my 22nd birthday almost 6 years ago, ‘cause I had the thirst to go outdoors and clear my mind. Surprisingly I enjoyed it and the freedom that I’d felt. What started as a promise of traveling alone on my birthday, eventually grew into a full blown fascination for traveling.

#3 What is your favourite destination in the world and why ?

I’m not even halfway, but my favorite place is Bali. I consider it as a power place because it grounds me, and makes me more in tune with myself. I love the spiritual vibe of it.

#4 What sort of a traveller are you ?

I can go with friends for sure, but I’m naturally a solo traveller. The main reason is that, travelling for me is more than just seeing a place, it’s also a time for introspection.

#5 What’s your most memorable experience during your travels ?

I have a lot of memorable experiences but one that I’d like to share, is the amazing opportunity to be inside a temple in Bangkok, Thailand with a friend, while people are chanting their prayers. I didn’t understand the chants but I had goosebumps. It was so surreal!

#6 Your take on responsible travel ?

I think it’s time for travelers to be more conscious about their “prints”, in places they immersed with. It might seem a big word but actually it’s not. It could go as basic as keeping your trash with you, until you find a trash bin, not entertaining activities involving animal exploitation or supporting eco-friendly local businesses.

#7 How do you sustain your travels ?

I have a 9-5 job that gives me enough savings to use for wandering, but aside from that I also do freelancing, mainly web design, writing and social media management. 

#8 How do you manage your budget during your travels ?

I put a lot in food and good accommodations, not to the point of splurging but my general rule is, if I cannot travel in comfort, then I don’t have enough money, so no traveling. [laughs]

When it comes to watching my budget though, I only take enough cash with me, so I’ll be forced to buy things that I can only afford at that moment.

#9 What’s the best thing you have eaten and where ?

A dessert, the coconut shake from Bikini Toppings Malacca, Malaysia deserves applause! It’s managed by an old couple which makes it more special, it’s like tasting a recipe perfected through time.

#10 Best and worst airport story…

As much as I love Bali, I really don’t like how extra persistent taxi drivers outside could get. I mean I’m uncomfortable being followed around, especially if I clearly said no already.
When it comes to the best experience, I like Kuala Lumpur’s airport (so far). KLIA express made it easy to go to and fro the airport, saving us from being late for our flight, so hurray!

#11 What tip would you like to give to fellow travellers?

Go enjoy responsibly.
I think everybody should stay away from the “I-paid-for-this-so-I-can-do-what-I-want” mentality. If you’ve been given an opportunity to see and experience a different culture, be considerate enough to everything and everyone around it. Research about local practices and what you cannot do as a foreigner, to save yourself from offending someone. Respect the Law of the Land. 

Lastly, I encourage people to travel with deeper purpose. The most beautiful thing about wandering is witnessing and experiencing a side of life that’s different from the one you have back home, giving you a wider perspective about it. Take your time to see places not just with your eyes but with your soul.

You can follow France Bautista on her blog Places of Aum and  her social media profiles where she shares her travel updates regularly regularly : Instagram |  Facebook 

23 thoughts on “The Global Travellers Interview Series | France Bautista | Places of Aum”

  • I love this interview. Totally agree with the point of view that you should travel responsibly and sensibly. The experience is enriching only when you show the same sensitivity to understanding the culture of a place as you would expect someone to show towards you.

  • More power to France.. This is a great interview. I would also rate Bali as my favourite destination. I especially loved the tip that she gives in the last question. I would love to hear more about fellow travelers from their interviews.

  • Great to know France. I can relate to her introversion. It’s nice to find a similarity like even I love Bali. The best part of the interview was her tips. Even I believe to travel consciously and with a deeper purpose.

    • Hello Shreya!

      Thank you for reading the interview! Glad to know you resonated with me and my ideals!

    • Hello Tripae!

      Thank you for reading the interview! May I know what your IG handle is? So I can follow back. Thanks!

    • Hello Ryan!

      Thank you for reading the interview! Have you been to any ecological destinations?

  • This was a great interview, really enjoyed it plus the photos are great. I hear so much on Bali and I’ve never been yet. I’ll definitely have to visit. I agree with the traveling responsibly points France made too

    • Hello David!

      Thank you for reading the interview! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Bali and I’ll try my best to help you. ?

  • I have followed France for a while and her work is stunning! I love following her Instagram account. She is a very good storyteller. As a solo traveler, I can deeply relate to her content.

    • Hi Martha!

      Thank you for reading the interview and looking at my feed! Looking forward to connect!

  • What a lovely name, and IG feed too! It’s nice to read about a younger female traveler who won’t compromise on good food and accommodation when traveling! I like her stance on responsible tourism too; it’s so easy for us to put into practice.

    • Hi there Lisa!

      Thank you for reading the interview! May I know what your IG is so I can also look in to it and connect with you? ?

    • Hey Anita!

      Thank you for reading the interview! I’m glad to know you enjoyed Malacca too!

  • As a fellow solo traveler, I must say this was one great interview. I absolutely agree that there’s more inspiration when traveling alone. Seems like your readers can learn a lot from France. Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Hello Daniel!

      Thank you for reading the interview! Looking forward to meet more solo travelers like me. Where in the world are you now?

  • Great interview. I also travel solo a lot and agree — there’s more inspiration when you’re alone and it seems I get more out of my trips. I do need to find ways to budget better, and I like the idea of carrying cash more. I’ve wanted to go to Bali and hear it’s a great place, so the spiritual connection there is really interesting to me.

    • Hello Crystal!

      Thank you for reading the interview! You should definitely give Bali a try. Also I have this app which helps me budget my trips it’s called Tripcoin. Have you tried it?

  • I really enjoyed the interview. We meet a lot of solo travellers on the road and would encourage those who have aspirations to travel solo to just get out there and do it. The experiences that you have mentioned are priceless. Keep travelling.

    • Hello Jane!

      Thank you for reading the interview! Looking forward to see you somewhere in the world. ?

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